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Corrine is an adorable and attractive model from FTV Girls. She’s got several galleries and a great smile. Enjoy!Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Located: ?




Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3

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  1. Love the tan, the hair, the smile and sexy body too. With a little visit to the Doc, she would be awesome.
    Well, she already is. Check gallery 1 in her red dress. 😉

  2. Based on the fact that she’s chugging an odwalla, I’d have to say that she is a yank, pacific coast. Based on the big, empty house, I’d have to guess Vegas. I have been called a genius before, btw.

  3. Great post! I’ve known about Corinne for a while, but never get tired of looking at her. She’s drop dead gorgeous and seems like she’d be so much fun too. And how could anyone resist that smile?

  4. Very nice, perfect body (NO IMPLANTS PLEASE, BREASTS ARE PERFECT).

    Nice shaved kitty kat below too.

  5. That’s a winning smile and dimples!!! And beautiful black mane. I like smaller, natural breasts with hard nipples so she’s perfect there.

    A great gir-next-door type until gallery 2!!!

  6. Yes, not quite the girl next door once you get into the galleries but I wouldn’t complain. Her body is lovely as is her face but there does seem to be something odd with her cheeks and/or nose. Could be wrong.

  7. Fairly cute, but I don’t think she’s anything special. I agree that a visit to my surgery would certainly help though. 🙂

  8. WOW! This girl is smokin hot! She has got the entire package going for her! Great everything about her, especially her smile! Love it all! Even the well thought and placed tattoos!

  9. No surgery needed on this fine maiden! Her breast are perfect and balanced! Great butt, face is exquisite and I really dig the words on her butt “I Love You!” What a classy chassis! I would not change a thing on her!

  10. @werewolf
    ya, with that smile in the front and the i love u tat in doggy, she wins at all times….

  11. She has an absolutely fabulous smile — I’m glad she doesn’t pose as the hard-ass Asian chick.

    According to some sites, she’s half-Filipina; but I don’t know what the other half is. She looks familiar, so maybe she is from Vegas:-)

    Oh damn, there’s a saguaro cactus in one of the galleries — not Vegas then probably Phoenix or Tucson.

    And the tats are wingsfan approved!

    Some more galleries:

  12. To be honest i wasn’t that impressed with the first few pictures here on the post, but once I clicked on a few of the links…
    That’s all I have to say.

  13. I’ve seen her pictures before & liked what I saw. Especially that little tat on her rear end. She’s half-pinay.

  14. Comments from Corinne on the FTV site:

    My job is what some people call being a boothbabe/go-go dancer at car shows. Mostly stuff like hot import nights where I’m posing with tuner cars etc… I was so excited when I got picked up in a Nissan Skyline! That car is always the talk of the show and I’ve never been in one. So a little about me. I’m half filipina and half white but usually I tell people I’m full filipina. I have large pretty eyes, and guys tend to dwell on my butt. I pass as younger, but I’m 24 and its in my family genes that I’ll probably stay looking young. The ftv photog kept prodding me with questions but I got to tell you I was very apprehensive about the shoot. First off I’ve never flown on a plane before so I was nervous about that, then I was getting naked and more when I’ve never ever done anything beyond a lingerie shoot. So is was a first time for me in more ways than one. I do masturbate once in a while and I like doing it on my knees bent forward or lying on my back on a bed. I come best when I’m in a doggy position and it all started when I came the first time when I was experimenting in my middle school days. I have some vibrators but usually I use my fingers but I was nervous and needed toys this time.

  15. More…

    I hinted by email that I like to dance and do the go-go dancing at car shows and also I like skateboarding. Well more like I used to skateboard when I was in high school. I was part of a group of guys/girls who were skateboarders at my high school in Chino Hills. It was sooo hot outside when we shot it felt like 5000 degrees and I thought my place was hot! I’ve been to Phoenix only one for a hot import nights in 2008 but that was in a cooler month. I tried touching the ground and the asphalt burns! So maybe I didn’t board as good as I could in normal circumstances and there wasn’t a smooth surface to do it. I can’t believe I took my pants off over there! My favorite by far is the baby blue dress pics and video that we shot at the end. I kept a few for my collection. Thnx for the shoot and I hope I can come back sometime.

  16. Holy Smokes!!!…daznlover is so right. The world has been rocked. What’s not to love. I just laughed @ Luke72’s comment above.

  17. I really love this girl. I suppose she’s not the most beautiful out there and her breasts are rather small but she’s got a smile that lights up the room, she looks remarkably sweet and then she’s filthy in bed. Love that. The fact that she looks similar to any number of girls i’ve known over the years certainly adds to her charm for me. Favorite post in a while. Excellent.

  18. Filipina/Caucasian? I have to admit I’m a little surprised. The Filipina part is not a huge shock, although she does look like many Hawaiian/Chinese women I’ve met. Neat.

  19. Very pretty and a great style. While I’m not a real tattoo guy (nor am I super anti-tattoo if they are tasteful), I agree with WerewolfVm. This is really a terrific tattoo.

    Great design and execution and nice placement to boot. But take note she is the Queen of Diamonds and not Hearts. I’m pretty sure, given my current financial position, I would not qualify as a contender.


  20. Now I kind of understand why, unfortunately, these beautiful women feel a ‘need’ to undergo absolutely unnecessary surgery to get nasty looking breast implants.

    Just reading these comments must feed into the insecurities of some ladies that pose naked, and we know how self critical women can be of themselves and the pressure to look their best in their minds.

    How sad. I truly wish women would not be influenced by what they read, and think that most guys prefer inflated boobs to natural ones. Many of us do NOT like fake at all.

  21. This sort of thing is all part of being a model strout. We’ve had many opinions on both sides of the argument here – it is up to Corinne what she wants to make of them. If she’s too insecure to handle this kind of thing, then she she shouldn’t be putting herself out there as a model. They’ll get far more critical comments from their modelling agencies, believe me.

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