Leah Dizon revisited

Lea Dizon

A year ago we featured Filipina/Chinese/Caucasian Leah Dizon. Today I came across this nice photo and thought: let’s feature her again! 🙂

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  1. Gotta agree with the Doc on this one. Not Asian looking at all and I think VERY over rated looks wise anyway.

  2. are you joshing me because they look exactly alike to me (and that’s saying a lot because i’m actually asian) lol

  3. very pretty…she looks like a hentai character:)…again, can a grown man be turned on by cartoons? :))…

    she looks asian to me…a little mix
    thanks robin

  4. yangbwoi,

    That’s the problem with asian guys, you think all Asian girls look alike! 😉

    But seriously I can’t see how Leah and Miso can even be compared. Miso is just amazingly beautiful where I think Leah is very average looking.

  5. Scroll down about 1/3 of the way on Misa Campo’s MySpace (http://myspace.com/misacampo). There is a trailer there for a video (“Girls of 360 Issue 2”) that has *both* Misa Campo and Leah Dizon in it. And several other adorables too.

  6. Hi guys & girls ! Happy 2007, am glad the year started out on a positive note as been following AS for a year now and have decided to join in the ‘fun’ after all the exciting comments that started towards the end of last year ! I’m just happy that I’ve found a place where there is a great melting pot of people appreciating the female form especially asians. Will be posting my favourite pictures soon but would need your guidance for sure. Any tips ?

  7. Just make sure you keep everything on topic; i.e. make sure you post pics of a given model in a thread for that model, not just in the latset post.

  8. Thanks Doc for helping me out. But actually, question was referring to ‘how do I start a topic or a new thread’ ? Understand about the relative posts on relative threads but what I would like to do is actually put up new stuff like what you guys do. Do I have to e-mail it to you for approval first ? Cheers.

  9. Actually, you have to become part of our blog team to post a new thread. You can email Robin about it – he will need to see some examples of your work elsewhere (AS isn’t just about posting pictures!).

  10. Hahahaha, okay Doc. Actually I have not blogged elsewhere and would like to start at AS. Would take your advice and e-mail Robin about it then. Cheers !

  11. I heard this chick was stripping in the Southern California area. Can anyone confirm that?

    Also, aren’t all import models realy nothing more than glorified strippers? I mean isn’t a girl who calls herself an “import model” like a garbage collector who calls himself a “sanitation engineer”?

  12. I doubt it. If she was then I would know about it. Plus why would she shake her ass for some scumbags when she could pose nude which takes less effort?

    And why are you hating on Import models zama for? What did they do to you?

  13. I don’t hate import chicks. I just hate pretension. If your a stripper, say your a stripper. And every import girl I’ve read about is always a stripper.

    If it walk, quacks, or strips like a duck. Its a duck.

  14. As for money, a top tier stripper can make $150,000 + working only three or four nights per week. That’s good money. She is not going to make that kind of money purely off her photos. She’s not that big and she doesn’t even do nude shots. Christine Mendoza may make some money that way but she has tits. This chick doesn’t.

    I would not be suprised if she were stripping. She’s a wananbe pop star with no other skills. What else is she going to do?

    She’s got stripper lifestyle written all over her.

  15. I know a lot of yall probably don’t care but she’s a very good singer, and in my opinion talent tends to make a woman hotter.

  16. she looks so perfect, almost like those japanese anime cartoon come to life! so pretty

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