Sin Sin


Sin Sin is a sweet looking model from Utah of all places. I didn’t know anything nice came from Utah. A Google search for “nice things from Utah” leads to zero results. Now there is one. You’re welcome, Utah.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: ?
Located: Utah





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  1. She has a pretty smile. I don’t like the last photo of her without smiling….:/

    Maybe its too early in the morn for me to say anything haha

  2. nancy this one’s for you. Hope that blazing smile doesn’t dazzle your bleary morning eyes! πŸ˜‰

    Sin Sin – double the Sin? double the fun, or trouble? – is quite pretty, photogenic. Hope some pics surface that depict a wider showcase of her charms.
    Like this one that shows more clearly she has a nice set of ‘breastuses’ as Strout might say:

    And I’m still wondering how Utah readers will breach the guidelines Doc. Wait n see I guess.

  3. I think she (Sindee Sindee) might be Vietnamese, from the profile page of iStudio.
    And I never knew there was a town called Queensland (like my home state’s name in Oz) in Utah.

  4. Nice. She has lots of potential and she gets lots of extra points for the name to be sure. I guess whoever is her play-toy would be called a “sinner” – no? How cool is that?

  5. In Utah, there’re purportedly men
    With multiple wives, as many as ten
    I’d move in a sec
    If I even suspect’d
    If any looked close to Sin Sin.

  6. Sin Sin is Nice NICE!!!

    She looks like she reads the loacl news on TV…and if she doesn’t, she should.

    Reminds me a bit of Lena Ngyuen.

  7. Classic Vietnamese nose and lips…I approve. Eskimo kisses with this one.

    Some nice artistic photos.

    OK, I just sent in my passport to the Vietnam embassy to get a visa. Nancy (swoon) and Sin Sin have put me over the top.

  8. i think she’s nice. i get a bit of a teanna kai vibe in a few pics (who i believe is also vietnamese) which is a good thing. great smile.

  9. Google with out ” ” Nice things from Utah 316,000 results. Thailand 296,000 results. Lee,you should be ashamed to let him get away with that.

  10. Miss Sin is undoubtedly a win
    In spite of the state she lives in
    So why not LA?
    Or the city by the Bay?
    What is Miss Sin missin’?

  11. @Tom: with the quotation marks, it does indeed return zero results. And I think they are required in this case, as all the words are so common.

  12. Wow…STRONG. Especially dig the last pic.She’s giving me tons of “twinkie gold-digger” vibe in that one. Some rich ,fat,TODD in Utah is about end up with one hot piece of arm candy.Good one Travis.

  13. hmmmm her iStudio profile shows she lives in Queensland Utah. Googled a map which showed lots of ghost towns in Utah, but no Queensland.
    Maybe, and kroos for one might be excited about this as Gympie is in Qld, she is located somewhere in that state.
    And my whole idea here echoes dbldipper’s concern in his latest rhyme.
    At the risk of being a stalker, where is this woman? And why does she name a non-existent place in Utah?
    lol@ French too who is also swooning whenever nancy (swoon) is mentioned.
    And just what is a TODD?

  14. Attractive woman. Don’t think she lives in my neighborhood!

    Re: Utah – While there are more and more asian immigrants moving here, especially Vietnamese, it is still the land of tall blondes (bleached and otherwise) many of whom have the matching aspiration of working on dancing with the stars. Just my opinion.

  15. @LONGTACK:

    TODD is my generic description of that dorky,nerdy, white guy…who could’nt get laid if you walked him through a brothel stuffed with 100 dollar bills…Yet he is precisely the guy that most hot Asian girls LOOOVE ,adore ,& worship.But don’t take my word for it.Just walk the campus of any elite University.Especially the ones on the west coast in America..Hell…for that matter look at where this cutie SinSin hails from.I could be wrong…but I’m sure other Asian guys & brothas’ need not apply.;-) If I’m right-THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH HER PREFERENCE.It’s just an observation I’ve made about the general dating/bedding preferences of Asian women since moving out west. Dr. Lee used to think I was taking personal cheap shots at him when this came up in the past.Indeed my introduction of TODD & the culture surrounding his situation with Asian girls used to trigger heated discussions on this site.Calmer heads prevailed.We all generally agreed that I was right.;-)

  16. @LONGTACK:

    As one who remembers the exchanges regarding TODD, let me explain the situation and spare Doc the effort.

    Simply put: TODD is Stripes’ projection of the white male that many Asian women appear to uniformly prefer to him.

    STRIPES: black, brotha, cool, sexy, etc.
    TODD: white, dorky, nerdy, :”could’nt get laid if…” etc.

    TODD is a figment of STRIPES’ anger. But his anger points to what I regard as a totally valid point: the almost universal racism of the Asian world toward dark-skinned people (Africans, South Asians, etc.). Where this comes from is an interesting question. That it is true is indisputable. Few people know, for example, that the freedom demonstrations culminating in Tianmen Square began as anti-black demonstrations by Chinese students incensed about visiting Africans dating Chinese women. It’s a remarkable story. And wasn’t it Kim Il-sung who once charmingly commented about race mixing between Koreans and blacks: “Not one drop of ink in the Han River”. It’s everywhere in Asia. And it is disgusting.

