Tiara Lestar Personal Journal

Tiara Lestar Personal Journal

[A Message For Our Indonesian Friends (in Indonesian)]

Tiara Lestar (aka Amara) is definitely the most discussed model on Asian Sirens at the moment. After her appearance in Dutch Penthouse, Spanisch Playboy and Adam Yurman’s Pacific USA Calendar, a lot of Indonesian people found their way to Asian Sirens. Most of them came here for the pictures but some started to bash her. Reason for us to remove the Indonesian comments.

Yesterday we received an email from Tiara that she has launched her own blog at tiaralestari.blogspot.com. We are still not sure if it is really Tiara behind the blog but on the other hand we definitely support her and enjoyed the new pictures at the blog so check it out yourself!

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  1. matter of hours, before angry indonesian kids crash her site. but what a woman she is!!! ms.lestari took a few notches down, many women i hitherto considered beautiful.

  2. I’m practically certain this is a fake – it is far too literate for some one who could hardly even speak English before. I’m not just talking about the technical quality of the English (she could have some help there), but the way it’s written. The style of writing just doesn’t line up with what we know about this girl – it feels far too western in outlook. Besides, it seems she’s doing everything she can to hide from the media, so why would she expose herself in this way now?

  3. i wondered about the same, my dear Doctor. i think it’s a fake for she admitted being in a relationship. normally, women on the net, would hide, NOT advertise it out of fear of alienating male fan base. men prefer to delude themselves that objects of their desires are single (and presumably a bit easier to get)

    but as long we keep getting some nw pics, i won’t complain…

  4. Hi guys,

    I think proving that this is really me will take a while. I don’t mind 🙂 I have not launch anything.. the blog is just a personal journal..

    I have been an avid reader and have always been fond of writing. It is a compliment from you guys if you think I am actually a good writer. I do have some help..I admit. But this is, in the end.. me.

    Thanks again.

    PS to Gorillarms: I said boyfriend not husband 😉

  5. Thank you Robin.

    Dr. Lee, how do you now I didn’t post here before? U sure about that 😉

    Joking aside, the reason is actualy very simple. I really do not want to get into any debate about right or wrong on this site. I am a model and it is a job that I take very seriously. I am glad you guys are here to be my voice 🙂


  6. Hi ‘Tiara’, it seems the only person you haven’t convinced yet is me. It is well documented how you’ve been hiding from the media firestorm in your country surrounding your nude pictures, and you’ve certainly copped a lot of abuse here (which we’ve deleted). So why on earth would you expose yourself in this way now?

  7. All i can say about Tiara’s case is SEX SELLS, you see , tiara’s face and body to us Indonesian men are considered “average”, if she was never posed nude in any magazine she would not get such media and public attention, the only great thing about her is that she posed nude which we really enjoy, but of course many of playboy models got their fame , but mostly temporarily, look at Anna nicole smith, pamela anderson, but their fame is fading as they grow older, with Tiara case,she is 24 and that’s considered older for models , she may enjoy the fame for 3-5 more years , but she has definetely inspired other indonesian girls to follow her path, don’t be surprised if we will see indonesian teen girls aged under 20 to take over her fame, in fact you can see http://www.exoticazza.com and noticed the trends , I am just hoping to see Tiara in porn industry soon , to take over Jade and Naomi Marcela, indonesian porn starts who are succesfull in The United States.

  8. Why in earth’s name would you want to see her in porn?! That’s so typical for some men! All they think about is sex. Isn’t it enough to see this beautiful girl nude? I think we should be glad that she decided to pose for Playboy and not fell into the hands of the porn industry. And I don’t think Tiara has any aspirations in that field anyway, so you better look elsewere. There are allready plenty of good looking (Asian) porn models around.

  9. Tiara’s face and body are certainly not “average” anywhere on this planet. Guys from different countries often say this when a great beauty from their nation has suddenly been discovered by “outsiders.” “Oh, to us she is nothing special.” BS. MOST standards of female beauty are shared across the world, throughout all cultures. Tiara would be considered an amazing beauty in any land on this planet. As for me, I have seen many Indonesian women, many beautiful Indonesian women. I have never seen any more beautiful than Tiara.

