Thai Cosplayers at MBK Center

Thai Cosplayer

Check out the Thai cosplayers at MBK Center’s Japanese Culture Day.

Thai Cosplayer

Thai Cosplayer

Megamall should have this. Filipina cosplayers would love it.

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0 thoughts on “Thai Cosplayers at MBK Center”

  1. is it me or are their costumes do not look so good….i agree, the japanese has the goods on these kinda thing….the last girl looks like she needs a shave under her arms…a big no no..or is it a shadow?

  2. Girl #2 is attractive. And a little underarm hair never hurt anyone. If she had me in a headlock, I wouldn’t complain. But it’s possible I’ve just spent too much time with hippie chicks in the past. Damn, stinky, granola-munchers.

  3. hair under the arms is a big no no…i know some of those hippy chicks…talk about a nasty habbit of not shaving..maybe it is a shadow…nice pix…

  4. Lawboy, all the hippies I knew shaved their legs, but for some reason thought it was real cool or just rebelious to keep the pit hair growin’. I admit, it is pretty nasty. 😉

  5. yuck, yuck…i know a lot of asian women do not shave their legs…because they dont have that much hair or very fine hair…but for some reason i just cant stand hairy pits on women…are there any countries or culture that tolerate this?….i think the europeans right? is such a turn off

  6. the french are into it. but then, they are also into not showering for days at a time too.

    also, once upon a time there was a japanese porno actress who made a big splash by not shaving her armpits. it was back when showing pubic hair there was still forbidden and she was making some kind of statement about that, i think. i wish i could remember her name. i will try to find some info on her, and maybe that will be my first post here! 🙂

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