SexiCuties @ Blogspot

SexiCuties @ Blogspot

SexiCuties is a new picture & video blog featuring mostly Asian girls flaunting their sexiness in all kinds of situations. The author, who calls himself The Cutie Catcher, describes his blog as Choosing Mary Ann over Ginger. If you don’t get that reference, think Gilligan’s Island! I have to say a few of the non-Asian girls are pretty hot too! Let’s give the site credit too for posting links to Asian-Sirens and Asian Sweetheart right near the top of the page. Check out the SexiCuties Blog for yourself.

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  1. Thanks NorthMan. Actually, Asian-Sirens was my inspiration to do the site!

    It’s great to see Sexicuties on A-S!

  2. No problem CutieCatcher, good luck with your blog.

    We’ll look forward to getting some traffic from your site too! 🙂

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