Tina Le

Tina Le

Regular readers will know of my fondness for Vietnamese women in general, as well as my disappointment with Vietnamese American models specifically. So when Zamscan introduced me to this model (thanks Zam!), I had to do a post on her! Although she still isn’t as beautiful as many Vietnamese women I know, she’s probably the first Vietnamese American model I’ve seen (apart from Linda Tran) who actually looks Vietnamese – in other words, she hasn’t westernised her face too much with excessive surgery etc. And as far as I’m concerned, that should be celebrated!On top of that, she also has the best body of any Vietnamese American model I’ve seen (her trim taut body reminds me of Sung Hi Lee’s actually, with an almost identical boob job). Sadly however, after making four Playboy newstand special appearances back in 1999 and 2000, it seems she disappeared from the modelling scene. Does anybody know of anything else she’s done, or indeed anything else about her?

Here’s a more revealing pic to go out on. You can find a complete collection of Tina’s scans here – a very big thankyou to Zamscan for putting these up!

Tina Le

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  1. Hi, Lee, thanks for your intense work for us. What’s about Mimi Miyagi? the first porn model in mainstream?

  2. Thanks vero. Yes, Mimi is a good suggestion for an article at Asian Sirens! I’ll do one in the not too distant future (actually I have a lot of Japanese models I’m intending to write about).

  3. Hey, good to see that you guys honour Tina Le. Definitely one of my best model friends in the late 90’s. She was Adam Yurman’s webmaster at that time, started her own digimedia business (a little bit nudity, a little bit stuff for the geeks). Unfortunatley she step out of business for private reasons.

    Tina, viva Las Vegas!

  4. Amazing, just when Adam doesn’t have regular interent access I happen to unknowingly post an article about his ex-webmaster! Do you have any other info on her Marco? Other modelling appearances?

  5. Lee,

    Well, she is OK. Not a natural body however. Why do girls want to change their bodies with surgery?

    Why do you have a fascination with boob jobs? You always seem to love fake boobs but dislike all other plastic surgery. I hate it all. I thought you liked all-natural?

    Boob jobs are just scary, especially on petite women. They really make a girl look ugly.

  6. I do like all-natural, but I also (like almost all men) like big tits. Unfortunately, mother nature isn’t always generous in this department, especially with Asian girls. I also favour facial surgery if there’s something that needs to be fixed (e.g. if your nose is too big), but too many Asian girls thse days take a beautiful face and destroy it with surgery. So I’m not against plastic surgery at all, if it’s a good result, but I’m very much against bad plastic surgery.

  7. hey folks…

    i am unfortunately fairly new to asian sirens (unfortunate cuz i’ve missed out on some stuff) and i was wonderin if anyone else knew where i could find more of tina le’s work. Zamscan’s site is no longer up apparently…

    any type of help would be much appreciated

  8. Wow! If Marco is going to post on this topic I am jumping in here. Yes, I was Tina’s first photographer much like Sung Hi’s story. I can’t post any of Tina’s photos because she made a deal with me to purchase all of the material outright. She did submit them to Playboy and they were no dummies, they scooped her right up. I can tell you this about her, she was a seriously intelligent, educated, professional person who just made a brief detour into glamour modeling. She liked my Pacific USA project and actually took it over for a brief period with her dazzling web design and webmistress skills. I was not a very good subordinate so it ended soon. She went on to have her own website which she ended herself soon after. I think she just became bored with glamour modeling and filed it under “been there done that”. This gal could run a country if she was in the mood but don’t make her angry.

  9. Everything about this girl, her nipples, breasts, skin tone and even her skin texture is perfect. Just beautiful. This is an older post I’m glad I’ve gotten a chance to see.

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