Takako Kitahara – a Japanese AV


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  1. she is pretty but that is some bush…how does she contain it in a bikini?….the japanese girls are so pretty but they dont believing in taking the shearer to the bush :)…just a tad too much for my taste….but she is very pretty

  2. My hunch is the the fellas who aren’t down with the the J-girl bush thing haven’t been there. Nestling your face into that lush, soft terrain will make you a J-dream believer. It ain’t nothing like the flying ‘V’ of the western world.

    There’s just an essence to some J-girls that melts a guy. Check out: http://www.tabou.org/port.html

  3. hero…i have been there several times 😉 not that i am complaining because usually jgirls’ bod more than enough make up for it…but i wouldn’t mind a tad of a trim….i guess i am use to western style bushies..comes from living under the repressive regime of a Bush:)

  4. My fiance is Japanese, and she never trimmed her bush until she wore a bikini a little on the skimpy side, so much so that it was obvious she needed a trim.

    Since she started trimming the hedge, she looks MUCH nicer down there. Either way, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; some people like ’em hairy, others don’t.

  5. My J-girlfriend goes overboard & nearly does a complete shave. I prefer just a trim, but it’s all good. J-girls do have a nice soft bush, great for nuzzling.

    I think you are all misreading her bush. As is the norm in JAV, the genitals are blacked out (censored!), thus giving the illusion of a bush twice its actual size.

  6. No they aren’t exempt. Nude stills are censored too. It’s illegal in Japan for any photography to display the genitals, whether in still or on video. Unless they can make a case that it has “artistic” value. Or something.
    Animation is exempt, hence the perverse explicitness of the medium. Hentai means pervert.

  7. How can someone be a member on a site dedicated to worshipping the beauty of asian women, and then not have the slightest understanding of asian culture as to be offended by their pubic hair??

    That being said, Takako’s brand new Juicy Honey cards are extremely nice.

  8. what you talking about elvis? just because we enjoy asian beauty does not mean we have to like a big bush…not all asian women have big bush…some actually keep its nicely trimmed….who you calling little :))

  9. @luvjgirls: that explains a lot. thanks. (wondered why pics Ive seen have been blurred//pixeled out).

    back on topic: this women has a very nice figure.

  10. I think Takako is the most outstanding AV actress to come along in quite some time. She exudes sensuality. Oh those bedroom eyes!!!

  11. Great bush..Love hairy..

    I need some help… I know in China, 99.9% of woman, don’t shave or trim,(also no thongs in China) anything

    It would seem to me that if you are into Asian Woman a hairy bush should be your preference….

    Not sure what happens when a Asian Woman becomes Americanized, but in China its Bushy Bushy Bushy

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