Agnes from Met-Art

Agnes from

Thanks to Zamscan for pointing out this somewhat unusual Met-Art photoset by photographer Jan Vels. It’s amateur looking and features public nudity, something Met-Art is not known for. I think Agnes has a nice body and looks really sexy against the natural backgrounds. The cover page says Agnes is from Mongolia.

As to why this is my last posting, please see the comments area. For a few more pics of Agnes click

Agnes from

Agnes from

Agnes from

Agnes from

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  1. I see my comments on the Helen Su posting sparked an interesting discussion. I wasn’t trying to focus just on Helen but more on the negative comments made across all postings.

    For the people who commented, it seems they fall into two camps.

    Camp 1 has guys like me who prefer to make positive comments and (usually) keep negative comments to ourselves. Of course I believe in free speech. But I live more by the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything.” I see plenty of models on Asian-Sirens that I don’t like, but I just ignore them.

    Camp 2 has Lee and a group of frequent posters who are adamant about saying whatever is on their mind no matter how harsh it may be. I can’t argue with their right to do so in a forum that honors free speech. To be fair, these guys also make positive comments at times too.

    If not for Asian women, AS would not exist. So, I think we should give the greatest amount of respect and deference to the Asian ladies themselves.

    I think Asian-Sirens shines in the presentation of beautiful Asian ladies. But what I don’t like is the frequent, negative nit-picking of the model’s every characteristic in the comments area.

    In theory, any model should feel flattered and proud to be featured on this site. But, that won’t happen once she reads the comments about her. The Camp 2 response is: ‘Who cares if the model likes us or has hurt feelings. If she dares to put herself out there, she has to be willing to take any shots fired at her. Stating our negative opinions override any notion of displaying manners, acting like a civil person or being polite.’

    I know can’t do anything about it. I’m out-numbered here. But it saddens me to see how mean and insensitive some people can be. What ever happened to being nice to people? I know not everyone is like me and I accept that. I’m not going to try and change anyone.

    I can’t in good conscious continue posting articles on Asian-Sirens. Every time I post a new girl, I feel like I’m dropping her off in an open field with a target on her. I can’t do it anymore. It just doesn’t feel right. In my “non-internet” life, I’m a very positive person who always looks at the best in people. All of the negativity here is just not my style.

    It’s been interesting. Good luck guys!

  2. C’mon NORTHIE!….just sleep on it over the weekend.You’re swimming upstream anyway.Your brand of positivity-in my opinion-is based on a false sense of fairness.I was a tad critical of Ms. Su …yet in the end found something to like about her…And even offered career advice.As for what the models may think of our commentary:WOMEN ARE TOUGHER THAN YOU KNOW.I’m guessing HELEN probably took this as a FOCUS GROUP-LIKE referendum on her commercial prospects.(at least she should have)

    BTW…I’ve NOTHING BUT PRAISE for your Mongolian amateur in this post.She’s “girl-next-door”cute…and the backgrounds deliver a throwback vibe…kinda’ like she’s part of some hippie back to nature commune.

    Sleep on it homie.

  3. Northman, I will come back to this discussion but I totaly agree with you (so check me in for camp 1). And I don’t know about Robin but all the negative comments are for me definitely one of the reasons that I’m not that active anymore here on ‘my’ own asian sirens. And perhaps it’s a good moment to decide if we should close asian sirens forever.

  4. I’ll miss ya Northman! I agree with you, I think most models avoid this place for being trashed by constructive criticism instead of comments like the recently banned CLM. I know if I were a male model on a similar site I’d be offended by people asking if my testicles (bad example I know) have been enhanced over some woman saying an off color remark over what she’d like to do to me sexually. But like you said it definitely is supposed to be free speech here, I try to just dwell on the positive and leave out the negative. Good luck man! You will be missed. Tough day for Asian Sirens!!

  5. Well Marco (and NorthMan), if you feel that way the answer is simple: don’t make it a forum. That’s the nature of internet fora – there will always be negative comments. We have guidelines as to what those comments should be, which I enforce. But apart from that, anything goes. If you don’t want any negative comments, the only way is to not make it an open forum. So closing it down certainly isn’t necessary – just don’t allow people to make comments. But as I’m sure you know Marco, the fact that it’s a forum as a big part of AS’ success.

