Soniya Leigh


Allow me to present Soniya Leigh. Soniya emailed Asian Sirens requesting we provide her with a post (we have been popular lately). On her MySpace she calls herself the “Dark Dirty Thai Girl.” She has recently started her own Website and only recently moved to California from Iowa.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Lakewood, California










Official Website

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  1. It’s good to see another model who’s taking advantage of the free publicity.

    Soniya’s face could be a little cuter, but I love her body. I find her incredibly sexy. Plus she’s Thai, has a nice ass, and poses nude which are all pluses in my book.

    Here’s also a quick video brought to you courtesy of Google.


  2. I love dark tanned thai babes, like Soniya. The last pic is a catcher, great hips. The ass and legs, awesome.

    Check 02:20 on that Candyman video. Hot stuff. 🙂

  3. Face: No.
    Body: All day long!

    Congratulations on escaping the “meth fields” of Iowa.My California success tips for you young miss:

    1) Move to OC

    2) In between import model/rap video/bartending jobs…study finance.

    3) Marry the crusty 50 something white guy
    who always takes his table at your
    Hooters restaurant.It’s only for a decade.

    Love that dark skin.

  4. She definitely isn’t for me, either her face or her body. Her lower body is too stocky for my taste, and I’m not very fond of her boob job either. But when she contacted me asking to be featured here, I was nevertheless happy to oblige – I figured the import crowd would like her.

  5. I do not like her face or her boob job. Her body is just OK. Her skin tone is nice. From certain angles her ass has appeal.

  6. i dont know.. last girl-chrissie- was so good. Seing soniya, it’s like we jump over too many nuance 🙂

  7. @dyner: while I personally agree with you, I suspect girls of Chrissie’s class wouldn’t be “dirty” or “nasty” enough for some of our readers (e.g. slackerking, although I’m surprised that Combover liked her), so we need to feature girls like Soniya from time to time to cater to all our readers.

    @jd: please mind your language! Personally I don’t really care about her tattoos anyway – I feel they match the rest of the package in this case.

  8. I’m with Dr. Lee on the above.

    Dirty is a relative term, and I’ve never met a girl yet who liked dirty sheets or stemware.

    That being said, girl’s eye makeup is doing her a disservice. Eye black should be saved for the NFL and sometimes a little less is more.

    Tats are fine in moderation. This is a good number, don’t go crazy.

    And last of all, I will say Hip, Hip, Hooray to any woman with a body like this who would like to send us naked pictures.

    Cheers Soniya!

  9. Of course I love her…great sexy thighs and knees and her mouth is very sexy to me also. Wanna see it in action.

  10. Yeah. I know this “dirty/nasty girl” stuff is a turn-on for many men (witness the popularity of C.J. Miles for example), but for me it’s a huge turn-off.

  11. I’m in the same boat as Dr. Lee here, the bad ass/nasty gal look is not a turn on for me. Still can’t get Chrissie Chau out of my mind 😛

  12. I dunno, the last picture where she is smiling is my favorite, which blows away (pun intended) the whole nasty girl thing. Although I’m not a fan of tats, I’d love to get an up close look at hers so that I could read it (might need her to translate it for me, though). Maybe not super gorgeous, but I think she’s nice looking. Remember, she asked to be posted here, we might want to play nice.

  13. Honestly, I don’t find her pretty, her figure is just OK and the script tats don’t work for me. (I hate tats, period) I could walk into any Thai restaurant here in southern California and find a prettier girl than Soniya but then again, I’m not into the whole “nasty” look either. It seems enough here like her for the post to be worth it, just not my cuppa tea.

  14. I actually quite like her tatts, although as said above don’t get any more. I think the shots with the black panties are best.

  15. yeah doc, i think, for some of us who love “dirty/nasty” stuff this girl is quite a package. and to be honest, soniya is not that bad too..just not my type.

  16. Gotta say I love her body, especially the bottom half which is just about perfect to me. I actually love the tats, they’re not intrusive and overwhelming which is cool. She’s cute but not stunning and pretty average for a Socal girl, and for someone who says she’s a dark dirty thai girl I think she smiles way too much in the pictures (not that I don’t like the smile) I’m just not getting that really dirty girl feel as Doc figured. She seems like she’s trying really hard to give off that air, but I’m guessing she’s a pretty regular chick in reality. Like the first and last pics, the rest not so much.

  17. Hm. I’m also more in the chrissie camp. Soniya is certainly good looking, but she is missing that cutsey thing that asian women often tend to have and i do like that very much 😉

  18. I love her eyes and I love those lips. She also has a beautiful body with dark glowing skin. She has a very unique look about her which is always nice. I think that she is extremely sexy.

  19. As a glamour model, no. BUT if she can assume the role of nasty, ultra-sexual, Asian porn nymph, then she can get big success –just like the Marcela girls. We need to see that hot, tight little body energetically riding big cocks as her nice round ass bounces around.

  20. As for her tattoos, they are… different, and I like that. Writing tats can be ok, like on Adrenalynn’s asshole, but usually it’s an all-or-nothing proposal: random tattoos on the body don’t work, but a well orchestrated, full-back mural can look amazing.

