Sirinya Winsiri – A ex-Miss Thailand that isn’t so Thai

Cindy Burbridge

Cindy is half Thai – half American, although she considers herself more Thai and back in 1996 she was running as Miss Thailand World even though many Thai people thought she did not represent Thailand that well because of her Caucasian half.

Anyways, there’s more of pics of her here. And if you follow the Thai fashion scene, you’ll find her on most catwalks.

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0 thoughts on “Sirinya Winsiri – A ex-Miss Thailand that isn’t so Thai”

  1. Kinda trannyish.I can understand the success as a model.Tall,skinny frame.Musta’ been an off year for talent in’96.Maybe the Thai judges were snowblind that year.

  2. Her face looks more masculine to me than a lot of Ladyboys I’ve seen. And the Thai judges are always snowblind. 😉

    Anyway, welcome to the fold Asian Girls!

  3. and also not very attractive, doesnt do it for me one bit i, if i saw her on the street she wouldnt even get a second look

  4. Agree. Have seen ladyboys who are more attractive & feminine. Doesn’t look at all Thai. But above all, she’s not pretty.

  5. She isnt bad looking, but she I would never suspect her of being even slightly asian. Oh, and that tatoo saddens me very much, it does.

  6. Have to agree with jd, she looks okay, but not really Asian. But I guess you see that alot with Thai women… But thanks for posting Tom! (Hey, on your site I see a lot of other Thai hotties, why didn’t you post one of them? ;-))

  7. I dunno, isn’t that kind of racist?
    I mean, in the US, we used to have laws that prevented land ownership & full citizen rights to nonwhites, that they were not “full Americans”.

    If the pagaent judges lack the good taste to select a “full Thai”, too bad so sad.

  8. I disagree about her looking masculine. She’s hot, but I’d never take her for being half Asian.
    Maybe the qualifications to compete for miss Thailand are based on citizenship and not ethnicity?

  9. She’s okay, it’s that she not that hot and looks too Caucasian. The Thai judges always disappoint me with whoever they select each year.

  10. She doesn’t look much different than the average White woman I encounter daily in downtown Manhattan.

    Ultimately, I think it should be up to the people to choose who represents them. YEs it is a bit racist and bigotry laden but, ultimately this is a morality situation anyway – there is no winning with moral “values”

  11. I think this girl, sunbathing in Battery Park City with a lot downtown Manhattan white women, would get plenty of second looks. And none of those would be from ladyboy-lovers!

  12. I think I can explain some of why there are such differing opinions about Cindi the Super Model here. A top pro model can get what ever look the stylist is going for. In the Ladyboy looking photo posted above, I bet a weeks pay the stylist at the photoshoot directing Cindi was indeed, a fierce Ladyboy demanding a strong and scary “Attitooood!” look from dear Cindi. In the cute swimwear shot of Cindi linked by , QueensGirlsRock, It is a fashion shot and Cindi is meant to appeal to young women who want to be cute and sexy for Summer. Cindi can look like anything she is told to look like, even Thai when styled up in traditional gear. She is very versatile but she is not primarily a sexy glamor model. She is a fashion model. Fashion models are often adrodgynous.

  13. Agreed on all counts. Most people don’t realise that fashion modelling isn’t about sheer physical attractiveness – it’s about versatility. As a result, fashion models are often quite plain, so their face can easily be adapted to different looks with makeup. A good fashion model lacks personal character, hence they are rarely attractive for me.

  14. she doesnt look ladyboy to me…very feminine just not asian/thai enough to represent thailand in ms. universe…put Thitima on….hey adam how about some freebies Cartoon :))

  15. Cindy used to be Channel [V] VJ in 2003-2005 & I did saw her in real life, especially when she’s in Kuala Lumpur for big parties like FHM or other events.

    Honestly, she really look more Caucasian & quite tall too but she’s quite stunning actually in real life.

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