Right now I’m snowed in with nowhere to go. Since I will be stuck in the house for a while waiting for the roads to clear, I might as well introduce you guys to Sherylie. I’m hoping our readers will have plenty of nice things to say about her. If not, I will be :-(After spending an hour shoveling the snow on my sidewalk while straining my lower back, I decided to relax for a bit by browsing around Asian Thumbs which is how I found out about her. She looked real sexy in the denim shorts she was rocking on the TGP that Asian Thumbs linked on their page. And once I saw how good she looked without clothes, that’s when I decided to put this article together.

Usually I am not wowed by pics of Filipina bargirls, but I like Sherylie. She has a hot body and is sexy enough to have her own website. So if you are a fan of sexy Filipina bargirls, you should check her out.

Name: Sherylie Cruz, Sherylee
Age: 19?
Birthdate: April 21, 1990?
Height: 5’1″ (154cm)
Weight: 96lbs (43.5kg)
Measurements: 34B-24-33
Ethnicity: Filipina














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  1. She does look much better when she is smiling, but she looks fine to me when she’s not. She’s not on the level of being a butterface, but if I was photographing her, I would have her smile as much as I could.

  2. She’s really above the cut for a bargirl. Natural body, love the tanned skin, dark eyes, the long hair. Typical filipina hottie.

    Girls like Sherylie really drive me nuts. Not a perfect body by modeling standards, but performance can make up for that, I’m sure.

  3. She does look far better when she smiles (and her body’s alright, although I’m not sure it’s all-natural as dazn suggests), but she certainly isn’t for me.

  4. Sometimes she looks pretty good, and sometimes she’s just OK, but she definitely rocks the denim shorts.

  5. She’s very cute and sexy and looks like she’d be a lot of fun to spend some time with. Loved the video from Tom. Very nice.

  6. smoking body, slightly chubby looking face but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a personal preference thing.

  7. She just does not do anything for me visually. Maybe she is one of those girls that personality is a key requisite for attractiveness and interest. Although I will say the second and third pictures are appealing.

  8. That shower scene is a hot one. Thanks for posting a link to it.

    I’m pretty sure she is all natural, but as long as she looks good, I don’t care. And she is definitely a cut above your average bargirl which I’m sure is why she has her own website.

  9. mitosblog, most filipinas and thais have a similar skin color. And I love it.

    IRIS, you don’t have to marry them, just enjoy the fun ride. And I don’t mean only a trike lol. Have fun there (hard not to).

    The best thing about that video above is the hot tongue kiss, it turns me on big time to watch filipinas doing that. Most of them are so shy about it.

  10. I am thinking that when the model prefers the serious, pouty look, then they are hiding something and that usually means a smile that is not first class. Some of her impish smiles are cute, but the wider smiles are not.

  11. Completely unremarkable face but a pretty nice, tight body. To be honest, I was thinking she may have a bit of Thai blood in her when I first checked out her pics… who knows, maybe she does?

    Suffice it to say, not my type but I can see how some might go for her look…

  12. Thanks for posting her Candyman. I love this girl, I’m sure she’s not to everyone’s taste but she’s got a look I really like. Makes me want to get on a plane and go to the Philipines. I’ve been seeing her for a while around the net, and while she’s maybe not technically as classically beautiful as a lot of models, she’s got wild sex appeal. Kind of like that she’s not perfect.

  13. The responses here have been fairly predictable, I’d say. Clearly a big part of the “bar girl” appeal is that they actually don’t have model standard looks, so that they look easy enough for anyone to have sex with if they buy her a drink or whatever. For me to get excited over a girl (particularly when all we can do is look at her on the internet), I need more than that.

  14. I do not like her face AT ALL.
    Body is too thin for my taste.

    As for snow…you need a car with AWD like mine.

  15. Doc, for me it’s not the drinks or being easy. The thing with filipinas is the intense sexual attitude most seem to have. I guess it’s their latin blood mixed with asian roots, powerful combination.

  16. Singer Cassie Ventura is WAYYYYY better looking! Now that the kind of Filipina that I would go for.

  17. Many Southeast Asians share that brown skin color. I know there’s going to be people who are not into it, but I am, especially since I’m brown myself.

    When I was able to travel, I met women like Sherylie and they all drove me nuts with their look and sexual appeal.

    Her face isn’t completely unremarkable. It looks good and looks alot better than the chick she is sharing the shower with. But I am not expecting her to be drop dead gorgeous because if she was, then she would be doing something else instead of working as a bargirl.

    I already knew what the responses would be as I was prepping this article. But that’s fine though. Not everyone is going to be into girls like Sherylie, but I like her because she looks good and has a hot body. That’s all.