  21. She works for me daily, part of my office staff and she models for me regularly as a muse.

    I don’t know a Santa Claus. Who’s that?


  22. With all due respect Creations, even if that what you say is true, that doesn’t necessarily make you qualified to judge that her breasts are “real”. We have had many girls on here that I’m not sure about (particularly the Japanese girls), but I’m quite sure about this one: if you knew about how to spot implants, you’d think Soniya has them too.

  23. You can go to my Model Mayhem profile and there are images of her topless in my portfolio that you can take a look at.

    I at first thought they looked fake too, but after working with her and shooting her nude for the past six months, well, they are not fake.

    Her breast are just shaped like they are fake. Very true. She and I talk about that all the time every time a new photographer works with her in the studio, very amusing.

    There have been a few models that come in to my studio and at first, they do look fake, some breast just are shaped funny and don’t seem to drop naturally. Go figure.


  24. Doc as the resident breast expert I feel it is your duty go to Creations office and give them a squeeze 😉

  25. Yes, perhaps I should. 🙂

    And I’m not calling anyone a liar – it’s just that a lot of people don’t necessarily know how to spot them. Perhaps I shouldn’t be that certain, but let’s just say that I’d be absolutely amazed if they really are natural.

  26. FYI: my breasts are real…thank you. Have been thinking about a boob job but I guess that idea has been flushed down the drain since you men don’t know the difference between real and FAKE. Ya some expert you men are.

  27. Welcome to Asian Sirens Soniya!

    I wish I could just take your word on this, but unfortunately, we’ve had many clearly fake models who’ve made that claim. If your breasts are indeed natural, they look remarkably fake – their shape, the nipple position, and especially your cleavage. Truly remarkable!

  28. well thank you! I don’t know what I would have to do to prove to you men they are real. But, I guess trying to prove it would be a waste of time and a headache since you men are truely blind.

  29. I’m not truely blind Soniya. They really are fantastic breasts just like them long sexy legs of yours. 🙂 WoW!…I really wish for a way to prove it to us.

  30. That’s it Doc start a fund and let’s get this sorted, I am sure there are some cheap flights to LA on offer. I would suggest Arf may be closer but I don’t if getting him to squeeze Soniya’s breasts would be healthy 😉

  31. Unfortunately, even the squeeze test isn’t definitive – submuscular, textured silicone gel implants feel completely natural to at least 90% of people (but they normally look quite firm). You’d need an expert, and I don’t have any immediate plans to visit the US. 🙂

  32. Another factor is body composition. Implants are apparent on those who have paper-thin skin, but if with the right amount of fat padding, the job can be really convincing in both look and feel.

  33. Yeah, that’s right. And that’s especially true with submuscular placement as I mention, as all the musculature behind the breast lies on top of the implant, as well as all of the original breast tissue.

  34. arf is in Georgia, I believe, while I’m in Las Vegas. Have magnifying glass, will travel!

    Except for that pesky wife thing:-(

    I guess dear Soniya will have to provide more breast close-ups (high resolution please!).

  35. Shoot…I bet even my wife herself wouldn’t mind doing the squeeze test. How about your wifey, Wings? One on the left and one on the right. 😛

  36. Get the boob mobile ready, Wings warm up that magnifying glass I think a road trip is in order. I’m sure that Doc can provide a medical certificate to give to the Mrs.

  37. arf, my wifey is definitely NOT down for that! I am for sure, but the problem is that I would be down for the count forever as well.

    Luke, the Mrs. ain’t that easily fooled. She already thinks I may be conversing/connecting with women on the net when all I’m really doing is looking at them!

    Soniya, sigh!!!!!!!!!! BTW,you understand the magnifying glass was for looking for surgery marks, right, not to see you boobs? Cuz I’m sure I could see them just fine even without the bifocals.

    Man, i haven’t been this excited on this web site since the long lost cat-tien was teasing us!

  38. Oh yeah, what I’d REALLY like is to read the inscription down there. I’d be sure to take notes for the rest of you!

  39. even if you found out my boobies are real than what…we can’t play anymore games on finding ways to prove they are real.

    so i’ll let you guys fantasies some more.

    best wishes and happy holidays

  40. Soniya, no more games? Now that we were getting somewhere… (kinda)

    Happy holidays to you too and don’t mind this boobs discussion. They’re yours and they look good. 😉

    Wingsfan, you could always tell Mrs. that you are conversing with guys on the net while watching women. But then maybe she wouldn’t believe you either. So unfair. 🙂

  41. Actually, I set up a separate Firefox profile in a TrueCrypt folder (which is also where all my downloads are). However, I haven’t figured out a way to get my energy back after surfing the web all night, so my napping makes the wife suspicious. Then again, my not napping would make the wife suspicious. Come to think of it, the very existence of other women makes my wife suspicious:-) Imagine how bad it would be if she wasn’t cute?

    arf, thanks my man – always trying to lighten the mood.

    Merry Christmas everyone!! (From a dedicated atheist, but truly sincere though)

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