  6. One more thing: the earliest negative comment I can remember being posted on Asian Sirens is here:

    Too much lipstic and she has an African look to me. Are you sure she is from Thailand? 😉

    The author of that comment? Marco. And he has made several other negative comments too, as has Robin (especially regarding breast surgery). The only person who’s really practiced what he preaches here is NorthMan, and I respect him for that. But he is probably the only person here who can justifiably claim to be in ‘camp 1’. The fact that nobody else is shows how hard it is to avoid negative comments in an internet forum, and I’d be deleting comments around the clock if we tried to enforce it.

    So once again, if Marco, Robin and NorthMan don’t want negative comments, don’t make it a forum. Otherwise, just accept that that’s the way it is. And quite frankly, I think a forum that only allows positive comments would be pretty dull.

  7. Hi NorthMan. I think the thing you are most concerned about is what the models will think when they read the comments about them here. But if you do a search on the threads about me, you will see that some of the most negative comments ever posted here have been about me. And I host the site! But I accept that when I put myself out there as a model on the internet, this is the kind of thing people will write about me. If I was worried about that, I would never have become an internet model – if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

  8. I am solidly in camp #1, but I don’t think the guys in camp #2 have the intention of being negative – it’s just that they have unrealistic expectations.

    Not every model can be “remarkable” and many models really aren’t trying to do that anyway. It’s like posting an article about a Porsche in a forum about sports cars and the some guy posting that it is “unremarkable” because it isn’t as fast as Michael Schumacher’s F1 Ferrari.

    Maybe if the members were made aware that internet models like Helen Su aren’t advertising themselves as the next Cindy Crawford and therefore it’s inappropriate to criticize them because they don’t meet those unrealistic expectations.

    I also believe their is a camp #3 that believe that mistakenly believe that Asian Sirens is a porn site but I think that Dr Lee has clamped down on that.

    Asian Sirens is one of my favorite sites on the web and I’d hate to lose it.

  9. While I support free speech, I also am not bothered by moderated forums and I frequent a few of them. I think about it like being on private property where I have to respect the rules of the owner. I also agree that this forum could have a much wider audience if a more friendly demeanor was enforced.

  10. if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

    Sachiko, by that logic it would be appropriate to go to a play at a local college and heckle the actors since they “put themselves out there”. I believe as sensible adults, we should realize that phrase “if you can’t stand the heat…” is often used justify juvenile and cruel behavior.

    Probably the vast majority of internet models could be considered amateurs – they’ve done a few shoots, been in a car magazine a time or two, but still they are certainly in the “breaking in” stage of the industry. They’re certainly not doing endorsements for Estee Lauder, hosting MTV specials or doing fashion shows in Paris.

    Why give someone that knows that they aren’t at the top level a hard time just because you can?

  11. Camp 1 here and I really see Northman’s point of view: posting some models here may be like throwing them to the lions.

    Then I see Sachiko’s message and I remember some really not-nice remarks on a thread about her. Which, at the time, I remember thinking that they were kinda strong.

    I mean, we are not posting about videogames or the next virtual girl. They are real women, with real feelings. And yes, they have to take the heat sometimes, but I understand Northman not wanting to be the one to start the fire…

    Maybe some people see AS as a glamorous site, maybe others see it as more for debate. True: as long as it’s open, anything can happen. I’ve hosted a forum before and I know how hard it is to get things on a respectng tone. I think personnal remarks should be done with respect or reviewed. After all, the subjects aren’t online to defend themselves.

    All this goes to the bottomline: would you say it, if you were face to face? Imagine the other person is reading. Besides, I think we are maybe asking too much from the ladies, lately. Why do they all have to be perfect? I even admire a good boob job, if it’s done well.

  12. Very nice mongolian girl!
    As always Met-Art is so very natural, no photoshops, no editing. Just plain natural beauty. And her first photo is soo sexy. 🙂

  13. Northman, we’d hate to see you go.
    Please reconsider.

    Marco & Co., perhaps this site can be
    a view only site, like the old site that
    we missed?