    Unfortunately, STRIPES registers his rejection, not by anger at the Asian women that he desires and who turn their bone-white, surgically altered noses up at him, but instead at the white males that they choose to date. The cute (racist) Asian girls are allowed to stay cute (racist) Asian girls. It’s the white guys they date that become objects of derision: “TODD”s

    STRIPES: Word. Drop the TODD thing. It’s a misdirection of your anger. Get clearer in your analysis. You want to be angry? Fine. I don’t blame you one iota. Asian girls are small, cute, adorable, sexy, utterly desirable – all those things. But they are also racist, like 99.99% of Asia. So be angry with the cute, adorable, sexy, racist Asian girl, not the white guy she dates. Instead of talking about TODD, talk about MINDY. I am NOT disrespecting you. But this TODD stuff is painful to read. You’re twisting out there in the wind, dude.
    Let it go.

  17. STRIPES: ‘We all generally agreed that I was right.;-)’

    We did? When did I vote on that, dude?
    I find your Todd remarks funny, but that’s about it, don’t take me for granted. πŸ˜›

    Ohhh Sin Sin, she looks very attractive, sometimes with a teen style, some others even with a MILF vibe. Utah went some points up… πŸ™‚

  18. Actually Stripes, I didn’t take personal offence at your characterisations, but some of our readers have, which is why I’ve often had to call you in on them. Personally, I find your bitterness quite amusing – I think urgal’s comments sum up my feelings on this quite nicely. I’m quite proud of being a so-called “uncool” guy whom Asian women love – as I’ve said before, who cares what people call us when we’ve got the babes? πŸ™‚

  19. @URGAL:

    *survives wicked triangle choke from urgal*
    *looks for corner to recover*

    “Simply put: TODD is Stripes’ projection of the white male that many Asian women appear to uniformly prefer to him. “-urgal

    Okay.Indeed…I’m gonna say that at this point in my life -what you described as happening between me and East Asian women somewhat hits the mark.Was’nt always that way…just in the last coupla’ three years since my modest business empire has sustained some significant damage.If there’s one dominant color that attractive women of ALL RACES fully grasp-it’s that shade known as AFFLUENT GREEN.If you’re a black man over the age of 30 (like me) you better have plenty of it.That-or just join a monastery.Because that which is available to you would’nt get a boner from some prison inmate on furlough.As opposed to a similarly aged white Starbucks Barista dude.We’ll just call him TODD.;-) No lie…I have seen such clowns just wink at the SinSins of this world & close the deal within 3 business days.Even in my (modestly) financially crippled state-I’m more affluent and interesting and physically appealing than he will EVER be.But she’s dying to get naked with HIM !?! I can only chuckle in bemusement.No real anger at either participant in this social phenomenon urgal.I still gets mine.(just not as much)

    P.S. Yeah…I remember that story about Tiananmen Square.Time has a way airbrushing that little detail out.

    P.S.S. “MINDY”?…hmmm.My “generic” for East Asian girls was always “JENNY”.Mindy works though.;-)

    BACK ON TOPIC: SinSin here could definitely make the leap from AAA to the big leagues on my team.(baseball analogy)

    *survives wicked triangle choke from urgal*
    *looks for corner to recover*

  20. “What is the deal with Michael Jackson?” – Iraqi soldier to Mark Walhberg’s character in THREE KINGS. “Why does America make the black man hate himself?”

  21. Don’t blame me for Michael Jackson! Seriously, if America makes the black man hate himself, then why haven’t other black celebrities whitified themselves? I would ask STRIPES, though if he thinks there are any black TODDS?

    Back to the subject at hand: Sin Sin ranks right up with Zion, Bryce Canyon and the Arches as things to see in Utah.

    My favorite pictures of her so far (I loooooooooove cleavage):

  22. @Wingsfan19:

    Yes there are dorky / geeky brothas running around in small packs.It’s a joy to see them.May they multiply & someday come to get the venture capital seed money to build empires like their melanin deficient cohorts.
    As for whether or not I would define them as TODD…

  23. Wondering if French and I hadn’t asked innocently what TODD meant would that whole argument have resurfaced.
    Not sure if it was a good thing to open an earlier argument, but I must say that for a hot topic that involves racism and raw emotions for real people, it was conducted quite reasonably. the risk of inciting another one, what’s a Mindy or a Jenny? Or just choose to ignore my question.

  24. Mindy = obedient, humble, loving, asian future housewife. Or something close. πŸ™‚

    Hey Stripes, the Green color attracts all women, that is the only sure thing.
    Remember Tony Montana in Scarface: ‘In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.’

  25. @daznlover:

    Been there.Liked it a lot.Going back.

    P.S. Seen the movie many times.Once lived where they shot it.The end of that line is a lot more direct than “women”. )i(

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