Flo Jalin finally nude…

Flo Jalin

Just a quick note in case you guys may have missed Kaine’s comment on the previous Flo Jalin entry here on AS, Flo Jalin has released a nude photoset on her official site. I’ve seen a few small grainy photos of her topless before, but they’re no match for the pics in this set!It seems there is a different charge for the photoset aside from what her paysite charges monthly, but for Flo fans, I’m sure that’s not a big deal.

Another teaser, I don’t want to get AS in trouble with some litigation happy internet lawyers…trust me though, it gets better. =)

Flo Jalin

I hope this starts a trend, as I’m desperately waiting for Christine Mendoza to release hers!

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  1. I would happy if Christine got nekkid too. That is my girl. I’m glad that Flo finally did some nude modeling because she is very beautiful. Will this start a trend? I doubt it, but anything is possible in this market that’s saturated with models. I also just found out that her nude set is not included in the $20 a month membership and has to be purchased separately for $24.95. What kind of bs is that?

  2. Hehe..I DID mention that in the article…and now I’ve busted the age old excuse men have for having Playboy subscriptions…WE DO ONLY LOOK AT THE PICTURES!

    Hehe…gotcha. Look, if Christine Mendoza were to come out with a nude photoset…would you pony up the $25? I’ll tell you this, I WOULD.

  3. See, now isn’t this what we expect from our Asian Sirens? Swimsuit…implied nudity…nudity. Way to work it, Flo!

  4. Yeah, the airbrushed look of model photos these days drives me nuts – that’s why I don’t touch up Sachiko‘s photos at all. It’s probably also why reviewers and fans often comment on how ‘sharp and clear’ her photos are.

  5. Agreed Dr. Lee, you can never trust what you see nowadays with the advent of digital photo editing. I can understand a little touch up to hide a blemish or two, but some do get a bit carried away. Sometimes the girls themselves want it that way, they of course want to show their best side. It’s just something I’ve learned to live with…if that’s how they want to project themselves, so be it. We are all paying for a fantasy in a way…anyway…

  6. She’s cute, no doubt about it. For one thing, her smile is convincingly adorable. But why would an Asian girl with beautiful luxurious hair feel the need to dye it blond?

  7. here we go again heheh…

    Most times, us guys don’t realize that what a girl does to herself is what makes her feel good about how she looks…I don’t believe she is pressured or feels the need to change her hair color. I don’t think she’s trying to please anybody.

    She might be influenced by the blonde blue eyed standard of beauty we see often on TV and print, but what american girl doesn’t get influenced by that, asian or otherwise?

  8. very hot…i love Flo…dont mind the hair dyed at all..super hot. sometime it is better for the models to be partially clothed so it makes it look more mysterious. how about some of kay silivay:)
    the airbrushed thing is part of the photo cultured. i looked at some of the before and after shots on Adam’s site and i prefer the photoshoped ones better.
    i dont mind much this look just because she looks so hot:)..what nationality is she…got that island look to her..two thumbs up and one mr. happy up also 🙂

  9. Regarding the shots on Adam’s site, he is an absolute master at this stuff – he can remove the blemishes without making it look unnatural or ‘airbrushed’. But it seems that photographer’s with Adam’s level of Photoshop skills are a rarity, and this over-the-top, airbrushed look is the result.

  10. arf…i like socal girls…as long as they check their attitude at the door…:)..love francine but she sounds like a cartoon character…good for a hentai movie:)

  11. Has Christine said anything about going nude? I would be very happy if and when she does because she’s covering her nips in all of her photosets. She needs to just let them free.

    I also love Kay Sivilay, but her breasts look too phony for me. I loved her before she had surgery. But the Import market is very tough to stay successful in. Just look at how many models opt for surgery or transition into doing nude modeling or completely change their look for that SoCal look. It doesn’t pay to look natural anymore which is a shame.

  12. Bikini pics: $20
    Naked pics: $24.95

    If she’s only charging $4.95 extra to see her naked….why doesn’t she just pose naked all the time and drop her fee down to $5?!? Makes sense to me. 🙂

    Flo’s got a nice enough rack. Down south looks pretty inviting too! 😛

    As for the ‘air brush’ factor…there is one site that does this extensively: Mac and Bumble. They absolutely destroy the images of these hot ladies. I can’t even look at their pics. They use some general Photoshop utility (ie. no skill required) to a nauseating effect. See here for yourself: http://www.sung-hi-lee-model.com/2/?ref=200063

  13. Flo Jalin is Taiwanese but grew up in Hawaii. From what I can tell, the nude sets are an additional $24.94, not just $4.95 above the membership. I imagine the plan is that if someone just wants the nude pics and video they can get them without being a member.