  10. I think it’s all about preferences, what i meant by average is that we would find many similar Tiara looks in Indonesia. she’s got lean body (common in Asian girls) and dark skin (common in tropical country), and since she is a native, (Javanese) therefore she is average, I did not say she is ugly, but there are indonesian women with unique looks, such as the mixed breed , like Sophia Latjuba (german-indo) and Tamara Blezynski (sweedish-indo) who are top celebrities because of their “more than average” looks, they did NOT have to pose NUDE since they are beautiful enough to be famous. Also we do not care if Indo women are famous for posing nude , but you certainly have not seen enough Indo women NUDE, that’s my point. And all you’ve seen NUDE maybe caucasian, hispanic or chinese with light skin which to us Indonesian men are more unique, BUT If you go to Indonesia and check out the high profile night life , night clubs, you will find more gorgeus similarly looking Tiara a lot.here are some references to gorgeous and sexy Indo women :

  11. Well, i’d be more than happy with woman as average looking as Tiara.
    I find her very beautiful, but not in an exotic way – i lived & travelled in asia for some time & tend to date asian women, even here in US, so asian looks are somewhat common, not exotic to me, YET she stands out.

    White men idolise brown skinned women, by hotbytes’ own admission, indo men prefer white skinned ones. so to each his own…BUT i’d never want to see Tiara in porn.

  12. I agree with Nik that white men idolise brown skinned women – that’s why white women are drying their skin out on the beach and laying on tanning bed, BUT that’s my point , we men are tend to like women by their physical appearance (that’s how we get a hard on), so if we see women with rather “different” look, we say “wow”, and “WOOW” if she is naked, so it’s all about whether we see them in common situation or not, if we , Indo men see Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron walking on the street in Indonesia.. or our own ..Tamara Blezynski..who looks similar to Catherine Zeta Jones..some men would probably masturbate on the spot…but if we see Tiara Amara on the street- had she never posed NUDE or created the buzz, we would say nothing…

  13. I have to say I agree with hotbytes here – there’s a million other Thai/Indo girls who could have done the same thing and would have gotten the same reaction. And I personally much prefer light-skinned Asians to dark skinned ones. But on the other hand, even an average Asian model is still better than almost any western model IMHO!

  14. apparently Dr Lee- is asian – I don’t know about “better” , unfortunately most world class models are western, and asian models do not last long , the only asian looking world class celebrity whose career has advanced in hollywood.. BUT fading is Lucy Liu..and she is not even pure asian..she’s got caucasian blood . too !

  15. Actually, I’m an Aussie of Dutch/Yugoslav (Croatian) descent (we’re all Dutch here!). Lee is my given name, not my surname.

    As far as the ‘better’ thing goes, I did say IMHO – in other words, this is what I think personally. But of course this sort of thing is very subjective. I just like Asian girls better – that’s why I post here!

    As far as the ‘world class’ thing goes, this is obviously driven by the western (white) media, so of course girls of this type are favoured. This is slowly changing, however, as the world becomes more ‘global’.

  16. No, I do not have any Dutch ancestry to the best of my knowledge. I did live in the Netherlands for about 4 months when I was 12 years old. I have since forgotten the little Dutch I learned.

  17. Regardless what others may say about you, the naked truth is your gorgeous–plain and simple–heb je algegeten :))

  18. Well, babdboy, if you lived there for 4 months when you were 12 that’s good enough. There needs to be at least some Dutch connection for you to work around here. 😉

    P.S. I can’t speak any Dutch either.

  19. This girl may made a breakthrough but for what? for this country? NO, for some money? YES, and for her self. i don’t see any art at all for what she make, just passion and SEX. hmmm… i like sex (how much the cost for one shot?) i don’t see any wise word in here no at all. and you wrong if what they do different with the way they do, they embracing like the rules that have been written. if you think people who that DISAGREE is an uneducative, why they can read what you write (for who think must used educative language). i never see this ever been studied at school, where you live? out of country, what colour are you?!!. some proud and ashamed, proud??? what is the proud for this, see indonesian girl just be object of lust! ashamed?!?! may be yes, see indonesian girl has been exposed just for lust! we don’t lack of education, we just never learn much. we just do the wrong history over and over. we accept modern, we just don’t want something bad to our life. we don’t accept western culture because WE ARE THE EASTERN. we don’t need open mind we were open for 350 years has been humiliation as slave in our own country, over and over. And the result for that clonization most of people live in poor, and some need eat and shot in free. what a poorly!!! shot for free, free for shot. why you don’t offer it to your mother or sister. they not jealous for someone else success, they just can’t accept they way she did, what they do for success. will you marry a woman who work in porn and success make million gulden. take it, and may be she will asking you to make honey moon movie.
    For me, she not pretty enough, not sexy enough, not want it, yeah… “YOU FUCKING GREAT”.