  14. I am in camp# 1 too , but this is a forum so when there are negative comments those in camp #1 should give positive comments to “balance” things out. I am sure the models realize that they have just learn to ignore certain types of comments. I personally have the utmost respect for women and love the asian beauties. Lets not lose this site.

  15. I can dig on public nudity. Big crazzy ass back tattoos…not so much.

    Now for all the juicy gossip!!!

    “If not for Asian women, AS would not exist. So, I think we should give the greatest amount of respect and deference to the Asian ladies themselves.” ~ NM

    What?!? Don’t know if you are reading any longer NMan but…WHAT?!? That’s like saying we should adore ALL Asian women no matter who or what they are! That’s crazy! Maybe you are Jesus and find beauty in every living being, but I’m only human, and don’t. It’s like saying, “If not for government our country wouldn’t exist. So we should give the greatest amount of respect and deference to the politicians themselves.” BAH! Ying-yang, old boy. Balance of life. There are good ones and bad ones.

    Without ugly there is no beauty.

    “Camp 2 response is: ‘Who cares if the model likes us or has hurt feelings. If she dares to put herself out there, she has to be willing to take any shots fired at her. Stating our negative opinions override any notion of displaying manners, acting like a civil person or being polite.'” ~ NM

    Sigh….keep banging my head… AS presents us (most of the time) with 2D depictions and images of models. EXPECT 2D comments and responses about said image! Yes, we all know it’s a real human being actually out there somewhere….but we don’t know her. Don’t know anything about her other than the way she looks. She could be a pedeophiliac mass murderer or maybe even a nun — how the f*ck do we know?! WE DON’T! And that’s my point.

    Don’t expect users on this site to make deep personal responses to a model’s personality etc when we have no knowledge of it. It’s competely illogical to do so.

    And…the model IS a model after all. It’s her image she is SELLING. And more often than not that image is sexually based ergo the sexually based comments. Eye for an eye if you will. I make comments on why I would or would not buy her product. No personal assault against her character — just observation and response.

    I might just drop out too if this craziness keeps up.

    Spock out.

  16. And another thing!!!

    Camp1, Camp2, CampFU…who cares! Screw you guys! While you are all pitching your tents at Camp Sausage Party I’ll be in town loading up on hot Bangkok bar girls! 🙂

  17. hey northman…nice post by the way…sure hope you will sleep on this because i really appreciate your effort which a lot of us here do not have time to do what you do…provide us nice pix of beautiful asian hotties.

    i am torn between our freedom to express ourselves in a public forum and to accomodate other’s feelings. It is hard for some of us here since it is a public forum. I have always thought of AS as a place where people who appreciate the beauty of asian women come together and comment..negative or possitive…i am sorry if i misunderstood the spirit of AS. For me I liken it to American Idol. As you guys know some of the comments on that show is quite brutal, but that is the price for putting yourself out there to be judge by others. We also do not just comments on models but also on certain sites, stories, articles, products…everythign relating to asian and to a lesser
    like i mentioned before, a lot of banters between some guys here are informals kidding around…and we are more open to certain extent because this site is what it is…sex, tits and ass…you can’t blame us for acting like we are talking to a bunch of guys in the locker rooms or a frat house.
    Marco, i am not sure what you would expect from this audience. I love commenting and contributing to AS but it would not be the same if we have to tempered our comments to appease the models presented here. either make this a “possitive comments only zone” or let us have the freedom to express as long as it is within the guideline set out by you guys. I remembered some comments were made about Adam’s models that were a little harsh too but he took it in strides. We cannot all look at the world with rosie glasses. This circumstance also happened to Sachiko and Doc Lee also took it in strides. those comments were extremely rude but still within the guidelines and doc left for all of us to see and comments.
    in conclusion, i love this site and would like to see it continue with our wonderful northman, marco, robin, doc and the rest…but it would not be as HONEST if we have to temper our comments…just my 10 cents…:)

  18. as i read the blog where both Robin and Marco commented about the Thai DJ, who in my opinion was way too P :), i guess this boy’s club afflictions effect everyone here…we are going to look at their breasts, legs, and butts, and make comments..because that is what being a model is all about. do you think sports illustrated judge or make only nice comments about their applicants? they are going to say things like..her breast doesnt look real, her legs too short, she got a big ass….blah blah…but again it is the nature of the business…and we are more prone to judge women more than men…maybe we can post our own pix here and have similar comments about us posted. sure hate to know what CLM wants to do to me and doc:))