    While it may not make financial sense for many of us, I imagine that a decent number of guys that see her at events and shows might want to grab the whole set. I think she plans a new set once a month so that seems like it would too expensive for most.

    Her site has a lot of content and some pretty interesting candid shots where she is just wearing body paint as a swimsuit. I caught her webchat the other night and it was actually really good. She made a salad and then danced for a while.

    It seems like a lot of internet models really don’t care too much about their own websites but she actually seems to enjoy it and takes some pride in it.

  14. Yeap, that kind of photoshopping is tiring to look at, Krazy4Kobe. I see that on pinays.com too, they must run some kind of generic action to smooth the features and destroy any originality the picture had in the first place. Sad…but seems to be pretty common nowadays.

    Robin, sorry about that, will do next tim. =)

  15. Kaine did she make a salad or toss a salad?

    As for Christine I think she is overrated, I’d rather see an Abbie Ratay or Katherine Thom before her. Christine’s a little chunky…but to each their own.

  16. not a bad looking girl, but a sad photoshop job (brushed look as mentioned before (blurring to remove blemishes and smooth skin) and quite oversaturated).

  17. There is this gameshow my wife always watches on her ABS-CBN network called WoWoWee. I am in absolute love with the cohost of the show named Janelle Jamer. Any one heard of her or the show? Plus, they have a plethora of other hot Pilipina background dancers. I wouldn’t mind seeing some stuff on the show or Janelle some time. Here is one clip I found from the show. http://gduya896.imeem.com/video/472nKgNr/wowowee/ and here is Janelle in purple http://www.veoh.com/videoDetails.html?v=e175615BwG3rPfN

  18. These are glamor shots and most of these types photos are softened. Also, visual media such as photographs, film and video are often touched up for artistic reasons.

    Some well know examples are the CSI shows – CSI Miami oversaturate it’s colors for artistic effect while CSI NY has a blue shift to convey a different mood.

  19. Love the Suma! Thanks Arf! Hey Lawboy Kay Sivilay is amazing but you know she posed nude a million times in the past right? But of course I’d love to see her make a comeback. Another I’m hoping will eventually take it off is Carolyn Savage….or oooh Charisse Kailyn!

  20. As hot as FLO is…she’s still killin’ me with that cynical look all to common on the faces of SoCal Asian babes.

    DARKLIGHTER…Christine is not “a little chunky”…she’s PERFECTLY chunky.Change nothing babydoll!;->

  21. Wow, flo is looking better than ever! Yep, I’ve always been a fan of her 😉

    Btw, got an email from her webmaster that she prefered to see some other images on this site. Will send them to Robin so he can replace them. Sorry guys!

  22. She looks very hot in these pics. I think her breasts are real…maybe just hoping they are. She does not look like my Korean former girlfriend but hot for certain.

  23. I can’t see any obvious evidence that they’re fake, but I’d need something more revealing than Photoshop ‘paintings’ to be sure. 🙂

  24. Hmmm, just went through the last Flo Jalin post and in the animted GIFs in particular she does indeed look fake. As such, it’s an unusually natural looking boob job by SoCal standards.

    It’s also pretty scary when a tiny animated GIF is more revealing than a large, ‘high resolution’ photo. These Photoshop ‘paintings’ should be outlawed. 😉

  25. One other odd thing about Flo: I think blonde hair actually suits her! I never thought I’d hear myself say that about a full-blood Asian girl…

  26. The hair works for me .She got the good xtensions…Good enough that if you were lucky enough to find yourself in a position to pull them – she probably lop your hand off.;->

  27. I always loved her hair color because it always complemented her nicely. Her tits look more natural than the typical SoCal boob job, but I’m still not thrilled with them. She should have just left them alone.

  28. The other photos looked much better. Honest!

    Incidentally, I thought I was the only man posting here, lol.
    So, is there any woman posting, at all? 🙂

  29. Go Flo! Now only if Kaila Yu would shoot some new nudes or Christine and EJMasuda would show us the money!

  30. Daffy Duck: Robin used to be a name reserved for men only (in the old days there was Robin Hood). Untill someone, somewhere decided it would make a nice womens name also. Americans at least had the respect to use it with a Y (Robyn). Then one knew a woman was involved. Nowadays you just can’t be sure anymore 🙁
    So, to clear the issue once and for all: I am a man! 😉

  31. Man check. Grab your crotch. right now. If there is a set of frank and beans, you are a man. (of course, a giraffe has a penis too, but everyone knows giraffes are pussies.)

  32. Oh boy!…she’s so gorgeous and thick and sexy. That first one Wings was real nice above. I love it.

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