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Yesterday I got an interesting suggestion from Steve, one of our regular visitors: Why not feature the girlfriends of the Asian-Sirens readers? Good idea! So let’s kick off with Jina, Steve’s South-Korean girlfriend. I was happy to hear they both enjoy reading Asian-Sirens. Jina is a runway/fashion model in Seoul. You can checkout some of her photos here.

So, have YOU got a beautiful Asian-siren as girlfriend? Then send us the pics & info and maybe one day she will be an Asian-Siren as well!

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  1. i have a feeling that this is going to be a very tame thread comment-wise, since all of us are going to want to keep our mouths shut when it comes to negative comments about the girls posted so we don’t get e-beat up by their respective boyfriends, a la “whatchu sayin’ about my girl? ima —*bleep bleep bleep*”

  2. Not a bad idea, but certain readers may have different interpretations of the term “girlfriend”.
    If we’re talking a girl whom we met a few times over drinks, a movie, a trip to an amusement park, etc., then I guess I have a lot of photos of Asian “girlfriends” that I could post.

  3. funny blueskies, my lover looks juuuust like yours! maybe they were separated at birth.

  4. Well, I’m a long time reader, never put a comment before though.. but
    here’s my GF (though obviously not as hot as Steve’s) but I don’t think she’s less cute 😀

    ps: NOT the Gundam

  5. Hey CaTZ we both think you have a beautiful girlfriend and you too are a very lucky guy. We were so suprised to see this post up today and thanks for the comments. I try not to take things so serious so I won’t be efighting anyone. =p If anyone wants to send a message to say hello, you can contact me via the flickr page, just click on “profile” and “send flickr mail”.

    Cheers to all!

    -Steve -N- Jina

  6. thanks everyone! I’ll be sure to tell her about your comments, I’m pretty sure she’ll love it 😀

  7. My wife is hot…hell, all of her sisters are hot. BUT, I’d be a dead man if I posted them here. 🙂

  8. “My girl’s not as hot”… “Your’s puts mine to shame”… C’mon guys. Count your lucky stars and quit dissing your own ladies. It’s kinda pathetic.

  9. not dissing i love my girl and i think shes beautiful but i think that his is hotter… and Doc thanks for the compliment 😛

  10. am with brayker on this one. Not to disrespect her, like I said, Juni is hotter than my GF, and she think so too :D.

    but yeah, I AM lucky having her 😀

  11. Why not Bill? You can link to whatever you want. 😉

    And BlueSkies, your (and Christine’s) lover isn’t so bad – I’d prefer your lover (along with the pics on your blog) to arf’s anyway. 🙂

  12. That’s a little harsh Doc. I thought she’d be a little too primitive looking for your tastes…:) I also have a couple pics of my daughter to share, if it’s not too off topic.

  13. How about your girlfriend, christine? Will you ever? And, I’m not talkin about Palmela Handerson, back there.

  14. Interesting thread, here are a few male opinions for you guys.

    Steve, Jina is very hot. I like the ‘bad’ photo. 🙂
    How about her tv friend, hot too. Single or taken?

    Catz, very pretty, charming for sure.

    LarryArms, filipina? Totally hot, just my type. Had a girlfriend with similar looks.

    Kimfucious, I saw several, including a japanese bunny? lol
    Oh that was not you, I guess. Pretty wife (that’s all I’m allowed to say)

    arf, she’s pretty and she looks quite the teaser. And that’s all I allow myself to say of your wife. 🙂

    brayker19, shes pretty too, what are you complaining?

    hotbytes2000, does look lovely and pretty also (I’ll stop here, she’s married, lol).

    All in all, very fine women on this thread. larryarm’s gf takes my vote, just a matter of personal taste (man, she’s HOT!).

    No pics yet of my recent asian date. Maybe someday, i admit i’m a lazy one on pics. 🙂

  15. @hotbytes: Wow, I’m jealous. I hate you. ;P

    @Lee: Thanks!

    @Christine: Perhaps our long lost relatives should be reunited. ;P Just playin’!

