Lots of Japanese babes @ bobx.com!

LOT'S of Japanese babes @ bobx.com!

I was going to post every single girl on this site one by one, but since I am a little pressed for time, I will leave you now in the capable hands of bobx.com.

Enjoy, but don’t forget to return to Asian-Sirens tomorrow! 😉

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  1. I’m not quite sure…but, a couple of these girls look like my old neighbors when I lived in chatan-cho. This is like so crazy!

  2. I approve. But you know what? I recognize 2/3 of them. Kinda scary, my J-obsession….
    The descriptions of each shot are pretty hilarious.

  3. Funny message that I notice from the top of the webpage:

    “Thanks to some idiot hotlinking our pix from
    a site in china, and feeding 200 users / second there
    I was forced to block traffic from most CN/TW/PH/HK/VN/MY IP’s
    I will keep checking regularly the idiot’s site, and when our pix are gone, I will re-enable access.”

    That or that nasty picture they have of Paris Hilton.

  4. I have always love Yuko Ogura and Reon Kadena. They are lovely idols. I can’t really dig those porn chicks though. Their mega slutty ways takes away from their beauty.

  5. Hmm, why doesn’t the site owner simply set up a script to block hotlinking? I do that on our server (otherwise it would be dead in 5 minutes!).

  6. “I have always love Yuko Ogura and Reon Kadena. They are lovely idols. I can’t really dig those porn chicks though. Their mega slutty ways takes away from their beauty.”

    I Love You

  7. I can’t find any pre-boob job pics.
    All the links I had are broken, the galleries I’d saved are down.
    I guess they were pre-AV, when she was just doing modeling. She must have been around 19. She’s around 26 now, an ancient “obasan” by JAV standards.

  8. Dr. Lee,
    have you ever seen what 1800 hits / second look like in a server (specially if you are trying to log them) ? Of course I have antihotlinking in my server, I basically invented the concept back in 1996 when I built XXXcounter.
    The problem with this chinese idiot is that he’s plastered 50 hotlinked images in an iframe (url: http://lian.aattt.com/html/pic/2007/11-6/41822600.html)
    and then he’s proceeded to load that on at least 30 domains, all over the place. Apparently he’s one of those lowlife scammer bandwidth burglars selling viagra on banners or some crap like that.
    example: here’s some nice anti-hotlink on another domain from the same idiot:
    and yet another version:

    And to jdrevenge, my site is a knockoff of nobody, in fact it was the first freely available asian collection online on nice unlimited abovenet bandwidth, back in 1997.

    And to all others, yea, I am BobX, and I am an OLTP real-time shared memory programming guru, who spends his most of his time traveling the world with his japanese wife, and who as a hobby, receives many zip’s and rar’s and tarballs from buddies, and slaps them online for you all guys to enjoy.
    And I sell all my traffic to another site which belongs to a buddy of mine, so the servers pay for themselves.

    So, yea, enjoy my tiny site, and I will of course exchange links with asian sirens, since you guys seem to have good taste, if you’ll do the same.

  9. Hi BobX. What you write about is of serious concern to me. So he’s able to steal your bandwidth simply by loading your images in an iframe? If so this is a very serious problem – somebody really needs to come up with some kind of “iframe blocker” to prevent this.

    Oh, and welcome to Asian Sirens!

  10. cheers guys,

    yea, I suspect we will see more of this coming from CN, as they discover the internet, and ways to make quick cash, by spamming, and making shitty pages full of hitlinked images. damn scumbags.

    And lamentably, people like that will always exist, personally I’d love to send them in a rocket as fertilizer to go terraform the universe.

  11. I wasn’t aware but now I am, and Bobx is really a pioneer at this erotic, xxx stuff. Greetings BobX!
    I still need to go back and try to figure your homepage again. But with all the girls on the dark site, I may have trouble with priorities. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  12. a legend on our site! 😀 how cool 🙂

    maybe he can finally explain to us how al gore invented the internet (hopefully this american politics joke is widespread enough to not make me sound like a complete idiot)

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