  18. There is a certain appeal to the attainable ‘girl next door’ type as Doc eluded to, but daznlover hit the nail on the head. The thing about Filipina/Thai girls is they are sexual ANIMALS.

    Contrast that with the submissive nature of a typical Japanese/Chinese model. We can all enjoy different flavors.

    Thanks for the eye candy guys. 😀

  19. I am also 100% with Candyman and daznlover on that one, and so is my brown skinned southeast asian wife. IRIS Media is so right about them being sexual animals.

  20. That’s why they are called ‘little brown f***ing machines’. I just post this for those who aren’t familiar with the expression.

    It’s not a very nice one but shows what many guys have come to experience with filipinas and thais. Some become girlfriends or wifes, other are just friends or bar girls or dream girls, but great sex is always there.

  21. I think that Filipinas are a tough call. There are a couple of stunners in our gym that can make a guy fall off the treadmill. On the other hand, a marriage therapist once told me that the only time he felt that he needed to call the police on a client was a Filipina woman. He felt that the matriarchical (sp?) nature of the culture made the women feisty and hard to deal with. So, I suppose that if someone’s idea of a bedroom romp begins with body armor, then have at it.

    Like many of the other responses, she’s pretty when she smiles.

  22. That’s funny but I don’t find it true. Most Filipinas I’ve known are relatively easy to get along, they seem to get the spanish wildness in bed and the docility in person. Obviously every woman is different, but I’ve had much more difficult times with Vietnamese girls (the most difficult), Japanese girls, and Korean girls. Although thinking back, I remember some friends who Filipina girlfriends were terrors, so maybe I was just lucky.:)

  23. haha, slackerking, you have a right point about Vietnamese girls there. It’s tough to deal with them ^^

  24. Filipinas are great, sweet, passionate as long as things go well. But when things go wrong, I’ve seen filipinas getting very angry, very upset and sometimes even dangerous around knifes. Hell, even thais get crazy like that too.

    I don’t wanna get near angry filipinas or thais, specially if im the issue. Just to be on the safe side 🙂 But not all filipinas are like that. In fact, many are abused by their husbands and they live a life of pain for many years, without reaction. Coming to think of it, they are really into extremes, usually.

  25. Finally I’ve found something that slackerking and I can agree on: as much as I love Vietnamese girls, there’s a reason I prefer Chinese women for dating – young Vietnamese girls are just insanely difficult. Ironically though, they really seem to mellow out after they get married – I have a few very good Vietnamese lady friends, but they’re all married.

    I think the observations about the dark side of Filipinas when you get close to them are also true.

  26. Dr.Lee, the young Vietnamese girls you mention, can I ask you where they are? As long as i know there are three major part of my country. The Northern girls are sweets but if you get to their wrong side, you can guess it ^^, the Southern girls are open-minded and very clever, so clever that I actually scare of them (gold-digger is an example) and the middle girls are have the most tradition beauty and very romantic, but they follow tradition way too much :D. But what you and slackerking said are almost true, we are educated to be extremely careful in relationship with the other gender though, but not with friends . In Vietnam culture, there aren’t many people who snatch their friends partner and who actually do that, consider them fall to the bottom of society. That way, Vietnamese women can treat you all as friends after she married cause they don’t consider you as a major target for love anymore.

    Sorry for my bad English skill hehe

  27. Welcome to Asian Sirens locmafia! My experience was mostly with young Vietnamese girls in Sydney, Australia, who were born in Vietnam and came to Australia in their teens with their parents. Although I now live 1000 km away in Brisbane, I still stay in contact with my (married) Vietnamese lady friends (and they’ve come up to visit me a few times). I am a caucasian Australian, BTW.

  28. Oh, so all of them maybe 25 years old or more,don’t they? I guess I can understand why they are so tough and difficult then. They could inherited from their parents who lived through a harsh time after war :D. Also, you are Caucasian Australian huh Dr.Lee, ^^, I’m Vietnamese but mixed with French and Indian, although not much cause I’m the third generation ^^

  29. Actually, you may have a point – I found that the ones who came here before their teens tended to become more “Australianised”, and didn’t seem to have as many problems. I think the difficulty of these Vietnamese girls is basically because of the huge culture clash between their culture and the west, given that they came here as refugees rather than voluntary migrants. Even second generation Vietnamese girls can still be quite difficult in my experience though, but I just can’t help loving them. 🙂

  30. LBFM is considered a derogatory term and it’s not necessarily true either. Think about it — the term came from bargirls — of course they would tend to be wilder than average! By the way, there used to be a bar in Angeles City called LBFM — the sign said it stood for Last Bohemian Field Marshall! Ach du lieber!

  31. It’s not the nicest term but it rings so true to me.

    Sure the bargirls are wild but common filipinas have made me just as happy. That’s the beauty of the Philippines, to me. 🙂

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