Lori Malay

Lori Malay

I happened upon Laotian lovely Lori Malay while researching another model and thought she would be a nice addition to Asian-Sirens! I contacted Lori and she was pleased to hear about her upcoming feature.

Lori mentions on her website that she was hesitant about modeling at just 5’2″ (157cm). Don’t worry Lori, we at Asian Sirens appreciate Asian beauty in all sizes! And as you know, lots of beautiful Asian models are your size.

Lori was born in San Diego, but has lived off and on in Texas as well. She got her start with Prestigious Models and has been pursuing her modeling career ever since. Lori’s other ambition is fashion design. If your looking for more history on Lori, she has a very detailed About Lori page on her website. Here are a few more images you are sure to enjoy.

Lori Malay

Lori Malay

Lori Malay

Lori Malay

Lori Malay

Here are some links to keep tabs on Lori and also find many more of her sexy images! Best of luck to you Lori!

Lori’s Official Web Site
Lori’s MySpace Page
Lori on Prestigious Models
Lori on One Model Place

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0 thoughts on “Lori Malay”

  1. Nice boob job! Although she’s still a little ‘Asian American’ for my taste (once again her face looks a little too ‘plastic’), she’s definitely one of the better examples of this type of model I’ve seen.

  2. all asian women on west coast look the same. OK, maybe i’m showing my east coast prejudices, but women in NYC display far more individuality & self-confidence than LA chicks. i have yet to meet an asian with certifiably fake breasts.

  3. As regular readers will know I like a good bob job, but I really don’t like the US(LA)-style facial surgery, shaved eyebrows, bleached hair etc.

    In Lori’s case this is particularly unfortunate, as she is clearly a naturally pretty girl. I just wish she’d let her natural beauty shine through a little more.

  4. “she’s definitely one of the better examples of this type of model I’ve seen”

    Very funny, but I gotta agree with the Dr again!

  5. I’d have to say, Asian Siren’s is my favorite website now!! Wow, the girls you feature here are incredible!! This is the first time I’ve seen Lori. She is absolutely gorgeous!! I love asian women, but there’s something about the Laotian women. They seem to have the entire package (Skin, Hair, facial structure—True Asian Beauty)!!! Looking forward to seeing more of this Laotian Beauty!!

  6. Northman, thanks for another great find of a model I was not previously familiar with.

    JoeCool, thanks for putting the proper context around Dr. Lee’s original comment! 🙂

    The first thing I notice about Lori is that she has a very pretty face. She actually reminds me a bit of Alex Lynn in some of the photos. I personally think Lori’s hair looks good that way on her and would probably not have as much impact if it were its natural color.

    As far as American style facial surgery, maybe it is just the makeup again? While facial surgery is popular in Korea, I don’t hear about it being that popular in the US other than nose jobs.

  7. It is true that US models commonly only have nose jobs (although work on their eyes to make them look bigger and rounder is common too, as are chin jobs), but given the results a lot of the time that’s bad enough. 🙁

  8. As for Lao models, can someone do a list of them? I have to say I’ve met very few Lao girls myself, but given their proximity to Vietnam they ought to be honeys. 😉

  9. It seems my comments regarding Lori have been misconstrued somewhat, so I’ll try again to make myself clear. Lori is a pretty girl with a nice body (as I said, a great boob job!) and real modelling ability. I just wish she’d wear more natural looking makeup (especially the eyebrows). That’s all.

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