Chinese girls


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  1. chinese girls are the best girls because i am a chinese girl, and obviously, since i am god’s gift to mankind, my nationality wasn’t ‘fate’ but rather immaculate logic

    need i remind you that lawboy used to call me by my real name, christ?

    i kid i kid. but no, honestly, chinese or not, bones are bones! and bones aren’t hot! :[ i think i am an equal-opportunity critic when it comes to girls that look like lollipops (non-asian examples: the olsen twins, nicole richie, most models [even the ones i post], kiera knightley…)

  2. there’s that small headshot of me in the blogteam contributors panel on the left. that’s all you get :/

  3. I’m seen Time or “Shi Gan”. Kim Ki-Duk the director of that film might be my favorite Korean film director at the moment. He has plenty of must see films like 3-Iron and Samaritan Girl.

  4. My sweetie is a Korean and we were talking about this the other day; she acknowledged that lots of Korean women get plastic surgery (not her tho 😉 ), but said it wasn’t to look more Caucasian (as I had innocently observed) but to look more ‘perfect.’ I’ll have to see the Kim movie–Island was somewhat repellent though.

    To get back OT, lots of Chinese cuties in Nor Cal, but I’m now tending to agree with jd.

  5. Agreed, which is one big reason why the surgery done on Koreans is almost always more successful than the other Asian girls who simply try to look more caucasian.

  6. I loved The Island! It summed up perfectly everything about male-female relations!
    Another outstanding Kim Ki-Duk film:
    The Bow.

  7. chinese girls are the best…that’s because my wife is chinese 🙂 but vietnamese girls come a very close second 🙂

  8. They are all beautiful…can we agree on that? Does it matter where they came from? My wife is Chinese but I have loved a Korean and been with Japanese and Vietnamese too. I just like them whatever their nationality. It is sometimes fun to try to figure out where they are from but I always just enjoy the view. You also have to like pics that show a normal panty as sexy not a string up the ass. Just my opinion.

  9. Lawboy… hm… you seem to have a way to incite me to respond… I am sure your Chinese wife is lovely but objectively & in terms of percentage, most Viet girls will tip the scale over the Chinese counter-parts…

  10. Nice to see you posting again cat-tien! As you know, Vietnamese girls are my personal favourites – as you say, the percentage of beauties is remarkably high. But Chinese run a close second, and they are much less difficult to date than most Vietnamese girls, who often have a lot of “virginal” BS (especially the most beautiful ones sadly). Besides, I am starting to get a little worried about this “which girls are best” debate: it has been civil so far, but I am concerned it may start to get heated. So perhaps we should call a halt to this little diversion.

  11. cat…i think my opinion is bias since she is my wifey 🙂 no doubt my loyalty is always with our homeland..but the little lady has to take priority. so solly :))

  12. Ok… Lawboy whether you’re being sarcastic or not… it can be true that My Den or better dan ba Phi Chau/Ethiopian can be some of the most exquisite beauties… I have a thing for sublime, aristocratic, exquisite beauties only…
    Very wise Dr. Lee… we need not to cause a storm on a quite subjective concept of beauty… so peace!!! ok… it’s nice to know you, Lawnboy, Christine & other groupies here are well… take care…

  13. i have to agree cat….i noticed east african women tends to be prettier. and you are right, eithiopian women and egyptian women are truly amzing…but i digressed 🙂 since you are viet woman, show us your pix Cat 🙂

  14. Nope, you didn’t miss anything – those are the pics cat was referring to. I haven’t been able to convince her to show us anything more revealing. 🙁

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