Bambi Francisco

Former MarketWatch columnist Bambi Francisco caught my attention when she launched her own Internet startup today. Turns out she’s a pretty Filipina.

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  1. She truly is pretty, filipina and smart. Such a great combo. 🙂

    But I disagree with her on the dating vs social networks. Dating sites are very focused, while social sites may be good for hooking up but they are not for that.

    I agree on her on the dangers of privacy, it’s nuts, people are putting their intimate stories and photos out there. Any sicko can act on that info, it’s scary.

    Her new startup, Vator… looks like a lot like Bubble 2007. Odd, since she works for MW. I may be wrong and wish her luck, but I wouldn’t bet my money on yet another vid site with no solid business plan.

    Back to her, she’s pretty and smart and filipina. I do love that. 🙂

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