  20. oh, calm down, screamer ( a very apt name). there are 200+M indonesians. what do you care if one of them poses nude? would you care the same if she couldn’t pay for her own food & rent? do you care about those blown up again by muslim terrorists in bali? i doubt that. and don’t worry about “not wanting that”. you won’t get it.
    besides, if nudity offends you, why are you here?

    by the way Doc: i’m danish/polish & my sister married a croat/norwegian. i’m planning on introducing thai genes into that mix.

  21. Dear Dr. Lee,

    The answer is “control of content”. In my journal, I write what I want, when I want and nobody tells me how and I also know the final oucome. What you read is what i wrote. “Exposing” myself to media means I cannot control the content or what is being said about me. I have done zero interview my dear doctor.

    As far as my comments here, for every one abuser, there is one supporter. I am here for both. Lets make this a battle of ideas. Not about right or wrong.


    PS: 1.Thx Nik… Thai blood will be a good one to the mix 😉
    2. Screamer, where did you learn how to write? Breath… slowly.. then write.. oh buy a grammar book first sweetie.

  22. No dear doctor. FHM Singapore interview was dated September 2004. That’s what you meant right?

    I have not done a single interview with anyone since the playboy appearance. Any mag that claim otherwise lied. Period.


  23. Okay Tiara, after looking at your more recent journal entries and pics I am starting to become convinced. Clearly it isn’t just you, but that’s nothing unusual, especially as English isn’t your first language. I assist the model I work with (Sachiko McLean) with her written English too, even though her English is actually pretty good.

    As you’ve probably surmised from my posts above, I tend to prefer lighter-skinned models, but if your journal is representative of who you really are and how you think I’m impressed. The models I really like are the ones with brains.

    BTW, I don’t think you need to apologise for your post about the Bali bombings. As an Australian I was affected by these too, but not as badly as Indonesians and Balinese have – and will be. This will likely lead to a total collapse of the Balinese tourist industry, which will be disastrous for their economy. These bombers hurt their own people more than any one.

    Just one more thing: when you say ‘no’ above, do you mean “no the interview isn’t fake” or “no I was never interviewed by FHM”?

  24. It is funny Robin, it certainly becoming a full time job ..convincing people that I am.. ehm.. me! 🙂 But the doc is really a tough one. I liked you before Doc.. I like you more now though…

    “no the interview isn’t fake” it was done before the PB thing hit.


  25. I’ve just been re-reading your post on what you look for in a relationship – I had to chuckle given your emphasis on trust! Still, I’m sure you realise that trust is something that has to be earned. Anyway, I’m glad you’ve found somebody whose comfortable with what you do: although I am very comfortable with this sort of thing (actually I really like it!), I’ve found that very few other men are.

    The more I read of you the more I like. I have to admit you are a lot more than I expected (I guess this was one reason for my scepticism). Still, I am very curious: how did you come to have such a cosmopolitan outlook on things? It just isn’t what I would expect given what I know of your background (not that I know very much admitedly). Is this simpy ignorance on my part?

  26. Well Tiara, you still haven’t answred my key question: why are you so much more cosmopolitan than I was expecting? Is it just you, or am I mistaken about Indonesians generally?

  27. Hey Tiara, maybe a good idea for a posting on your blog: “Why I am Cosmopolitan (not the magazine!)”

    I think doc, even countries that may seem a bit underdeveloped to us ‘western’ folks, have at least some inhabitants that like to look further than their own surroundings 😉

  28. In honor of the men of asian siren.. I will do just that Robin. My next posting will be entitled: Why I am Cosmopolitant (not the magazine).

    Doc, your private questions will be answered.. (drum roll please.. 🙂


  29. Ohw, and Tiara, if you ever feel like just hanging out in Amsterdam, feel free to visit me! I can show you the relaxed life in the greatest city of Holland! 😉

  30. Well Tiara, I have to say we appreciate the fact that you appreciate us. Many models don’t recognise the value of the free publicity we give them, and just tell us not to post their copyrighted pictures or whatever. Unbelievable!

  31. Dear Tiara,

    A belated welcome! I just commented on your latest “cosmo” entry in your blog.