  19. Hey thanks to everyone who responded. Keep it coming.

    The thought of Asian-Sirens without the ability to make comments is a tough call. It would solve the negativity problem, but we would also lose all of the great (positive) info that is shared here too. i.e., Zamscan and others sharing relevant links. But I guess (as Lee said) it would be better than closing the site completely. I’m sure we could get used to it. For the record, I probably would keep posting articles if the site went “view only”. But Marco, please don’t make this decision based on me. Whatever you decide is best for the site is fine with me.

  20. Lee, I’m glad you like Agnes. Yes, she does look Asian. I know I goofed on my previous Met-Art girl named Tonya!

  21. K4K i enjoy your posts, no doubt. But lately I think your pressing too much the ‘selling’ button.

    Just because they are making a living out of their looks, it’s not mandatory that we criticize them if they are not our taste. I mean, I think it’s ok and natural to vent if we like them or not.

    What I think is hard for the girls is some harsh criticism about them. It’s like they are guilty of making a living with looks if they are not TOP stars. Live and let live, man. Be sure: there is always someone that likes them, wether we like it or not.

    Ok, enjoy the thai girls!

  22. 1. I feel that you should continue NorthMan. Your articles have all been of women that I love and I doubt that anyone else would write an article on them because everyone has their particular taste in Asian women.

    2. I feel you’re being too general in classifying those who post into two groups. If there’s someone featured on here that I don’t care about, then I don’t post. If the article is about someone and all I have to say is she’s hot or she’s ugly and don’t have anything more too add, then 9 times out of 10 I don’t post. But if I have something to add to the discussion, then I post.

    3. Everyone has their tastes in Asian women, so naturally in a forum there are going to positive and negative comments. Someone that you know is hot and I know that’s hot, someone else will think she’s not. I really hate it when someone that I think is hot, someone else will say she’s too primitive like she’s a damn monkey or a caveman on those GEICO commercials here in the U.S. But you can’t be discouraged by the negativity. Don’t let them haters get to you. F**k them. Yeah there were some comments about Helen that crossed the line, but there were also plenty of positive comments about her. There are also those people out there on the net who didn’t know about Helen and will find her smoking and will go check out her MySpace, or go see her at HIN, or maybe even become a member of her site. If you are going to let the negative outweigh the positive, then you might as well stop posting.

    4. Asian Sirens wouldn’t be the site that it is without the variety of the articles that are being posted and without the positive/negative comments or comments from those who don’t find someone like Helen to be remarkable. But so what. For those who don’t find Helen to be remarkable there is an equal amount who do find her remarkable. If everyone felt the same way about Helen, then there wouldn’t be much of a discussion and her article wouldn’t have received nearly 100 responses.

    5. If not for this article, then I couldn’t put up more pics of Agnes and her sexy ass body. She is a cutie.

  23. Danzie….but it IS all about SELLING!

    Helen Su is SELLING “memberships” to her website. Pay her $20 and she’ll let you look at all her pretty pictures for a whole month. Hopefully, during that time, she and her marketing posse can do a good enough job of keeping you aroused and titilated to SELL you another $20 monthly membership.

    Where does SELLING NOT enter the equation of these website models?

    I guess in the end it really isn’t anything we say or don’t say that ultimately affects these models but how we vote with our wallets. And that, dear consumer, is capitalism!

  24. I’m with you northman, and I’d like to know where you’re going if you’d have me. I too am too fed up with the negative and immature comments, the bickering and the childish replies.

    I don’t care if somone wants to know if thier breasts are real or not, as a breast man I like to know and guess, and I understand someone saying a little someting is out of place but one of the things that I loved about this place was that it was more… mature and civilized. I was ok and proud to have my nickname here because I wasn’t just another rabid asian fan, but more of an asian lover in a respectable site.

    Now I feel as if everything is being thrown to the dogs to pick over, I don’t like it one bit. I’m not ready to leave yet and my name no matter what will be listed as have being here but I know I’ll be taking a more inactive roll for now.

