Anyone For Some Sexy Cooking?

Retired (very) busty Chinese model Jade Feng returns to the internet as the Final Fantasy 7 character Tifa – giving cooking lessons on her own YouTube channel! As you might expect from such an unusual recipe, her videos are very good humoured, and she’s become the very definition of “MILF”. 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Anyone For Some Sexy Cooking?”

  1. You can’t come up with anything more articulate than that knarf? You’re sounding a little like johnnie.

    Here come the anti big tit brigade! 🙂

  2. Tifa was actually from Final Fantasy 7. Not really an Anime character, but I suppose sort of close? Still made in Japan though and definitely popular for cosplay.

  3. @Travis: I stand corrected.

    @Paul Po: your comment was a breach of our posting guidelines – strike 1.

    @AS_Appreciation: I already gave knarf a gentle warning about his border line comment, but you chose to amplify it anyway – a strike for you too.

    @Everybody else: just because a model has big tits doesn’t mean you can forget your manners.

  4. I don’t see what’s so awful about these videos unless you are just a hater of big titties. At least offer an explanation as to why you think it’s awful because just saying that the video is awful brings nothing to the conversation.

    As for me, I like cooking, MILFS, Asians, big titties, and Asian MILFs with big titties who cook. So I will keep watching these vids.

  5. “You’re sounding a little like johnnie.”

    Oh, a low blow, Dr. Lee. 🙂

    When I first read the post I optimistically believed that you meant that she was very retired. This school of plain Janes getting cartoonishly huge fake breasts and then playing the roll of sex symbol is not for me. As for the humor, sorry I missed it. I must admit that I could not watch the video all the way through. Too unappetizing.

  6. I guess I wouldn’t ask a breast implant doctor for sympathy to our viewpoint knarf, but I’m with you–at least 90% of women are more attractive pre-implant than post-implant to me. I remember watching the Louis Theroux show on cosmetic surgery in LA and this doctor was going on and on about how he loved breasts and he was a perfectionist, and then when you saw his work it was such a let-down. The girl had the exact same fake looking, hard looking, absurd looking breasts as every other girl in the world with breast implants =[

  7. “At least offer an explanation as to why you think it’s awful because just saying that the video is awful brings nothing to the conversation.”

    I agree. Please forgive me for my sins.

  8. I should point out that when she first arrived on the scene, I believe her breasts were all-natural – and incredibly, they were easily at least half as big as they are now! It seems to me that the main reason she got implants was to fight gravity as they inevitably sagged over time, although she did of course make them bigger as well.

  9. Oh….ah….so….big :-p Its pretty amazing…I’d almost avoid cooking with breasts that big…I mean, I’m pretty sure at some point its a fire hazard (blocking exits and such) 😉

    Nothing like a silly live action FF7 reference to brighten my day 🙂

  10. I see this as pure camp, and pretty funny at that. Frozen peas and corn? Hilarious! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a frozen vegetable in Asia. It’d be like having a cooking show here and someone teaching how to cook a hot dog.

  11. @jd: how many times do I have to indicate that this sort of comment is not on? Why can’t you say “I really don’t like this” or “she isn’t for me” or something like that? Why is it that whenever we feature a model with huge breasts, people seem to think it’s okay to leave their manners at the door?

  12. I was actually referring to the video as a whole, Doc, more than specifically the model in question.

    To be honest, though, I’ve just gotten lazy with my comments these past few months.

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