Song Yoon-ah’s Techno Dance

Earlier this month, 35 year-old Korean actress Song Yoon-ah surprised many in the crowd at the 7th Korean Film Awards (including “Lost” star Yunjin Kim, whom you see seated in the audience in this video) with this techno dance number she did during the show, which she also hosted.

Arriving at the event and ascending the red-carpeted steps to pose for waiting photographers in a sexy, leg-baring gown

Song Yoon-ah
A recent photo in Taiwan promoting her drama On Air

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0 thoughts on “Song Yoon-ah’s Techno Dance”

  1. She’s a real cutie, CEC…but, I have a couple of questions:

    Why were people “surprised” by this dance? Because it was not previously announced (a surprise), or because there is something unusual about Song Yoon-ah dancing (or something unusual about the dance)?

    And, how many empty seats were there at that Awards show? :#)

    I’d love to see more of Song.

  2. Well let me tell ya it had to be at least 9 minutes that went into learning a dance as complicated as that….yeesh! I think the Macarena had more complicated moves in it than that.

  3. True, this dance didn’t have really complicated moves, and it wasn’t exactly risque either, but it just seemed out of character for her to do a number like this.

  4. Well…to all you haters out there, that was a pretty sexy dance number, and there’s no way in hell I could dance like her…Soooo. She’s hot. 😛

  5. I found her walk up the stairs in the second video, actually the still photo too, both far more sexy than that “dance”! She’s hot. Wanna see more of her!

  6. actually, it was a little disappointing. That particular song is commonly used for a dance style called Tecktonik, created in france, and the dance moves she used also reflect that. I guess she only rehearsed it for like a week or so, too bad. i would’ve liked to have seen her practice a bit longer and really show off her skills.

  7. I went to this club last night in Dallas and Darude was there. And everybody was like doing the same dance. It was like we missed the memo, it was kinda like theirs at 1:32

  8. I agree that it wasn’t complicated enough of a dance to be really cool. Maybe she should have come out in a bikini or something. Now that would surprise people.

  9. I can’t dance like her either Arf…but I think that’s a good thing. She is cute though, just a bad dancer is all.

  10. alive by mondotek is the song.

    there’s an Asian dancer in the music video called Lili Azian.

    tektonic looks cool if done right, but i’m not really into the style…especially the hair of some of the dudes.

  11. she does what she can do ! (she is not a Madonna)

    she s pretty !

    but tektonik is awfull (just another “fashion” or not marketing product)

    thanks to our friend : BELGIUM 🙁

  12. Yes Techno is blooming huge all over asia. It’s a terrible shame as all you get in Asian clubs is R’n’B, Hip hop or Techno. There is such a wealth of clubbing experiences, but it is only really the Japanese who have anything like the diversity that there is in London or NYC (amongst others). But hopefully things will change.

  13. yes ok but dont mix real techno with commercial bad techno you will hear in asia.

    Japan (democratic developped country) has his exception, yes.

    asian countries are young concerning electronic music compared to Europe and USA (in some category)

  14. That was terrible. A large portion of the Asians I know are excellent dancers, in fact some of the best I’ve ever seen. She is not in that category.

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