Tila Tequila @ modFX

Tila Tequila @ modFX (Photography: David Tan)

A Tila Tequila video on modFX Models. Tila (formerly known as Tila Nguyen) talks about her career as a model. And of course there is a new photoshoot. Sorry guys, Members Only at modFX. Don’t have cash? Visit ScanLovers Tila gallery.

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  1. Hey any chance we can call a moratorium on posting new Tila threads? Can’t new info just be posted on her MANY MANY other threads? Plenty of hot Asian girls that need write ups other than this chick.

  2. HAHAHA my bad then! Anybody but Tila PLEASE!!!! Hey don’t know if you can tell but I’m not her biggest fan…

  3. i really dont like her mode of marketing herself…like dark said there are a lot of others…..but she is still very hot even with the blond hair and everything…she has got that “i am a little girl with an innocent face but i can be quite nasty in bed” look:)) I wouldnt kick her out of bed or kick her out of anything…give me a buzz Tila:)) i wonder if the drape match the carpet with Tila, or does she have barewood floor ; )

  4. I don’t know about a moratorium, but I know I’d prefer to read about somebody else too – I think Tila has more than enough exposure at the moment as it is!

  5. Now now… give the girl a break, she worked hard to be where she is. As for Tila, You go girl… keep doing what makes you happy.

  6. Hey she can go jump off a bridge if it’ll make her happy I’m just sick of her being a story here.

  7. Personally, I don’t care about her mode of marketing. It’s a cutthroat business and you do what you can to claw your way to the top. So whatever. She’s cute, but I agree, there are far better girls out there. Call me when Tila starts doing porn.

  8. she would make a lot of money doing porn:) i like her. she got a pretty face and her plastic surgery does not look drastic. are those tats for real? that takes away a little bit for her, but it does make her look nasty..in a good way…big fan here of Tila….well at least for her looks…sorry doc…one socal girl i like..her and abbey ratan….:)

  9. What exactly does this girl market? I mean when you get past all the Myspace stuff, what does this girl do? Does she sing? Can she sing? Does she have any chance of becoming a pop star? If she could sing wouldn’t she have been noticed already? She’s 25. Thats old for an unrecognized popstar. Hell Brittany Spears is that age and she’s already a hag.

    This chick reminds me of the Dot.com mania. All the companies that borrowed millions in venture capital promissing to be the next Yahoo and when all was said and done, they never made a frakkin penny. I think that will be Tila in a few years.

    She’s a decent import model but that’s all I see.

  10. She markets her looks but she also is doing something new wit her mypace. Not only she is reaching out for her fans but she also is doing it in large numbers. She had 54 million views on her myspace!

    She may not be a great singer, but this will all be a nice experience to watch for. Like many other girls, she is having her fame and then it will fade. It’s just normal, but in her case she is getting quite an exposure, that’s why she is a different case. Some may not like it, but she did mark her space so far.

  11. Ya know guys I have nothing personal against her (and yeah I DO like blondes Dazn) I just think she’s overrated. I say good for her for making the most out of her ability. I congratulate her on her ingenuity but I just think there are 100 other socal models or better yet just Asian (no matter where from) models that can be featured here. Just seems every 20 posts or so have something to do with Tila. Oh and I wouldn’t be too down on her singing ability by the way, for some reason America will not accept any kind of non-black/white singer here anyway….unless you count William Hung. ;-P

  12. Tila is becoming a bit overhyped, recently because websites like MySpace are in the news and you can’t talk about MySpace without talking about the most popular person on there. Yeah there are models who look better, but Tila is who she is, a hot Asian chick who poses nude. If she was all natural and not posing nude, she wouldn’t be this popular. I give her mad love for doing what she needs to do to make it in a very tough business.

  13. Candyman,

    You said:

    “I give her mad love for doing what she needs to do to make it in a very tough business.”

    My question:

    What business? Selling nude pictures? Everyone says this girl is accomplishing something. All I see is that she is very good at using the internet to sell her photos.

    She’s another example of someone taking advantage of the digital revolution. Nothing more.

  14. Darklighter

    Latins have become successful pop stars as well as blacks. So I don’t think it has to do with her being non-white. My guess is she just can’t sing.

    By the way, I’ll go on record and predict that an asian Brittany Spears is coming sometime within the next 5-7 years. American men have discovered asian beauty; just look at TV. The sexy asian chick is going to be the next great mass cultural phenomenon.