  16. blueskies, don’t hate, this was Steve’s idea..and we asians.. don’t like to be outdone…just joking.. btw.. lately she is complaining about getting fat?

  17. hotbytes, she isn’t fat at all (although I know she will not listen to you. the ‘fat fear’ is already engrained in her mind, by now).

  18. fat fear in women is ridiculous. so many of my friends are perpetually on a diet. it’s ludicrous. hotbytes, i also hope that your wife is more concerned about her health than whether or not she’s fat. don’t let her go on a diet if it means she’s not eating right, pleeeease! >:[

  19. Also daznlover, my wife appreciates the compliment you gave her. She was a bit shy about sharing her photo at first, but I talked her into it. Now, she has started reading asian-sirens every once in a while to see what’s going on. Gotta watch my mouth now.

  20. Well cantik, our female members are very welcome to post their own pics, or indeed those of their girlfriends if they have them!

  21. speaking of which, here’s my oldest cousin (left) and my youngest cousin (right, but not the little boy). i’ve showed the youngest cousin here before:


  22. i was logged into myspace already, so i just right clicked and selected ‘copy image address’

  23. christine really is full of surprises, isn’t she arf. I still like best your younger cousin, christine
    (assuming she’s old enough, in other case I don’t, lol).

    arf, glad to know your wife appreciated. We all need to be careful, because more and more women seem to be reading AS these days. 🙂

  24. cantik, so you’re another hot girl? As I said, more and more women reading this, apparently.

    Are you the one on top, on your blog post?…..

  25. word on the street is that i have another hot cousin on the way. she’s chinese/nicaraguan, but she’s only 4 right now. so, wait ~1.5 decades and if we’re all still friends maybe i’ll pop out a photo of her too

  26. Hey Christine, how about showing everybody that picture of you and your friend Kinndy that you’ve just put up on your MySpace page? Very cute!

  27. i’m sort of wary of doing that since berkeley is a big school, and there’s already one reader from cal on here (shinebox). if i get recognized i’m not sure how i’m going to react yet so i’m going to wait it out and the think the consequences through 😀

  28. That’s probably wise. Suffice it to say, Christine certainly isn’t “pretty ugly” as she claims, but she isn’t really model material either – very much the “cute Chinese girl next door” type. Having said that, I think she is a lot more attractive than a lot of SoCal import models. 🙂

    I should point out though, while she may look like a normal Chinese girl, she has a much more fiesty personality than the average Chinese girl – as you probably can tell from her comments here. 😉

  29. Don’t be surprised if we start to see more runway/fashion models from Seoul. Steve’s lady is pretty hot.

  30. I have been really lucky at how beautiful my gf’s have been in the past.

  31. The easiest way is to put the link in as it is without any html. However, it is best if you use [ URL = insert URL here ] insert link text here [ / URL ] without any spaces (I had to put the spaces in for it to display as text).

  32. Thanks Catz! Your gf is a real cutie herself! Although i think everyone here must be doing something right!

  33. Guernica copy the box labeled “share URL” and paste it directly into the add comment box. It should work for you then.

  34. Judging from this pic, Guernica’s girl does look pretty nice, but I am often amazed at how excited people get over such small, low resolution and unrevealing pics!

  35. sometimes doc, it’s all we have to appreciate 🙂

    I would put up a RAW-version of my GF, but not everyone have the connection or the host to put it in 😀

  36. Dr. Lee – I felt a simple headshot would suffice. I’m not about to reveal too much about my wife without her knowing. I hope you guys understand.

  37. I just read that a couple of guys met their women at Starbucks… I guess it’s a pretty good place to meet women. I actually met my wife at a Starbucks as well. Let me guess; were these Starbucks near a University?

  38. christine – I don’t know about your last comment. To me, all coffee shops are the same. I don’t know if I could ever meet someone better than my wife.

