The Jelly Girls


The Jelly Girls are a fantastic group of Hong Kong based models.

Hong Kong’s answer to the Spice Girls?
Kinda, only these girls don’t sing…

and are 10 times better looking. More info and 1 hell of a great video lie for you after the jump.Despite being a fantastic concept, the Jelly Girls it seems specialized in turning up at tacky product promotional events, the sort of stuff that is par for the course with celebrities in China, but would be considered an embarrassing sell out for most people in the west.

Their website doesn’t seem to exist and they haven’t done anything new for a while. Their management company’s Website is even more mysterious.

I fear the worst for the Jelly girls. Have in-group ‘artistic differences’ taken their toll? Did management pull the plug due to low i-phone apps sales?

Maybe the true story will never be known.

What a shame, what a crying shame. At least we have some great videos to remember them by (see end of post).










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0 thoughts on “The Jelly Girls”

  1. I was gonna make some kind of crude sexual innuendo about being happy to supply them with as much jelly as they want…… but then I figured I would just snigger to myself instead and quietly fantasise about having an open pass to their locker room after performances….

    Phew. I nearly got myself banned from Asian Sirens….

  2. As cheesy as that video was, they’re still hot enough that I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

  3. I like jelly; I like jam.
    I like sandwiches made of ham.
    I say this so, not a scam.
    I like Sirens by the gram.

    Think – have one of these in your bed
    May cause you, your clothes to shed
    Put in two, I say without dread
    That day may quickly go to your head.

    Now imagine then, having eleven
    You’d instantly think you’d gone to heaven.
    Perhaps you would, ‘cause I think instead
    When they finished with you, you’d probably be dead.

  4. @jynnlevel ‘heavy set’? For the life of me, I scrutinised the features of every one of the Jelly Girls – such an onerous task I know – and I am left wondering which one you see is the ‘heavy set’ one.

    lol kroos, whatever possessed you to look up Jelly Girls? (which is begging for a definition btw). Nevertheless, following the link certainly has expanded my knowledge now…ouch @ Jelly Flare!
    Got me looking for red, blue and ‘glittery green’ Jelly Bracelets now! Like traffic lights huh?
    So, I agree the name change might be warranted.

  5. mmmm I see a blue bracelet in pic 5. and guys…I saw her first! Is it a Jelly Bracelet though? Well it has to be, they are Jelly Girls after all! Let’s pray I don’t end up with a Jelly Flare.

  6. There’s a heavyset one? so much to look at, wish there was more on each one. I want jelly

  7. Too many girls got me all dizzy. Still, in a good way, but there’s too many good things in these pics. Not good for heart rate.

    My fav is the girl in the 6th photo, front row, first on the left.

  8. Lets me see here…my fav girl is all the girls in all the photos, in every row, left and right and middle too!

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