Sophie Koh


Although Sophie Koh has only just released her debut album “All the Pretty Boys”, this up and coming singer-songwriter has already created something of a stir in Australian music circles. Her album was produced by high profile Australian musician and producer Richard Pleasance (who also plays on the album), and features such internationally known musicians as drummer Paul Hester (from Crowded House), who tragically commited suicide recently. Sophie herself plays a wide variety of instruments on the album, from acoustic guitar to harmonica, piano, viola and accordian!Although she was born in New Zealand, her parents are Malaysian, and she grew up in Singapore – she now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Playing different instruments has always been her passion, starting with classical piano at 5. Her songs touch on such subjects as East Timor and asylum seekers (“boat people”), both hot political topics in Australia. She also has her own blog. Anyway, she has a lovely voice, and I recommend her album – definitely a new talent to watch out for. She’s currently touring Australia to promote her album.

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