Kaori: the perfect woman?

Kaori @ RealDolls.com

No need to look any further. Here she is. She has everything a man desires; a perfect face, the ultimate body… and she never complains! And also important: no more headaches.

Let me introduce to you: Kaori. Born in San Marcos, California (USA) and 100% Asian. We can all have her… all we have to do is pay! $6,499 to be exact. Then she is yours forever!Some facts:

Name: Kaori
Face type: 13
Body type: 4
Skin tone: Various
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Various
Price: $6,499 (excluding shipping and handling)
Where to buy: www.realdoll.com

Ohw, I would like to hear (doll)user comments… Is she worth it? 😉
(And Dr. Lee, do you think she had plastic surgery? ;-))

Kaori @ RealDolls.com

Kaori @ RealDolls.com

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0 thoughts on “Kaori: the perfect woman?”

  1. I heard there is a female robot created by a japanese company to be your assistant , she is even prettier and more real.this one is hot too.

  2. they are great for all of us MEN !!..they never grow old…you don’t have to feed them..you dont have to listen to them..and they will never refuse to have sex.. I am thinking about canceling my plan to buy a wedding ring…(LOL)

  3. yes, u r right, Kaori is hotter, but the robot will potentially serve you even better, I am sure in the future they will incorporate the robot technology and the dolls together, when that happens..man ..who needs women?

  4. yeap..I know that..they r being displayed like candy store..but what about the health issues ? STDs ?these dolls are a great investment, they are safe and at one time payment and it’s perfect because we men basically only need sex from women..(LOL)

  5. // had to edit this comment because of layout problems //
    My favourite is still Mai.

    And to answer Robin’s question, Kaori doesn’t look like she’s had plastic surgery to me, but Anna-Mae cetainly does. 😉

  6. mae’s got great body, but kaori’s face looks so real, so i ‘d order mae’s body with kaori’s face

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