  15. “If she could sing wouldn’t she have been noticed already?”

    Not necessarily. I’d wager there is a very, very, very large number of very talented singers who haven’t been noticed. Breaking into the entertainment industry is about 10% talent and 90% luck or who you know.

  16. Yes, but Tila has the ‘luck’ (i.e. the exposure) in spaids. She isn’t a successful singer because (A) she has absolutely no talent and (B) she doesn’t have enough universal appeal to be picked up as another manufactured pop bimbo by the record companies.

  17. I agree with dp812. I’m sure the world is full or talented singers, star quality, who will never make it. As for Tila, I don’t know what she has to offer other than skin. I have never been to her MySpace page or cared to know anything about her. But good luck to her.

  18. Yes zama, I give her mad love for posing nude. She is in the business of selling nude pictures and I do admire what she does to stay popular. However I never used the word accomplish. It’s not like she’s curing the world of AIDS, so calm down. All she’s doing is posing nude. And if she wants to sing, she can go right ahead because I don’t care. She used to have a band, I don’t know what happened to them. She should stick to modeling, but who knows how long she’ll be able to.

    As for being equated to a dot-com company, I would have to disagree. The dot-coms were hyped up and then the next day they were gone. But Tila is still around and has been for a long time. Is she lacking substance? I don’t know because I don’t know her personally. But how many models out there are full of substance and how many men out there actually care if she does have substance? It’s not like people are waiting to ask her what she thinks about George Bush or global warming.

  19. You’re right Zama, there are alot of Latino singers who are popular here too. I apologize for leaving them out. As much as I dislike Tila, I think it would be great if she or Kaila Yu’s music career took off! Just as long as we don’t have Tila featured here anymore. πŸ˜‰

  20. Wow…sounds like Tila doesnt have a lot of friends on here. Well I think if the other “talented” star and singers out there are talented, just not quite as lucky is not Tila’s fault. Maybe some of you need to take a chill pill and leave her alone. Goodness.

  21. First thanirz, now Robin Hood? My fellow bloggers are having an identity crisis! πŸ™‚

    As for ‘attention whore’, it is a common internet expression these days to describe attention seekers like Tila (or Paris Hilton) – that’s why I put it in inverted commas. It is not my expression – if our readers think it is offensive I will gladly remove it.

  22. She is an attention whore. w/o the quotes. I honestly think this. And to you people that shudder to see somebody write this, you should know that it is not as demeaning as you think it is (though it cannot be called a good thing either).

  23. She’s really taken advantage of the Myspace craze to market herself.
    Sure, she’s hot, but I don’t get all the fuss about her.

  24. There’s a million hot naked chicks on the Internet. There’s a difference between those girls and me. Those chicks don’t talk back to you. β€” Tila Tequila.

  25. This quote was mentioned in a previous Tila post Mike (there’s so many I’m not sure which!), and my response to it then was the same as it is now – BS! As I mentioned then, I know for a fact that Sachiko devotes a lot of time and energy to this (as she gets me to check her English in most of her emails), and I’m sure she’s not the only one. Direct contact with fans is the lifeblood of independent internet models – they can’t afford not to do this!

  26. i voted:) one of the few times doc and i disagree…i think tila is a hottie…the boobs and the ass..wow…i bet she is super wild in bed and probably every where else… ; )…Tila for president! πŸ™‚ come on Adam, get her in your calendar…:)

  27. I didn’t say she isn’t hot, but I think she was a lot hotter before the bleached hair, tattos and facial surgery (no objection to the boob job though!). I also really despise this current ‘famous for being famous’ mentality that people like her and Paris Hilton stand for. It seems that publicity is everything these days; talent is meaningless. Is there anybody who could say with a straight face that Tila can sing, for example? Yet she’s just about to release her first single on iTunes. No wonder the big record labels are losing sales when this is the sort of crap we get.

  28. doc…it is not her singing talent that we are after :)) she is probably talentless but a sex kitten for sure. i have seen some of her videos…she has got the cutest arse πŸ™‚

  29. Tila was so much hotter when she was Tila Nguyen. I wouldn’t put her in the same category as a Paris Hilton right now because she is famous for posing nekkid, but she is getting to that point with the Tila Tequila stuff. If only I could turn back time.

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