  25. NorthMan, I hope you don’t go. I appreciate your posts, and everyone’s contributions for that matter.

    I don’t really think I fit into either camp as I rarely comment at all, and never about models but other stuff like this.

    I sure as hell don’t want to Sirens go, so Marco please consider all options before doing that. If I could be of greater help by more actively moderating the forums I would be happy to do so on a daily basis.

    That being said, I think by in large the AS forums are pretty tame compared to a lot of online forums; at least the threads don’t spiral out of control into flamewars like some sites.

    Anyway, I hope a solution can be found that keeps everybody online and happy.

  26. I will be thoroughly annoyed if AS shuts down because of this.Think about it…HELEN SU SHUTS DOWN ASIAN SIRENS ?! (????)

    By NM’s logic-a politician would’nt be asked tough questions on the campaign trail.

    By NM’s logic-a big league ballplayer could pull him/herself from any situation that may spell failure.

    By NM’s logic-the fat kid should’nt have to hear that maybe he/she should push away from the table and mix in a treadmill.

    One of the many business hats I wear is that of FASHION ENTREPENEUR.When I’m on the road selling to stores-especially my womens fashions-I sometimes get the verbal equivalent of a BABY SEAL CLUBBING…ESPECIALLY FROM WOMEN.I screen the negativity to see if there’s something I can use to make better design choices.For the most part I just move on because the next buyer ends up ABSOLUTELY LOVING the same thing that the previous buyer HATED.

    By NM’s logic -everyone should just love my stuff and buy buy buy.

    Please try to keep AS up AS IS!

  27. Okay, I just got online and am rather surprised by all this…!!!

    I will read all comments in this thread carefully later, but if it’s up to me Asian Sirens is NOT closing down due to some negative comments! In this web 2.0 world the ppl have a voice. Marco, you know all about this as a blog-master…

    And Northman, I am somewhat disappointed that I have to learn about your decision here… 🙁

  28. Hi Northman, I’m sorry to hear you want to leave AS. I really enjoyed all of your post. You seemed to find those hard to find models, I hope you decide to stay but if you leave, it’s been a pleasure viewing your post.

  29. I just read all the comments and I still think Asian-Sirens should stay the way it is.

    As William points out, we have a relatively tame forum compared to other sites (thanks to the moderation of our Doc Lee whodoes a great job enforcing our guidelines below).

    And although I sometimes don’t like the negativity (of which I am almost certainly also guilty, most of you must know my opinion on boob-jobs ;-)), I realize this is how it goes on a blog/forum nowadays.

    I just want to present to you Asian beauty. That’s all. I don’t care where they are from, if they are dark or light, had surgery or not, as long as I think a large audience will appreciate the posting.

    And I will continue to do so. The only problem is, I find it hard to post every single day, so therefore help is appreciated. So I am really sorry NorthMan wants to quit, but I can understand his point. Hate to see you go NM! Wish you had talked to me first 🙁

  30. Asian Sirens was never setup to argue about models but to show people who appreciate asian beauty the great sites on the net, tell them about beautiful models and most of all to create a community of friends with similar interests. For many years I succeeded but it became difficult when I started the public Asian Sirens Yahoo Group many years ago. People from the porn business stepped in, people who enjoyed it to hurt girls stepped in and many many friends decided to leave. After two years it was so terrible (they even called me in the middle in the night) that I decided to pull out the plug of Asian Sirens.

    Robin you’re right, I know something about online communities such as blogs and perhaps that is also the reason why I think closing Asian Sirens is the best solution. Why? Because online communities needs a community manager that is neutral in his (of her) responses. He (or she) is someone who can take position in the middle when people start to argue. He (or she) is someone who contacts people via email or phone when it’s obvious that they don’t feel welcome anymore. I can continue with things he (or she) should do to keep a community a nice place to visit but the point I have is that nobody here has the time to handle all of this. I did it for many years but I have a family now. I can only check in in the weekends. But when I see that some of my friends from the early days are not here anymore, I really doubt if it is the Asian Sirens I had in mind when I started it back in 1996.

  31. Sad to hear this Marco…

    If you feel like the blog format is not working for your original formula, I wonder if you have read all these comments? And 15.000 visitors a day seem to love this site for what we do here.

