Tiara Lestari is back… in a music video

Tiara Lestari appears in a music video by Indonesian popstar Baron. Tiara tells us all about it on her MySpace blog. I am not sure if she is actually singing this song, but she tells us this:

I do know working on this album with Baron and others make me feel I am working on becoming a better person. Can you imagine me singing a religious song last year? I think not.. I did not have the kind of surrounding that would support me for such endeavor last year. I do know and I am thankful.

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  1. Is that video old? It says 2005 at the beginning. Its an unremarkable video in my opinion. I come to expect better things from the 2005 asian-siren of the year (or whatever the title was).

  2. A blast from the past? 😉
    Well, it was new for me. And her entry (Behind the scene of ‘Malam yang Indah’ from the album ‘Baron and Kafilah’) on her MySpace blog was from Tuesday, October 17, 2006.

  3. Sounds to me like somebody who can’t really sing, but has been ‘sweetened’ in the studio. Hence, I believe it is her (otherwise they would have hired a real singer!). I also have to agree with jdrevenge regarding the video – not very interesting.

  4. A pretty unremarkable video. I would think when you have a pretty subject you would accent that instead of the shaky camera. Her face looks less attractive than in her model pics. Maybe they were trying to make her look less like a model using less makeup.

  5. I too echo the sentiments of jdrevenge and Dr. Lee.

    I noticed that with the music videos on MTV Asia and MTV in South America that the producers don’t appear to invest alot of money in the video and the results are apparent.

  6. ALLAH..she is singing about ALLAH, as the Muslim God, this is the translation :
    ALLAH give me the strength from the evil..ALLAH I glorify you in the middle of the night…ALLAH show me the way….when I call your name…ALLAH that’s when I realize your Majesty…ALLAH You touch my heart ..you are the most forgiven …you are the most loving ALLAH… My prayer and my bow is only for you …ALLAH(forgive me about posing on pacific beauty and playboy…and I will never do that again…I just wanted to be famous…)

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