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Edit – For those interested in learning about Sarah Lian’s ethnic background, she has written up an excellent blog post on the topic here

Sarah Lian is a singer, blogger, model, TV host, and more. She has a fairly impressive presence online, and while somewhere I read she was from Canada (cannot find that website anymore), she is currently located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’6
Nationality: Malaysian
Located: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia















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  1. Nice one Travis! I’ve been meaning to post about this girl too…she was on the list 🙂 I think she is absolutely stunning!

  2. She has a very sultry look, which I always like. We haven’t had too many Malaysians on here from memory, but I often find them quite attractive and exotic. They have a bit of the islander look I don’t normally go for, but in their case I don’t find it too much – it just adds a nice little touch of “spice”.

  3. You need to move on to the next girl Travis.

    I’m just playing, couldn’t help it. Great work again as always. But yea, she has that sultriness that I love as well. And I love her lips. I want to kiss my monitor when I look at them.

  4. She’s not only beautiful. she also seems to have personality and a sense of humor behind the looks.

    I think I like the black and white photo the best, very arty.

  5. Oh my god!! Extraordinary. You may not agree with me here….but then again you might. I find the most beautiful women come from that Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia region. Such a melting pot of cultures which creates some beautiful creatures.

  6. Great find Trav!
    Me thinks this is very much up your alley Sefu eh? 🙂
    The vids that Eddy added helped seal the deal!

    She’s great!

    Nice team effort! 🙂

  7. NICE ONE TRAVIS! The dark eyes and rosebud lips of photo #1 did it for me. She doesn’t have the Buick grille that detract from many Island Ladies. Very smooth and relaxed in the video.(Thx EddyMax!) If she came from Canada,she lost the accent. Sounds more US Midwest to my ears…with a very slight twang.

  8. So many good posts and commentseach week, and even a jaw-dropping moment every once in a while…and this was one of those. Lame, but “Wow” is the only word that comes to mind.

  9. BUICK GRILLE: A woman(or man) with rows of teeth that go from one side of the face to the other…as in…Buick autos of the 1950s & 60s.

  10. I was just on Malaysian airlines and noticed all the stewardesses had quite wide hips and decent booties. Certainly more down there than the Chinese girls I’ve seen. Is it a Malaysian thing or a hiring practice? Some of the stewardesses compared favorably to this model too.

  11. @ bighud… this is completely off topic but what is the significance of the “hud” in your username… if I may ask?

  12. Back on topic… that last pic really gets to me! Working in the food industry makes me view that one like kitchen porn or something… haha! I hope she didn’t just cut chicken with that knife!

  13. From her LinkedIn profile:
    …she landed her first movie credit as the “Hot Asian Girl” in American Pie 6: Beta House…

    Well if that’s not perfect casting, I don’t know what is! Very attractive (especially the smile in pic #4)!

  14. I don’t see any evidence anywhere of her being Chinese. I see “She is of Malaysian Chinese parentage” on her profile, and while I suppose you could say that makes her Chinese, I wouldn’t.

  15. She’s chinese by descent, a Malaysian by nationality. There isn’t such a thing as ethnic Malaysians, that’s just like saying ethnic Canadians or Americans. If one is a jew, one is still jewish regardless of one’s nationality

    Many chinese in Malaysia have that look, that is because the chinese there can trace their roots back to southern China i.e. Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Some southern chinese do have that exotic darker skin look. She can’t have malay blood in her because if she is a malay-chinese mix, she would have a muslim name and you guys won’t be able to see pictures like these.

    The reason why the air hostess of MAS have bigger bums is because of the uniform. It is designed to emphasize the bums by making the waist look thin. The costume is called the kebaya. SIA has a similar design and the girls are as hot if not hotter than those with MAS.

  16. Travis: If one is of “Malaysian Chinese parentage,” their ethnicity is Chinese. Their nationality is Malaysian.

    Trust me. I’ve lived in Malaysia and am married to a “Malaysian Chinese.”

    You are aware that there are Chinese people living outside China, right? 😉

  17. It doesn’t matter what you (or her publicity department) say “Malaysian Chinese” means – there’s no way this girl looks 100% Chinese. I don’t need to understand the semantics to see that.

    And Malay (without the -sian) is an ethnicity – unfortunately, the adjective for Malay is often written as Malaysian (which is semantically correct in English, if not technically correct in this case).

  18. A lot of malaysian chinese have her kind of ( hot ) looks . Though I would have guessed chindian .

  19. Dr. Lee: not every Chinese person looks like the pale Northerners in Beijing!

    She’s absolutely not Malay. If she is, she would have a Muslim name and would not be able to speak several Chinese dialects. She lists that she is able to speak Hokkien (she calls it “Fukienese”) and has a Hokkien surname (and is from Taiping, a Hokkien town), so LOWE’s comment about her family originating from Southern China (Fujian province) is correct.

