Tianna Ta @ MaximOnline.com

Tianna Ta @ MaximOnline.com

You might have seen her on the cover of DSport magazine (November issue), MTV’s Nick Cannon’s Dime Piece Search, Spike TV’s Late Night Strip, that hot commercial for the New York Rangers, or in Tila Tequila’s 2008 Exotic Imports Calendar. And now you’re seeing her on Girl on Film!

Enjoy all 8 stunning photos at the one and only MaximOnline.com.

Tianna Ta

Some facts:

Date of Birth: 11/5/1981
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 112 lbs
Measurements: 34-24-34
Shoe size: 6.5
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

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  1. do you guys actually believe these measurements on here? that wasn’t sarcastic, i was just wondering. i mean, this girl is 5’6 and 112 lbs – this means that she is underweight, but it’s clear from her photos that she has muscle (abs), so her body fat index must be so low, if it dipped down any further, she would stop menstruating. right? but she actually looks really healthy/fit – i think she’s probably at least 120 lbs.

  2. Asian girls can sometime be astonishingly “underweight”, despite being perfectly healthy. For example, Sachiko is 5’2″ but only 85lb! By the BMI index, that would make her severely underweight, but her body fat percentage is actually in the healthy range (albeit at the lower end), and I can tell you she eats a lot!

  3. HAHAH that just reminded me of a previous a-s forum discussion

    i forgot — it’s all ’cause we asian girls have hollow bones. like birds. right? lol

  4. One thing that I don’t worry about is how much a particular model weighs. One site has her listed at 112, another at 115. I’ll say she is between 115-120 given how muscular she is. What’s important is that she is hot and healthy.

  5. She’s the woman other women should want to look like. Not the skinny skanky celebs you see in the tabs. This girl’s got style, curves, abs, and a beautiful face to top it all off.

  6. I agree, she’s a gorgeous and definitely the Josh Beckett of models. I was trying to start a blog for fun, since I am a huge fan of hers….but I dont know how to make one. Who do you think would make a good couple with her? My top picks:

    Cristiano Rinaldo the soccer player or Michael Copon from One Tree Hill.

    any thoughts?

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