3D Bra?

No words needed.

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  1. This reminds me of an asian commercial I saw that as all about this pushup braw… underlining I think it also pushed out the butt. It was though all about the bust and how it could not only lift and squish the bust but it made it also created cleavage that should be shown…

  2. Yeah…..I’ll show her a 3D Bone!

    Those guys should sue that chick for causing them to crash. And what kind of pathological psycho laughs at car crashes and other people’s misfortunes?! She definitely needs a psyche review!

    But it’ll never happen because they all live a country that posts some kind of upsidedown “Yield to Tits” road sign!

    Hmmm…sounds like I might like to live there!

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly gotten into car accidents while staring at women in revealing outfits.

    In fact, if it hadn’t been for the type of car I was driving, I would have definately hit someone.

    Early this summer, I was driving my father’s S550 in Manhattan – basically showing off. I saw this white chick who had on high heels, and this tight business suit on and I just started staring uncontrollably.


    Next thing you know, the car itself SLAMMED ON THE BRAKES right behind a Toyota Sequioa.

    The S550 (as well as the Audi A8 and the BMW 760) has a robotic cruise control which can automatically apply brakes if you get too close to the next driver.

    There is nothing more frightening than having your attention stripped away from you by a pair of tits or a fat ass and then all the sudden you realize you are 3 feet from the next car or light pole.

    ESPECIALLY if you are in you’re father’s car. If I had crashed that damn thing I’d owe him like $50,000

  4. I wonder if there has ever been a study done to show exactly how many car accidents have been caused by MALE DRIVERS staring at FEMALE PEDESTRIANS?

    I wonder which gets more Men into accidents: Female pedestrians or Cellphones?

  5. I once almost crashed into the front car while staring at a chick. I had an excuse though, the guy hit the breaks unexpectedly. Wonder if he was watching the same as me… It was disturbing, she really got my focus for a split second!

    CLM, I control the breaks in my car. That’s the manly thing to do. Shut that thing off 😛

  6. Ahhh you guys should live in Boston where there is never a fear of seeing an attractive woman walking down the street to cause such an accident….sighhh…. :0(


    The devices in the Mercedes Benz S550 that control the car’s speed and braking are called DISTRONIC PLUS and PARKTRONIC.

    Parktronic is merely an array of sensors in the front and back of the car which detect cars in front and back of the S550 so you don’t hit them while parking and the DISTRONIC is a robotized cruise control system. Distronic reads the data from Parktronic so that it can automatically reduce or increase the vehicle’s speed without driver input.

    It is absolutely amaizing, cause the car can actually slow itself to an absolute stop behind a PANIC DRIVER and then it can reaccelerate itself without the driver’s input.

    Had it not been for Distronic, I woulda ended up rear ending that stupid Toyota at 30mph.

  8. lol darklighter1, you’re safe then!

    Well CLM I know the concepts. They are cool but I’m a driver who likes to keep control of things, specially in city driving. I have fun with it. Would never let a system break or accelerate for me. Parking sensors are useful, though.

    Forgot to add that after that incident I was thinking to myself how embarassing it would be if I had hit the front car. Something like: ‘err, I was looking at that chick with the big boobs, sorry for that’. And she would have a laugh, because she noticed my eye contact lol

  9. DaznLover

    I know exactly what you mean. A Driver should be fully connected to a vehicle – in that thinking, whatever happens is the driver’s responsibility.

    At first I was afraid to use Distronic, BUT, after testing it out a number of times, I realized that so long as the tires weren’t slicked by oil or some substance that took away tire grip, Distronic COULD be trusted to do what it was meant to do.

    I’ve gotten used to it…part of the reason the AUDI A8, 760 and S class benz have systems like this is because the plethora of buttons in the car can take your attention away for long enough to cause an accident. In the S550, you need to use a metal knob to make changes to the car’s computer on the 2 LCD screens on the dashboard.
    The collission avoidance system is ALLWAYS ON if you set it that way but it is meant for cruise control.

    Did you know that Mercedes Benz created a fully robotized version of the S Class and let it drive passengers from town to town UNAIDED by a DRIVER?

    I tell ya, in less than 10 years, cars will be driving themselves.
    And You’ll see me hanging out the window shouting at the women while “KITT” drives for me.

  10. Interesting, never heard about that experiment, seems very advanced for its time!

    I second you on that! City driving is not so fun anyway, better watch the chicks and leave the driving for the highways 🙂

  11. CLM, but Benz has not come up with Lexus pararel park itself feature, like in the new LS or HYBRID like in thenew RX:


  12. HOTBYTES2000

    Would you believe I actually checked out the LEXUS LS 460L with the executive class package.
    The Lexus cannot actually park itself. You actually need to find an oversized park before you MANUALLY use your foot to let the car back into the space. The park assist doesn’t work on ground that isn’t nearly perfectly level.

    Leuxes had to resort to calling the 460 “the car that VIRTUALLY Parks itself” due to all the shortcomings of the system.

    I wrote this review on the car earlier today:

  13. HOTBYTES2000

    The Lexus LS460’s park assist is park of Lexus’ aggressive marketing campaign. What they don’t tell you is the system only works in situations where it is easier to manually parrallel park the car yourself and that you gotta spend over $4000 for the “amazing parking feature” that’s a “single use novelty”

    S550’s DISTRONIC will actually save your hide if you accidentaly spend too much time staring at hot women.

  14. Goodness CLM, you wrote that big review? Imagine how many hot women you could have phoned, instead of writing that! 😀
    Very thorough, you know the stuff…

  15. daznlover

    I love writing on Epinions.
    I been there for over 2 years and I’ve made $200.

    Its small money but the joy of writing and having others read what I wrote is what I love most. I’d do it for free.

  16. Perhaps i would enjoy this more if youtube videos did not crash 20seconds in on every video i watch.

    Good find.. and robin i agree with you.. enoff said. haha

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