    By the way, you might want to edit your profile on Asian Sirens so that it links to tiaralestari.blogspot.com so that people can just click on your name to get to your blog.

    take care,


  32. Good thought badboy! Tiara, I just took the liberty of doing it for you. Assume this is what you want, as you want people on your site. (If not, drop me a line! ;-))

  33. I gave Viky fair warning but she chose to ignore me, so all of her comments have been deleted, as has she. She can rejoin, but if she spams us again she will be blocked permanently.

    I will be dealing with all other spammers in the same way.

  34. Boys,

    I loved posting the cosmo story yesterday. Thank you for the comments too. Is there anything else you want to know about me? Enough to want me to post and adress you personally like the doc?

    Let me know

    Btw, Robin, Marco, Dr. Lee.. email me your pictures would you? It would be nice to see what you all look like since you’ve prety much have seen all of me 🙂


    PS: Hey Badboy. Thanks!

  35. What would you like us to do? I am not sure how we can assist in this matter…

    I think you addressed the issue on your blog pretty forward 😉 And we have various links to your blog allready…

  36. Hi again Tiara. I’ve just modfied my latest post on you to make people aware of this. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

  37. Thank you guys, I think you have done more than enough to help!

    It just got uglier. I just receive an email with 20 pictures taken from some cheap porn and the sender claiming that she is Tiara Lestari and the woman in the movie was me! She sent this email to me and about one hundred other people. Nasty.

    Just wanted to say it here and now that a blind man can see the woman in that porn is not me. Want to see real me, you can only go to tiaralestari blog. (oh and Asian Siren… right boys?:)


  38. Tiare, just type in for Tiara Lestar in Google and they will learn about the real Tiara. Don’t spend too much time on it; it will give you only negative energy.

    I just checked your blog again (I was too busy the past week) and I’m really impressed. I think many models can learn from that!

  39. Hi Tiara…

    Pardon me…may i post this msg in “bahasa”? coz my english is not quite good..^_^.

    but its okay, i’ll try…=).

    I’m indonesian too…i think Tiara is a great model…dont heard what people said about you…especially in indonesia…they’re so NAIF…

    Good luck Tiara…

    I have one question…your account in yahoo, Aka….( i know it) is still available?i search in FS, but its suspended user name.

    If that account is still available, i will introduce myself n u can see my profile in FS…ok!

    Hope i can be your friend…

  40. Yo … Tiara, Im indonesian too. Still try 2 speak in English. So convince me like u did to Robert, Marco or maybe Lee 🙂 that you are YOU :))

    Well havent got time to see u’r journal, sorry …

  41. What I mean is … That Tiara here & there (in her personal BLOG) is the REAL Tiara Lestari. Hmm how bout some childhood pics :)) posting here …

    About her BLOG, hmm thats new for me … I mean Im not yet finish read it :)) but just for first (what do u say … “glimpse” ??) I still little doubt that this is the real her. This is “WORLD WIDE WEB” guys … another one might try to impersonate her again like in the Friendster.

    Anyway … convince me !! :)) Actually my location is in Semarang City, just an hour from her home town. So I might check on her, maybe by asking “here & there” (or just kidnap her relatives HA HA HA and bring’em to some netcafe to show’em the BLOG then asked’em what Tiara sez there is true or not). But wait, Im not a reporter … just some guy whose curious about the truth what inside Tiara’s BLOG he he he

    PS: Sorry for my bad English, hope everybody didnt misunderstand the meaning :)))

  42. But Robin, i’m chickenout (any better word for this ??:)) to post there. Feels like im all alone & when i see her pic, feels like she saw right thru my heart. Im kinda shy u know HA HA HA I mean among women esspecially with that kind of eyes.

    Well, actually I like her eyes … it gives me “heart attack” HA HA HA

    Here … i got my whole platoon to back me up ::grin::

    Hmm, well I might try post there anyway… Back me up would u, guys !? 😉

  43. Tiara, i’m from Indo too, but live in the US. You are great.

    One request: pleaseeee… don’t go into porn movie industry. Kamu lebih terhormat kalo tetap di modelling aja. Aside from that, your nude pics do make me .. uhm… h*rny…
    sorry… can’t help it. I think it’s normal, right? Hope you don’t mind or get freaked out by it, Tiara.

    Kinda reminds me about Katie Morgan’s (porn actress) comment on her fans. One fan asked her: “Do you mind if I masturbate while watching your video?” She said: “Of course I don’t mind. It’s my job. If someone can masturbate while watching me, that means I am a successful porn actress.”


  44. Hey all,
    I just read the english-only-comment rule. Let me translate what I said above.

    “You will be more respected if you stay in the modeling business”

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