Sabrine Maui – Before & After

Sabrine Maui

I just found out recently, but apparently Sabrine Maui’s boob job has been common knowledge since last fall. She did 100’s of porno films pre-boob job but as far I know has done none since. In fact no one can even find any fully topless pics of her since her enhancements. She may have quit her porno career for good, anyone know? For more pics, click
Sabrine Maui

Sabrine Maui

Sabrine Maui

Sabrine Maui

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0 thoughts on “Sabrine Maui – Before & After”

  1. Before the “natural is best” chorus chimes in, I vote for after! 🙂

    On the other hand, maybe there’s a reason she won’t let us see all of them, in which case I will change my vote. 😉

  2. Please Sabrine …PLEEEEZE get back in the business.Even better…make me your exclusive scene partner.I feel sooo worthy.

  3. her face looks nicer in the before pic, she looks more natural. Unfortunately it seems the bigger boobs also come with the over done make up favoured by many of the import models. While I am usually in the small boob camp I agree the bigger set suits her. They do however look quite unnatural, perhaps this is putting her off getting them out. It is a shame she didn’t opt for a slightly smaller size or get of the Japanese style jobs.

  4. i like before….doc is a big boob freak :)) would this count as a personal insult, doc? strike one? :)))

  5. Interesting. (The decidedly non-Asian) Carmella DeCesare pulled the same nonsense: She got huge implants and then started doing only implied nude, despite having done plenty of full nude pictorials with natural (or slightly enhanced–I can’t tell which) breasts.

    Go figure.

  6. I vote natural is better here and very cute …the “after” is unnaturally large, don’t fit her frame…ditto about the aesthetics of Japanese boob jobs that don’t look obvious and much sexier. So many of the boob jobs swooned over here ridiculously gross, do nothing and/or detract from the gal, akin to an older guy with a thick jet black Walmart rug of a hairpiece. Maybe give her some time for the new boobs to “settle in”, in the meantime I’ll enjoy the older pics.

  7. “maybe she discovered `self worth’ after gettin something nice for herself”

    An attitude I find as unhealthy as the big boob freaks that promote and encourage this. The last thing we need are more Sachiko McLean’s :O

  8. Maybe it’s just the pictures, but she looks great Before, and simply horrible After.

    As Luke pointed out, it’s as much about her face, as her boobs. But, her body as a whole, is nicer before, I think. The over-stuffed, fat-girl, boobs make her look chubby in a couple of the pics, when obviously she is quite fit.

    But, the bottom line is (based on these pics, of course) the boobs are WAY too big and phony looking. She looks like a freak-show, now.

  9. She doesn’t look simply horrible. She still looks good. But you got to wonder as to why she hasn’t shown those new puppies yet. Fake boobs always look good when they are covered up or in a bra.

    If Americans were getting boob jobs that looked great like the Japanese, then I wouldn’t have any complaints. But I keep seeing chicks with one bad boob job after another that make them look awful so I go with natural. Sabrine was sexier and cuter when she was all natural because now she is rocking the heavy makeup to go along with the huge boobs.

  10. Yeah, that’s why I reserve the right to change my opinion when I see them nude – she could have wonky nipples or horrible scarring or something.

  11. Before: sweet natural girl next door I’d be proud to introduce to my friends.

    After: vulgar freak show.

  12. before : yes nice & pretty girl
    after : sexobjet (because of big boobs)

    why ? she became a sexfantasy after boobjob

    its so sad (maybe for model business)

    thats the problem of many of these girls

    all natural = not too business

  13. She was a sex object way before the boobjob. I guess you missed out on her porn career which was very nice. But I really have to disagree with the comments about her being hideous or a vulgar freak show because she is still hot and we still haven’t seen her boobs yet. Plus she is still good to look at.

  14. They seem to fit her well. She probably found a rich guy, or found a rich guy because of the boob job.

  15. Yeah, the comments about her being a freak show (on the basis of what we’ve seen) are ridiculous in the extreme. Her breasts are still within a perfectly normal size range, and if they were natural, I’m sure no one would complain about how big they are now at all.

  16. Oh how I love Sabrine. For me, the before looks better. Her boobs before made for a nice little package. Now I won’t go as far as to say the new ones make her look like a freak, but they’re certainly too big IMO. They’re very disproportional and throw the sexy lines of her body off.


    That said, I prefer ’em au natural, jiggly and bouncy (or “points of her own sitting way up high”) and all that..or as close to that as possible. Promoting a western fetish for surgical enhancement, diet, culture…it just ain’t fitting. I get Americanized huge boobs on these shores (and tired of it ages ago)…the last thing I want is the same thing in across the globe. The LAST thing I want @ Asian Sirens is McBoobs :O

  18. i hope all the girls here are not simply a sexobject 🙂

    They certainly don’t have to simply be a sex object – for example, Sachiko is a classically trained pianist and singer, as well as an outspoken social and political commentator. But if you’re taking your clothes off in front of a camera, you are a sex object – and nothing wrong with that!

  19. This whole mythology of “sex object” and “objectification” is a bunch of feminist dogma that has gone unquestioned and unscrutinized for far too long. It is intellectually lazy to throw around such terms, and I have yet to see a satisfying definition. Sex, sexuality, and eroticism are on feminism’s hit list. Beware.

  20. Before, tiny but perky. After, huge and not perky. I like the pic in the yellow bikini best, but I think she would have been better off with a more moderate boob job. At least I doubt that she’ll try the old “My breasts are natural” line.

  21. I have always adored Sabrine and her natural look but I think those “bolt- ons” look mighty good too. I really like the last pic, probably a trick of the lighting or photoshoping but her hips look like they could start a fire!

    I’m not a fan of the heavy make-up though. It was so nice when you could actually see her face.

  22. Impossible to tell from these pics. The pink number is way to small and pressing them up and in. They look promising in the yellow bikini – but they could still be sagging to the side when the top is off.

  23. I have always loved Sabrine. She may be my favorite porn star. I regularly am a fan of natural tits, but I have to admit that the photos of Sabrine’s new boob job has really turned me on. I can hardly wait until she does porno again. Anybody out there with more photos, or her “escort” service, please post.

  24. How does one get to look at photos on her myspace? It says private. I need to see more of her!!!

    I hope she also fills out her body and gets curvier. Then she will be a goddess!!!!

  25. Did you guys know she lost her virginity on film? And her nippled are “inverted” meaning they point inwards..

  26. i love sabrine maui, saw her 1st video when she lost her v to mr chew’s asian beaver. she looks better after a boob job looks like everyone in us is getting a boobjob

  27. Sabrine is living a normal life now. She is quite a beautiful AND intelligent woman. The industry provided a little $$$ and unrealistic security for a while, but Sabrine is much more than that. Boob job? Just to enhance her figure. She is a petite, natural beauty besides the alteration.

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