Stephanie Liah

I first discovered Stephanie Liah on the SexiCuties Blog. All I can say is wow! This girl is very pretty and sexy! Here is her background info. Stephanie is from Malaysia but lives in Korea where she is studying and pursuing a modeling career. She never mentions what her actual ethnic background is. Anyone care to guess?

Check out Stephanie’s many photos, videos and even audio clips. She looks hot dancing and prancing around in her self-made videos on YouTube. For more pics and links, click

Stephanie Liah

Stephanie Liah

Stephanie Liah

Stephanie Liah

Stephanie Liah

Stephanie Liah

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0 thoughts on “Stephanie Liah”

  1. I just wrote Stephanie an email alerting her to her feature here on Asian-Sirens. I also invited her to comment, let’s see if she does. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I know her pics and videos are amateur style, but I think this girl can do very well with the right marketing and managament.

  3. 1/4 malay 1/4thai 1/2chin that’s my guess on her background. hey stephanie, i want to shoot your next dance vdo!!! no, i did not say pay for it. i said “shoot it”. i will have you ‘dancing thru the lens’.

  4. clint: do you mean malaysian-born chinese with no malay blood at all? hmmm… maybe, but she doesn’t look 100% chinese to me.

    the pic with the baseball cap on really shows off her beautiful face. 🙂

  5. Yes, Malaysian-born Chinese, no Malay blood. She looks quite Chinese to me, but then again, “Chinese” covers a pretty broad spectrum.

  6. U wanna know the real deal ?

    I’m from Malaysia & let me tell u something about her…

    She’s actually half chinese – half Sarawakian (that’s an ethnic race in Borneo peninsular). She’s a model, basically for lingerie/fashion & recently compete for Miss World Malaysia 2007 (but didn’t win).

    Although she may be popular in across the net but in Malaysia, she’s still nobody ’till today.

    Latest news I heard that she already married & had a boob job done (just rumours but from the look of her new pic, she may had one)

    Check the pics @

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