Shanghai sex blog writer hoax

Chinese internet users are miffed about a blog apparently penned by a British teacher in which he recounts his sexual exploits among Shanghai women. The English-language bog, called “Sex and Shanghai” has been shut down because it has sparked online vigilante behaviour from Chinese males who were indignant at the content.Apparently written by a bloke called Chinabounder, the bog has been subjected to attack by no less than Zhang Jiehai, a professor of psychology at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Zhang says on his own Chinese language site “we need to find this foreign filth and kick him out of China.” Of course xenophobia and obsession with other people’s sex lives does not happen to shrinks does it?

Other readers of Zhang’s bog called for Chinabounder to be decapitated along with the birds who slept with him, that sounds like a term paper on the causes of psychopathic murder if ever I saw one.

Ironically, the bog is a hoax. Chinabounder was written by a British man, an Australian woman, two Chinese men and a Japanese woman who for some reason have never walked into a pub.

The authors have decided to close the blog down because they are frightened for the safety of expatriates in Shanghai.

Source: The Inquirer

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  1. what a laugh! man, they are really protective of their women up there, huh? it’d be nice to see a little more (just a little!) of that attitude here in thailand, instead of the usual “thai girls are beautiful, right? let me show you where to buy the best ones!” πŸ™‚

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