    I think Lee and myself are doing a fine job running the site since you no longer have time for it. If you feel like the site is no longer what you had in mind, then pull the plug… It’s still your site. But I think it would be a shame.

    1996 was 10 years ago… the world has changed. And obviously so has Asian-Sirens…

  32. Robin, it has nothing to do with you or Lee. You are both more than passionated and without you guys Asian Sirens never waked up. Neither it is the format. A blog can be a great platform for a community. We only have reached a critical mass (again) and that means that it needs almost a full time manager.

    Perhaps a payed membership is a solution so we can hire someone who runs Asian Sirens and keep out anonymous bashers. What do you guys think?

  33. I wonder how Agnes feels about being totally ignored in her own thread? Even worse, being supplanted by the ghost of Helen Su! Sheesh! Talk about wrong place at the wrong time.

    Oh well. Good luck out there, Aggie.

  34. You don’t have to turn it into a membership site.You can sign up for GOOGLE ADS and probably make more money.

    Yes…Agnes is still cute.

  35. I’ve only been in AS for a short time. From my point of view, I only saw big negativity in a couple of posts. The kind where one starts and the others follow.

    I dunno, sometimes it just works like that. And yes, K4K, a lot of it is about selling but remember that AS is about beauty. The models get posted here for their beauty, not for their selling efforts. I’m here to see beautiful girls, many asians that I didn’t know about and I’m just getting to know them now. I’m much, much, newbier that most of you on this.

    I think that if AS is so sucessfull, then it’s just a cycle maybe. Maybe we should all try to refrain from discussing this in the next few threads and see how it goes. 15.000 visitors a day is a huge sucess. Which means that AS is important to a lot of people. Pls consider that. 🙂

  36. A simple rule restricting some sorts of critisism in posts would work, would it not?

    Anyways, its sad to see you go, NorthMan, Ive enjoyed alot of your postings over the months ive been here.

  37. dazz…i can see K4K points. we not only comment on models but also websites, products, news…all sorts of things as long as it is news worthy. where do we draw the line between a product and a person. what if i dont like an article on the asian sex gazette, do i still have to be careful how i say it. it is a matter of tact, and being a public forum we have all sorts of people. i think it is more interesting to have both 1 camp2 and the rest of the happy campers…:)
    with helen, it was more a comment about her site not her body as much. i guess being american, i have this streak of freespeech in me..not that others dont…like our ausie doc:) keep up the good works bloggers…

  38. oh yea…forgot about this blog..agnes is very pretty but to be objective her tatoo is a little too much and for a lot of asian female, her back is too long and her legs are a little too short for full frontal nude. but with the right angles she may be ok or if she chose to have some clothing or high heels, she may balance out…i dont really like women with long backs and shorter legs..seems pretty common for asian women…

  39. I’m all for free speech, no doubt. Camping is great, except when it rains like crazy. 🙂

    Right, she has some small legs, good point. I do prefer more balanced too.

    The picture landscape is somewhat cold and deserted, making her stand out and really setting up a beautiful contrast. Like the last pretty woman alive there.

  40. To be brutally honest Marco, I think you are over-reacting to NorthMan’s over-reaction. You may have read this thread, but to really get a feel for this, you need to read everything, as I have to do. And as much as everyone likes to claim they’re in ‘camp 1’, I’ll bet I can find at least one negative comment from every one of you (and you’ve posted several yourself). Hell, even NorthMan did once that I can remember here:

    I would be quite content if I never saw another picture of her again.

    Now that’s not very nice to Lena is it? 🙂 So how the hell can you blame other people for doing what you, NorthMan and everybody else does, at least occassionally? We can discuss further refinement of the posting guidelines to deal with certain types of comments, but dissing other people for posting ‘negative’ comments when you do it yourself is, well, hypocrisy.

    The ‘old-timers’ who don’t come here any more probably don’t for other reasons, not because of ‘negative’ comments.

  41. I think perhaps the main problem here is ‘thread hijacking’, where a post about a model gets taken over by another discussion (such as this one!). Perhaps we can do ‘Dr Lee’s Talking Point’ style posts to deal with these ‘red button’ issues, and leave the posts about models to, well, posts about models.

