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Tia Kai

Tia Kai has a full time office job now and says her modeling work and website are just a hobby. You can find lot’s of her free pics on her Weekly Pics page. For more sample pics and a message from Tia in her old words clickThis message from Tia was lifted from her MySpace Page:

I’m a part-time model, part-time Go Go dancer, working woman, and student. It may sound like I’m busy, but we should all be so lucky. I am so fortunate to have traveled and still have fun with friends. I truly enjoy my home life for when I’m home, I’m home. Don’t let my highlife fool you, I am a complete homebody and lazy ass.

Remember, I am not the hottest thing in the world and I am not trying to be. There is at least one man in this world who will truly find me attractive for who I am. I’m not asking for everyone’s love so I take good and bad criticism. I am very appreciative of what I have accomplished in the modeling world and am proud to make it this far. All I can say is thanks for your support and help through one of my favorite hobbies.

Tia Kai

Tia Kai

Tia Kai

Tia Kai

Tia Kai

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Tia Kai’s Official Website
Tia Kai’s MySpace Page
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0 thoughts on “Tia Kai Update”

  1. She looks like a better than average cubicle chik.Nice from the neck down…BUT HER FACE.Not feelin’ that mug @ all.Still-she could do” Asian spinner on hung White guy” porn.In fact had she done that first-she might not be in damage control mode now.The question begs…Does every SoCal import-tuner chik think that the FRANCINE DEE template to internet/appearance money will work for them?
    NEWSFLASH: IT’S BEEN DONE TO DEATH! At any given time-there might be three chix actually making a living from that angle.The rest of y’all are just scraping by.Certainly did’nt get any of my money.Hows the cut rate Office Depot chair feel on that cute little tush in the finance dept. @ the Brea Acura dealership there toots?;->

  2. Well, everyone has different taste……I think Tia has a very pretty face and nice eyes and a great smile. But maybe that’s just me. 🙂

    PS: Forgot to mention, she’s of Korean decent.

  3. oops, i mean nice job North…i thought it was stripes that posted 🙂 i think her face looks fine fine :))

  4. I suppose that Tia Kai was due for an update since it has been quite a while since she was last featured here and quite a bit has changed since then.

    I wasn’t sure if you are implying something with the part about Tia being busy with a full time job and modeling work and website being just a hobby. Maybe I am just reading too much into it?

  5. Badboy, Nope……..not implying anything……just reporting what Tia herself said.

    BTW, there was a more recent Tia update than the one you mentioned. Click HERE.

  6. Hey NorthMan, I thought there was a more recent update but relied on google search rather than the one on this site since it is easier and didn’t see your more recent update (I may have missed it). Too bad, related links don’t get shown automatically.

    Okay, maybe I should say that I wonder if Tia Kai is implying something by what she wrote. I have heard Tia say similar things in the past so am wondering how this latest announcement is different and what implications it may have.

  7. Badboy…….maybe she is trying to say she’s not intending to become a professional model and that she’s just doing the modeling for fun. What were you thinking?

  8. Looks average to me. You take the average Asian girl and dress her up and you can achieve this.

    I just got through watching “Hot Indian Pussy #3” and I was just wondering when Asian Sirens can get more Asian Indian hotties.

  9. Ehh probably cause we don’t really care for Indian hotties here. Probably lots of sites around for them if ya look though.

    Tia is currently my favorite new model. Don’t know if “new” is the correct term because she’s been around for awhile but since she got the augmentation she reminds me of a younger Felicia Tang. Her new look with the rest of her toned bod and cute as hell face is fantastic. Hoping she’ll pull a Flo Jalin and go full nude soon.

    She has no illusions of making it big in modeling and whatever car shows or magazines she does are kinda bonus in her eyes. She’s got a healthy outlook on this stuff and knows it won’t last forever…unless you’re Sung Hi and have great genes I guess.

  10. I love her unapologetic attitude. Plus, she’s really cute, so its a win win situation.

  11. You take the average Asian girl and dress her up and you can achieve this.

    I basically agree, but most Asian girls don’t have boob job like that, she is still quite cute and pretty, her body’s quite trim and fit, and she looks relatively natural by SoCal standards. The problem I have with most current import models is that they are actually below average for Asian girls (and often quite chubby), so while Tia doesn’t really excite me, she doesn’t turn me off either.

  12. Love love …looove her body. It’s just that face belongs on a woman 10yrs. older & 20lbs. heavier.

  13. NorthMan, you may be right by what you think she means about not pursuing professional modeling but that in itself was obvious to most without requiring such a statement. Then again, what Tia was quoted as saying from her MySpace page and your paraphrasing at the beginning of this entry read a bit different to me. My initial reaction was to your paraphrasing.

  14. I need to make it to Asianmodelpalooza one of these days. Tia was long overdue for an update. There are prettier models but Tia is pretty herself. She’s not that bad looking. But what I love is the total package: that slim, sexy body and the natural look. And the fake boobs make her look sexier. How could you not like a slim body and boobs? I’ll take her over most of these import models that are out today.

    Here’s a couple pics from a long time ago.

  15. Don’t worry she is preety enough with great body.
    Lovely smile and I think she is a career woman. Attractive.

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