Sharon Tay

Sharon Tay

We’re starting to see more Asian news anchors and reporters these days. That’s a good thing of course. I first learned of Sharon Tay when she co-anchored the Los Angeles Morning News on KTLA for quite a few years. Recently she made the move to MSNBC as an entertainment reporter.

From her website bio: Sharon was born in Singapore and raised in Connecticut. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism and minor in International Relations from Boston University.

Let’s hear some nominations for other sexy Asian TV reporters! Here are a few more shots of Sharon.

Sharon Tay

Sharon Tay

Sharon Tay

Sharon Tay

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Sharon Tay official website
Sharon Tay MSNBC page

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  1. Thanks Northman! Hmmm, might have to get cable… 😉

    IMHO, she looks better with the more natural looking eybrows then those pencil thin ones that are so popular at the moment.

  2. Unfortunately no. But we have a lot of Asian girls in our dramas, soap operas etc. Unfortunately, I just can’t stand to watch these shows. 😉

  3. Wow, the third photo in the more section is a bit risque! I am surprised she posed like that given her professional ambitions.

    I never watch TV but there was a very beautiful local news anchor in the San Francisco Bay Area named Terilyn Joe that I remember. Unfortunately when I searched the net, they only had more recent photos of her which are not as appealing as she used to look. Among other things, she was known for her impeccably coifed hair. Anyway, here is a bio of her in case anyone is interested Terilyn Joe biography.

  4. I used to watch Sharon regularly when I lived in L.A. I liked it when she went on location to do some story involving sports or some other physical activity. She always wore tight little outfits that showed her little hard body.

  5. sharon is the sole reason, why i watch silly shows about entertainment industry on obscure cable channel.

  6. ‘just heard that her MSNBC shows did
    not get picked up for next year. Bummer!
    Let’s hope she lands another gig soon.

  7. by next year, there will be no MSNBC. she’s just getting a head-start. by the way, they broadcast from my hometown.

  8. Its good to see more asian women news reporters… but let’s get real here. they’re put in there for white guys to look at. You always see the asian girlcaster paired up with some other white guy. You’ll never see an asian guy as the main newscaster…… these newstations trying to send a subliminal message to young asians??? “….if you’re an asian girl, you got a chance to be a newscaster with us white folks… if you’re an asian guy, go screw yourself…”

  9. I used to watch her in the morning at the gym running on the treadmill. She was good with the self-deprecating comments and single girl jokes. asiansweetheart is correct about her tight outfits too. My former g/f hated it when I watched her as she knew my latent fixation with asian women. She always came across very down to earth yet very sexy. A difficult combination to find.

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