    She is 100% Chinese, just like most of the rest of the Malaysian Chinese population. And while she is very pretty, her “look” is very similar to many of the rest of the Chinese population in Southeast Asia.

  20. Let us be reasonable here. You can’t call the sun moon, can you?

    She is 100% chinese. Not a chinese from China, nevertheless chinese by descent.

    True, Malay is an ethnicity and it refers to a particular group of Austronesians. But when the nation of Malaysia was founded, everyone who lived there regardless of ethnicity, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Punjabis, Eurasians, other natives became Malaysian.

  21. I didn’t say she was just Malay, but once again, there’s no way you can be certain she’s 100% Chinese (quite frankly, it’s pretty risky to call anyone 100% anything these days). She clearly looks as though she has something else in her blood line, and it sure looks like Malay to me – which would hardly be surprising! If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, well…

    I am very familiar with southern Chinese – a lot of my friends are exactly that, as are a significant percentage of the people who live in my area – and they just don’t look like that. Sarah’s look is classically Malaysian (as in the nationality), which is a result of the extraordinary cultural melting pot that country is. Quite frankly, to call anyone from Malaysia who isn’t a first generation immigrant pure anything is very risky indeed.

  22. Malaysia isn’t really a cultural melting pot, it’s a mosaic society, more like Canada. Interracial marriages in Malaysia is not that common. Chindians, yes. But when it comes to Malay and the other races, very rare. That is due to religious and cultural problems. Have you heard of Muhammad Chan Abdullah?

    Why don’t you treat yourself and travel to Malaysia. Unless you have been there personally, you won’t understand. You will still believe that she is mixed.

  23. Dr. Lee: “Quite frankly, to call anyone from Malaysia who isn’t a first generation immigrant pure anything is very risky indeed.”

    On what basis do you make this statement? It is, unfortunately, rather uninformed.

    LOWE is correct. With some exceptions (the Peranakans in Malacca, the Chindians, and the Eurasians, for example), there has been very little racial intermixing. The Chinese in Penang and peninsular Malaysia have, by and large, not intermarried or procreated outside their race. DNA genotyping and extensive geneaology on the part of the Chinese clans in Malaysia have led to this conclusion, not to mention the very strict religious laws governing Malay Muslims marrying non-Malays (one cannot marry a Muslim without converting and changing the name).

    Dr Lee, is your opinion based simply upon racial stereotypes as to what you believe a “true Chinese” must look like? Or are you an expert on Malaysia? The Chinese are approximately 20% of the world’s population, and there’s quite a bit of diversity as to what the Chinese — both Mainland and diaspora — can look like…WITHOUT mixed marriage, mind you.

  24. Perhaps I overstated my point somewhat, but the bottom line is, for you guys to confidently state that this girl is 100% Chinese – when she shows clear signs of mixed ethnicity in a country where that isn’t uncommon – is simply absurd. Indeed, even within China itself there is a lot of mixing with other ethnicities, and there isn’t a even a single Chinese ethnicity anyway (it isn’t that different from calling somebody’s ethnicity “Malaysian”). So the way you guys so confidently state that she’s “100% Chinese” is just plain silly on mutliple levels.

  25. Unfortunately that won’t work either – people often lie about their ethnicity for various BS reasons (or their parents lie to them). I’m sure a lot of the people in Malaysia who say they’re “pure” really aren’t.

  26. This is the kind of beauty that makes you tingle deep down inside your body. Makes you feel all giddy and stuff. Wheeew!

  27. Becareful with that knife. I believe no matter she is a Malay or Chinesse, with that kind of knife, she can cut anything easyly.

  28. I was also wondering how could she appear so hot, in a muslim country like Malaysia. But if she’s from chinese descent, that explains it.

    Sarah is beautiful, very expressive on cam or webcam. I can see why she has such an explosive TV presence. I still wonder why she would leave Canada, to work in Malaysia, because she grew up in Canada, as far as I’ve read. I don’t see Malaysia as the land of opportunity, but then I may be missing some point, for sure.

    She has a nice blog. One that I can actually read (unlike some other models). One girl to follow, she has potential to do great.

  29. According to Sarah…

    “To clear up some of the assumptions of my heritage, I am Malaysian by Nationality.
    My ethnicity is in fact 100% Chinese. I’m a 3rd generation Malaysian Chinese on both sides of my family, also my paternal grandfather is in fact from the Fujian province of China and my paternal grandmother is a Straits Chinese Baba/Nyonya from Penang (not Melaka which has Malay/Portugese mixing). I take pride in my heritage and am very proud to be a Malaysian who has grown up and has been educated in Canada.”