  39. i don’t know — being so close to a college campus, there are a LOT of coffee shops around. starbucks is generally shunned at my campus for being too corporate, so there’s a litter of smaller independent coffee shops owned by enthusiastic entrepreneurs trying to eke out a living by brewing some really good coffee. personally i dislike starbucks’ coffee and the atmosphere there — at these smaller ones, there’s usually a more eclectic crowd, from people who are into coffehouse culture to bookworms (or true pedants!) who just want someplace that isn’t as busy as starbucks to study.

    i wasn’t trying to put down girls who frequent starbucks, i’m just making the suggestion that indie coffeeshops are also very good places to meet interesting people (and, being that girls are a subset of people…etc.).

  40. I don’t doubt indie coffee shops. I think they are marvelous establishments. They bring a more real sense of culture and makes for a comfortable setting to have decent conversations in.

  41. Alright guys, to demonstrate my point, here’s another photo of Guernica’s wife from his Photobucket account:

    Guernica’s wife

    As you can see, this one isn’t as flattering as the one Guernica posted. I’m certainly not saying she’s ugly (although like most fashion models she isn’t really my taste), but I think this pic demonstrates that one should be careful about drawing firm conclusions from a single photo. 🙂

  42. i agree doc…most fashion models work because of their height and bone structure…the more photogenic models are actually not extremely attractive without lighting or make up. of course we are being extremely picky and hold G’s wife to a higher standard because she is a model…for any regular woman, Guernica’s wife is actually very attractive..i like her high cheekbones…

    if you do a search of celebs with out make guys will be very disappointed with a lot of the hot women you see in films and TV.

  43. Once again, I have to point out that I always photograph Sachiko without any makeup (apart from lipstick), and I don’t touch up her photos either. How many women would stand up to this kind of scrutiny? 🙂

  44. I think I’ll be going to some little indie coffee shop tonight and try to pick up some chicks. What exactly is an indie coffee shop? Never mind…i’ll just go to Starbucks.

  45. not many doc….sachiko is an exception to the rules…she looks good even when in regular non posed pix…. 🙂

  46. All the external links ar messing with the lay-out here!

    Please take care of your links people! (Just preview them and edit the code a bit. Thanks.)

  47. Yeah, that does make it easier: enter a bare link, but don’t just submit – preview it first. Then you will be able to see how it is coded, and you can easily edit the display text for the link.

  48. arf, with a jab that bad i’m pretty sure the chicks lounging at the independently owned coffee shops wouldn’t mind you going to starbucks either

  49. Yep – I already outed Guernica elsewhere, as he decided to extend his BS throughout the site. As for the rest, let’s keep it in this thread. 😉

  50. Thanks Dr. Lee. I haven’t been shooting as much lately much to the dismay of my wife. She really likes being in front of the camera. Myself, I keep raising my standards for myself higher and higher to a point where I’m frustrated when I can’t make a particular idea work. My wife just wants more basic photos…I want art. Anyway…

  51. I know the problem – that’s one of the reasons I decided to shoot very spontaneously and not to do any PP on my photos for Sachiko’s site. Once I get started with this sort of thing, I often don’t know when to stop!

  52. Yeah. 😛 We had pictures there a while back then moved to pbase. It was sort of a part of an evolutionary step.

    This is kind of the progression…

    From Webshots: “Look, I got a hot woman!
    To pbase: “Please notice the artistry and effort, I’m really trying here.”


  53. Optimus1, can you point me to the gallery that ao dai photo came from? I need some good ao dai photos for a reader request! I trust you won’t mind having some of your photos featured on Asian Sirens?

  54. I had to look up ao dai. That photo is not of my wife BTW. It’s from a Asian New Years performance at Duke. Here’s the link.

    My wife’s cousin is in one of the photos (3451). I’m really pleased with these photos, and the comments below them too.

  55. Whoah, Jasmine certainly looks cute! Is she Vietnamese? Where can we see more? As she is a model (and judging from this photo, very cute indeed!), she is obviously a potential Asian Sirens candidate.

  56. I certainly feel all jolly after seeing Jasmine’s beautiful face. I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a post on this asian-siren in the near future.

  57. she is angry all of the time and isn’t really fond of taking photos. so, this is all you guys get.

  58. I just lost a couple of teeth when my jaw hit the floor after I first read your comment christine. It is indeed very beautiful. 🙂

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