Singaporean Cosplay Cuties at Cosfest VI


Earlier this month, cosplayers paraded for Cosfest VI in Singapore. You know what that means: geeky Asian cuties roleplaying. Check out some of the finalists.

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0 thoughts on “Singaporean Cosplay Cuties at Cosfest VI”

  1. I love the first and second. Not really the third. Third time’s a charm for comments nowadays, right? Niners has the same tastes as LawBoy.

  2. Recognize 1st (the character), but not 2nd (hot girl though) and 3rd, who are they suppose to be?

  3. i like Mike’s posts but i never understood the fascination about cosplay…unless you get to add the costumes to your intercourse repetoir 🙂

  4. i think mike adds a certain nerdiness to A-S that is probably well-appreciated by those computer geeks out there who also check here regularly. but… i agree, i think all of the shokotan and cosplay posts can get a little boring too :/

  5. If it weren’t for AS, I would not even know cosplay existed. It’s interesting to keep updated by Mike, on a cultural level. 🙂

    But not my thing either. LawBoy… the costumes thing may be fun, however! 😉

  6. not sure how girl number 1’s sword would ever be helpful in intercourse but i guess it could be exciting to undress your favorite anime character and see real breasts instead of hentai?

  7. “I rank cosplay up there with star wars and lord of the rings type stuff. Just not my thing.”….hey what’s wrong with star wars and lord of the rings? those females elves were hot 🙂 not to mention the big hairy Wookie 🙂

  8. Although I’m not into cosplay, I do have a thing for Asian geek girls – they are usually sweet, almost always smart, frequently pretty and often have surprisingly nice, slender bodies underneath their overly conservative clothes (Asian geek girls are almost always slender in my experience). And best of all, they generally like me too!

    And Liv Tyler was totally hot in Lord of the Rings. 😉

  9. After that Lorena Bobbitt story in the news a few years back, I just can’t find swords all that sexy anymore.

  10. Your younger sister is into what thing, EddyMaximilian? Hope your not talking about the Lorena Bobbitt thing. Maybe you should have talk with her.

  11. it was asian cosplay heaven this past weekend at the san diego comic con. Sailor Moon, and a bunch of other anime characters i know nothing about, but they looked damn good!

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