    Sarah was kind enough to respond to my request for clarification. But of course Doc, she could be providing false information. 😉 But really, why would she?

    My wife often gets mistaken for being of Filipino ethnicity by both Filipinos and Vietnamese when she is 100% Vietnamese. So, looks can be deceiving.

    All that said, Sarah is certainly one of the better models featured on this site – very much my taste in Asian beauty. Doc, if there were more women looking like Sarah at Sunnybank, I would certainly spend more time shopping there…

  30. There are an extraordinary range of ethnicities in Vietnam, so it is not surprising that some could be mistaken for other ethinicities. The fact that the girls in Sunnybank don’t look like Sarah is a clue that she isn’t “pure” Chinese though. Third generation Malaysian with a grandmother from Penang – is it really beleivable that her bloodline would have remained “pure” Chinese? The unfortunate reality is that people like to say they are racially pure when they are not, for many different racial, societal, social and religious reasons – pretty sad if you ask me.

  31. FROM THE PEEWEE GALLERY:::Am enjoying this authoritative discussion of Asian genealogy of which I know zip. In my small community, 50% Hispanics & 50% Gringos; if you ask a Latino person about their heritage, they always say:”OH, I am 100% Spanish!” (Yeah…Right!)

  32. Occasionally visit Darra, but can’t recall the last time I was in Inala. I’m hopeful that the Vietnamese community in Brisbane will one day match the retail development that the Chinese have achieved in Sunnybank. Certainly Darra looks quite sad in comparison. In any case, Sunnybank is more convenient for us. And certainly there is quite a rich mix of people with Asian looks shopping and eating every weekend at Sunnybank.

  33. Oh, and if nothing else, the discussion on Sarah’s ethnicity has resulted in some promotion of Asian Sirens – check out Sarah’s blog. She also provides some further details on her background.

  34. Somehow Doc…you got on the wrong side of this discussion,e.g. “I don’t care what you think…etc.” Another Chinese “Lee” I know in NYC also becomes very agitated when there is disagreement with his assessments. I am somewhat surprised…previously…you have appeared ‘above the fray’??
    Take it from a JUNKYARD DOG: “A Beautiful Woman is a Beautiful Woman…no matter her ethnicity,nationality,parentage,etc.

  35. Travis, you’re on it! Sarah mentioned AS on her blog and even on her twitter and had class in her approach to the subject, ‘100% chinese or not’.

    She writes well too, beautiful girl with a brain, good to see.

  36. Nighthawk: for one thing, I am not Chinese – I am caucasian! For another thing, I didn’t say “I don’t care what you think” – I said “I don’t care what you say this means – the evidence suggests otherwise”. In other words, what people say doesn’t mean much in the face of the facts. However, in retrospect perhaps I could have used beter wording – I’ve changed the words “I don’t care” to “it doesn’t matter”, which conveys what I was trying to get across a little better.

  37. Oh yes: your coments regarding how Hispanics like to say they’re Spanish is a great exmple of what I’m talking about – it seems many Filipinos like to say they’re Spanish when they’re not too. I find it ironic that some Filipinos (or Filipino lovers/supporters) here call me racist simply beacuse their look isn’t usually to my taste, when they are in fact often far more racist toward themselves than I will ever be.

  38. I think the WoW! factor just set in after seeing Sarah’s lips again. They really are juicy. Makes me wanna nibble softly. 😛

  39. A hot Asian lady with a knife — too scary!

    She is 98.7564978% Chinese, 1.2111465% Malay, .0000005874 Korean, and the rest a mixture of Ethiopian, Iraqi and da Bronx.

  40. She reminds me of the Vietnamese-Chinese girl from that style show…. Jeannie Mai? Both are gorgeous imo.

    And for those who have not been to China… There are MANY, many different looks, mostly b/c Chinese itself does not always exactly connote an ethnicity.

    Actually, I’m currently living in Japan, and I would say the same of here as well, though many might claim otherwise. Integration and conformity has been such a big part of Japanese culture in general. And at least some amount of assimilation is always inevitable (anywhere) once people establish their communities/roots. Can anyone really say with absolute certainty that they know exactly where all their bloodline originates from? Not likely. Looks can be deceiving.

    Take Sharin Foo for example – 1/4 Chinese from her grandfather’s side, but you would never know it from her light blonde hair and eyes (sorry, can’t quite pin the color). The point is, you just never know sometimes.

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