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I saw two hot video clips posted in a forum recently. The are sourced from a site called SexyAndFunny. I have no idea who the girl is. She is simply billed as a “Hot Half Asian”. I would give both clips an “R” rating (USA system), but the second one is a bit more risque. Links inRight click and download:

Streaming from web page:

Note: NSFW!

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  1. Wow, heavy stuff!

    Just moved the video links to the more so readers have to think twice before they watch it. Now they can’t complain anymore 😉

  2. No problem Marco….layout looks better this way too.

    Was someone complaining in the past about video links?

  3. For people who may be checking out the site at their workplace, I believe it’s “Not Suitable For Work”.

    Of course, with topless girls on the home page, you could say that about the home page and entire site!

    Lucky for me, I have my own business and work out of my home. No boss to catch me enjoying Asian Sirens!! 🙂

  4. i saw those clips on some dutch (or flemish) site 2 weeks ago…i guess we all surf in same places.

    nice girl. i’m sure doc will not carp about her breat augmentation 😉

  5. Not sure that either clip would be able to get an R rating uncensored especially the second one which seems very adult oriented in nature. I think that is what Marco meant about heavy stuff especially after Jean made that comment about a previous video clip being disgusting.

    As far as the meaning of NSFW, your definition makes sense too but I took it to mean “Not Safe For Work” since another similar acronym used is NWS which stands for “Not Work Safe”.

  6. Hi there Im new member here. I’m a 23 year old college student at USC here in Southern calif. I really am tryingto find new friends here at I ‘m currently trying to make porno videos as a side hobby. I am also trying to build a WEBSITE to help me get threw school. I am an artist oil painter as a profession. I would like to show you a few links of mine that I would like your opinion on. I love the camera and love to make home videos. Check out my new WEBSITE and let me know if you like or not:

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  7. Welcome to Asian Sirens Sasha! We do allow models to do a little self-promotion here, so long as you don’t overdo it (e.g. posting the same message multiple times). I take it you also posted this message at 😉

    P.S. Here’s a tip to help you get through school: in this context, the correct word is ‘through’, not ‘threw’ (which has a completely different meaning). 😉

  8. hey… knows anyone how to make a member account at Live Video Chat – Live for Chat ?
    i cannot go to the second screen in the create free account page…
    i know for sure that this can be done because i saw a friend of mine staying on this videochat website
    but i cannot find him right now

  9. You wont be able to view the Live Chat without a supposedly “free” account. You register with a credit card; however, you’re going to need to pay $2.99 a minute to view her chat screen. Makes no sense just for a view, I would understand $2.99 for a personalized chat, but for a regular view? I’m not too sure what her name is though. It says Sasha, but shes been called also Jenn on another site. Anyways the site is decent, but I’ve seen better for cheaper prices than $29.99 a month.

    For that price, you get access to old archives of pics and videos, but you really do not get access to anything new. High Def videos are quite old from 2005, nothing recent except cam pics. Anyways, if you really are curious about her, give it a try; however, it’s not all that great (mostly masturbation, sex w/ her bf, nothing hardcore, and lots of teasing).

    My Rating 1.75/5

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