“The Black Widow” Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee

A couple of months ago, Korean racing girl Yoon Sun-hee was featured here, which led me to find this video of her participating in a Racing Girl Billiard Tournament. I commented that she was “no Jeanette Lee,” which made me wonder if the winner of 17 WPBA titles had ever been featured here. I was surprised to find that she hadn’t, so here she is now for you to see why ESPN once named the Black Widow one of the sexiest female athletes in the world.By the way, yours truly had the pleasure of meeting her last year when she visited Korea for some exhibition games, and she does have a very nice rack. (Pun intended.)

Jeanette Lee
From Inside Pool magazine

Billiards Digest - April 2004
On the cover of the April 2004 issue of Billiards Digest

Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee

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  1. I wonder how many nice rack jokes she’s heard in her lifetime. I always been a huge fan of hers. If I am flipping channels and she is on, I have to stop and watch her play. She’s sexy and knows how to handle a stick.

  2. Never been featured on AS? That’s a surprise.

    I’m a big fan of the Black Widow. Thumbs’ up, to Jeanette!

  3. “she was once named one of the sexiest female athletes in the world by ESPN. ”
    …one of?… i would have to say THE sexiest female athlete ever…
    @donnor… if i remember correctly i think shes named the black widow because she always wears black and she looks so innocent and can eat you alive (while playing billiards)

  4. ahh..i went to high school with her. she used to form a bridge with her fingers and have it taped in place to train her fingers to maintain that position… she was pretty obsessed with billiards back then too!

  5. on a stylistic note – the black fingerless glove is hot, like michael jackson’s white fingerless glove but with some actual functionality attached to it

  6. // comment edited due to lay-out problems

    While channel surfing one day, I came across Jeanette on ESPN and I have never been so interested in watching pool. I could also watch her play poker or even Rock, Paper Scissors!

    Try also these links — hope they work.

    image 1
    image 2
    image 3
    image 4

  7. One of these days I’ll make it out to Korea for a pool tournament. It’s mesmerizing watching someone as hot as Jeanette play pool. I wish I was half as good as she is.

  8. Actually, her visit to Korea was a very rare one, Candyman. You’re much more likely to catch her in the States. I don’t think she plays as often these days, but you should check her website for her schedule of events.

  9. I didn’t mean to see her. That’s just crazy. Plus she doesn’t play as much as she used to. I mean to check out the Korean chicks who compete among other things because they are gorgeous.

    When I’m in Thailand, I just drink and play pool all day long. That’s my vacation.

  10. I watched The Black Widow play a couple different times when she was on top of her game, before the health problems & etc.

    She has a stare & focus when she plays that’ll burn right through the balls. I wish I could see her play again…

    I am also enjoying all the new Asian babes who’ve roared onto the Pool Scene.

  11. Ahhhh, Lee, how have ya been? Yeah, I was searchin’ for something and got distracted.

    I’ll try ta stop in more often…

  12. CEC32 I had this idea that you were asian, funny.

    Candyman, when in Thailand is only drinks and pool? You sure?? 🙂

    Jeanette is not the typical beauty, but she is sensual and tough… in a hot way!

  13. During the day I would drink and play pool. At night, it’s a different story. I would meet hot Thai chicks all the time from playing pool.

  14. the reason none of us haven’t posted michelle wie is because she just turned 18 ~two weeks ago. it just feels too jailbait right now

  15. Jailbait? Yeah, like the typical “Asian siren” is in her mid-30s. 😉

    And speaking of “Miss” Michelle Wie, what is this Asian female obsession with being called “Miss”?

  16. Woah! Michelle Wie may have JUST turned 18…but all of the material at her website is from when she was still under 18, so it’s not appropriate to link to her site from here.
    That post needs to be deleted.

  17. This is an intersting one. She is already 18, and it is just a link. Plus some adult models post photos of when they were children in their bios, for example. I’m not sure what is appropriate in this case.

  18. If she has public photos, they are there to watch, either for her looks or her talent.
    No problem, as far as I see it. She already made them public. I’m sure hotbytes meant she was sexy *after* she turned 18. 🙂

  19. I’ve always thought Jeanette was a hottie. In Zamscan’s third pic (her in white) she appears to have perfectly shaped breasts with beautiful nipples. Never really have seen her show that much before.

  20. Ahhh… Bubalabobo, I watched her LIVE once where she had a short mid-rif top on (Black, of course) with an unbelievable view whenever she bend over to shoot.

    I remember that she would whip around her long long black hair as she prepared for each shot.

    She would literally glare at the table.

    She was so sexy…

    As she sat on her stool waiting to shoot, I would watch her instead of the game.

    She was playin’ Alisson Fischer… Obviously, no competition in the looks department.

  21. I used to drive my ex-gf crazy when I watched The Black Widow play. We liked to play pool but she didn’t like me watching this hot one. She knew I was hot for Asian women. The camera angles they use for pool really make for some nice views when she wears her low cut tops. The behind shots were damn nice too. All around she is one of my favorites.

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