    And BTW Marco, you still owe me two months hosting, with another one coming up shortly!

  42. Dr. Lee…I was thinking somewhat along the same lines. A separate forum for comments etc.

    Under the main heading/pic of the thread have a permenant link to the corresponding comment section. So for those users and visitors who only wish to view the material they can without being subjected to all the comments, whatever their stance. Those who wish to read and write can click the link and post away.

    Most people who only want to view the material won’t be bothered to proceed to the written material. It also keeps the thread “blank”, as it were.

    Just like church and state, separate the two and things may run more smoothly.

  43. Yeah, that’s right. If you don’t like negative comments, just don’t go to the forum. Our blog software already has the ability to enable/disbale comments on a post-by-post basis, so perhaps we can have separate model and discussion posts.

  44. In the world of the internet, people who want to leave a site should just leave.

    Those who make a big production out of it, I find, are merely wanting people to beg them to stay as some sort of self-esteem boost.

  45. hi william…i was just using your site as an example of other topics that one may or may not like or object to. it was just an example. i could have use a blog that presented a japanese show or something. Just by chance, i clicked on your name and the asian sex gazette popped up. your site is extremely useful and very entertaining. I browsed there often for news about asia, so my apoligy for using your site as an example…i personally love your site..wish there are are more new stories each week…:))

  46. Northman,
    Just a request that this not be your last posting. As colorful as the comments may be, it is the asian women being posted like Agnes here that drives the real interest to Asian Sirens.
    I think folks are sadly mistaken if they think their comments are what makes this site a success.

    If you do decide to keeping posting. I can furnish images of the asian models that I have shot. It would probably upset the bloggers here, since most of who I shot are from the SoCal region and they are mostly Americans. But it is an offer.


  47. I think I raised a similar issue some months ago… been away from the site since then and now upon my return I’m sad to learn that things have not changed.

    Marco, well Christmas is around the corner… perhaps it’s perfect timing to let go of the old and welcome the new… rebirth of that is.

  48. There are alternative to those ugly Google ads. Asian Sirens is huge. Roll out the AS gear. Maybe a magazine. I just think it would be lame to end it like this.

    Anyways, the girl above is cute. However -and I hope I’m not being negative- I dislike her back tat.

  49. Don’t worry, Asian Sirens will be staying, and there won’t be any major changes either. However, we will be attempting to address some of the issues raised here, and hopefully make AS even better!

  50. Just got back from several weeks of travel. I have to say I completely agree with Northman. I have noticed a tendency in many threads to trash the model for some months, and I now see I’m not the only person who is bothered by it. The overall tone of this board has changed quite a bit in the past year, and I admit I have lost a lot of interest in it as a result.

    Hopefully the changes Dr. Lee alludes to will rectify the matter.

  51. dont change too much please…i like the pix and infor posted but to tell the truth, i like the comments also…kinda give a overall perspectives from other cultures and people…diversity is what make this site interesting…we cant all like vanilla and milk…some of us like chocolate milk and rocky roads:)

  52. I’ve been gone, so I’m late to this, but I want to weigh in.

    Agnes is another good find by Northman, which is why I’d like him to stay. I also don’t like negativity, so I try to stay positive and respectful. There is great value to free discussion, so my approach is to be tolerant and understanding and bear in mind that civility breeds civility.

    I like the idea of having some threads that are devoted solely to topics like this. In this case, allowing Northman to announce his departure in a different posting from his presentation of Agnes might have helped.

    And thanks to everyone who takes time to make the site work.

    Sites evolve. An open forum allows new people to influence the site. Asian Sirens is different from what it once was, and different from what it will be, but it is very much worthwhile.

    Please, no over-reacting!

  53. You took the words right out of my mouth Robin!

    And it seems we are strangely in agreement about what to do with Asian Sirens these days. 😉

  54. AGNES A
    Age: 22
    Eyecolor: BROWN
    Haircolor: BROWN
    Height: 159 cm
    Weight: 51 kg
    Breast Size: Small
    Measurements: 80/62/82
    Country: Mongolia
    Ethnicity: Asian

    released 4-1-2008

    125 pics 81mb

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