Shopping Bag Bra

And now that we are at the subject of bra’s, how about this? An international lingerie maker has created a Japanese bra that doubles as a shopping bag. Well, that could come in handy… 😐

Source: Fresh Creation

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    Let me help you out…its called SHOPLIFTING.

    Its hard enough to stop young girls from stuffing merchandise under their sweaters and into their jeans (just ask Macy’s) but now you are ACTUALLY GIVING THEM A BRA WITH STORAGE SPACE???

    I f this hits the states, it will be a new age of theft.

    As for Japanese women removing their bras, I’ve got no problem with that. After actually having lived in Japan, I never noticed any Japanese women with breasts that were so big that they would *shock* anyone – totally unlike the mental effect I get when I see a braless American with their DOUBLE D’s.

    I’d say for the A and B cuppers, GO FOR IT !

  2. Except the A-B cuppers don’t NEED a bra (regardless of shop-lifting capabilities!). Their DD et al sisters on the other hand, do. And really, how much more can a woman stuff into her bra when it’s already jam packed with that much fun flesh? 😛

  3. So, the typical japanese girl walks down the street, she sees some nice gift and she starts stripping inside the store and using the bra as handbag. Very useful indeed.
    The japanese never cease to amaze me!

  4. darn..I thought they could put stuff inside while they were still wearing it…hehe.

    They must not worry about shoplifting too much.

  5. This does solve the age old problem of females having a limited amount of room within their bras to stuff money.

    Making a whole bag out of a bra.. don’t laugh at me but this kind of reminds me of Men’s reversible belts. Everyone thought they were lame but now most men (and women) have at least one in their closet.

    Whats next? Bras that double as a flotation devices?

  6. this is actually not handy since removing it may be uncomfortable…so why not make a wallet that converts into a backpack …and the BRA? don’t wear

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