Behind the scenes photos Lena Li

Lena Li @ modFX Models

I just discovered these behind the scenes photos of Lena Li and photographer Brian Bobila at modFX Models.
Lena Li @ modFX Models

Lena Li @ modFX Models

Lena Li @ modFX Models

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  1. Oh well, I found them, marc. I probably should have taken a look before losing it there…yeah, thanks for the heads up.

  2. I love the hair too (and her tits). I have to respectfully disgree with Nik2 on her legs though – I think they are her worst feature (apart from that gross naval scar!). Way too stocky for me (I like ’em long and slender). I guess that’s why I like Sachiko so much – hair almost as long, tits almost as big, but with much longer, slimmer legs (and IMHO a prettier face).

    These out takes show Lena’s tits haven’t shrunk (as some of her other recent photos seem to indicate, including the ModFX shots).

  3. Thanks Zam! That looks like a scar on her right cheek in the first shot, but I’ve never seen this in any other photo of her. Are there any other shots that show this?

  4. Models tend to have slender legs so it is hard to find an example of a model with stocky legs from my perspective. In real life, I have seen quite a few women (including Asian women) with what I consider stocky legs although they are not necessarily fat, chubby, etc. Maybe bigger boned is a partial explanation, perhaps?

    She is not an Asian model but I would consider tennis player Serena Williams to have stocky legs (although they are obviously mostly muscle).

  5. Thanks exclavicle – I just applied to join. It’s possible that she may have covered it up with makeup in all her other shots, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see more.

  6. Her legs are a bit too “strong” for my taste. And yes, the surgery she’s had on her face is pretty bad – I’ve seen a few shots of her with minimal makeup, and it isn’t a pretty sight. Plus that scar on her navel from her piercing is pretty gross. Yet in spite of all that, I still love her boobs and especially her hair!

  7. Judging from the shape of the scar, I’d say it is almost certainly from an infection or something of the navel ring she had in there previously.

  8. Dr. Lee, you mean with her legs are a bit too “strong” because her thig perhaps. They are too big for girl.

  9. Thats’ right. And I agree with LawBoy that they are too short as well. Lena shows how far you can go with just big tits, long hair and a trim stomach – she certainly doesn’t have much else going for her! And yet those three things – combined with a willingness to show them off in revealing clothes – are enough to make her very sexy indeed (as long as she has enough makeup on to cover up her facial surgery!).

  10. dr. lee, i see what you’re talking about with the unfortunate scarring. still meaning to respond to your e-mail, but — i think i get your point now, haha

  11. I love the pics of her in red; spontaneous, maybe a little to heavy on the makeup, but there is something sweet in her expressions. Nice smiles. Did I mention the enormous titties?

  12. Yes Niners, Lena did disppointment me. Her early Kim Mizuno/Playboy photos looked absolutely spectacular, but that was because (a) she didn’t have that awful navel scar (b) they didn’t show her legs and (c) the photos were massively touched up.

    For example, see the photo of Lena below from Score, which isn’t as touched up as Playboy’s. As you can see, she has very uneven nipple positions, but Playboy evened them up in Photoshop! (Playboy also moved Francine Dee’s nipples down her breasts when she appeared there!) This is a good example of why you can’t trust how models look in most glamour photos:

  13. I actually dig Francine’s high nipples! That’s also why I like Sachiko’s, but hers are better positioned.

  14. Yeah, I like high nipples too (as it make the breasts look perky), but Francine’s are just too much. They just look too weird, especially from the side.

  15. doc..francine has a cute face…with make up…but her breasts are not good…too odd looking…sachiko breasts are what big breasts should look like….firm but good form…cost? 25k right? :))

  16. actually i did those implants myself. when i was at nyu, for two years i was studying as a molecular cell biology major with hopes of going into pre-med, so for an internship i shadowed a new york plastic surgeon. she was so impressed with my cunning[lingus] that she let me slip the saline in myself. then i won the award for the most awesome intern to grace the face of the earth, ever. *sigh*, it’s hard being made in the exact likeness of God

    oh…oops. i’m sorry. reading off of the wrong script. brb.

    (though i’m not a scripted character, it is funny to think of you all as such)

  17. on-topic: are francine dee’s boobs the result of multiple amendments to one original boob job? if a girl keeps on getting her boobs redone or larger, does that eventually move the nipples up to that awkwardly high place?

  18. Francine has had multiple boob jobs, but that isn’t the reason for the odd nipple position. It is a combination of having A-cup breasts to start off with, very large, low-profile implants (which means they’re very wide and flat), and submusclar placement. When the implants are placed under the muscle, they have to push up underneth it, which means they can only go up so far. That means that if your breasts are small to start off with, you should go for a smaller or higher profile implant (or both), so they don’t extend so far below the nipples. Or go above the muscle, so you can push them up as high as you want. However, doing the latter will mean that they won’t have that natural upper breast slope. But given that such large and flat implants look totally unnatural anyway, I don’t see that this is really an issue in Francine’s case!

  19. Doc, I agree with you.
    And also gave me information about implants surgery. We have to be carefull.

  20. Doc, based on your article ….. this girl got awful one breast implant surgeon. Better she takes another good one.

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