Scanlover Taken Over!

One of our favourite sources of Asian model photos and other material – Scanlover – has been taken over by hackers! And even worse, the Scanlover forum is now filled with white girls! This is a disaster!!!

If you want to see what the hackers have done, you’d better get in quick – I have a feeling it will all be fixed by the 2nd of April. 😉

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  1. It was funny while it lasted. I was like WTF at first, but I just went with the flow for one day. What’s amazing is people go a day or two without looking at Asian women and they turn hostile.

  2. There’s more to this than meets the eye, some say it’s an inside job involving their own “mods”,an April Fool stunt that went wrong and left themselves open to hackers.April fools day has come and gone but Scanlover is in tatters

  3. Now that April Fool’s Day has passed, I’d say we’re pretty safe. 😉

    I think the reason Scanlover is ‘in tatters’ is because it takes some time to take down such an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke…

  4. Love it! Good for them – they put a lot of effort into this – help topics & all. Wonder how many people believed for even a few seconds they could route a fibre optic line through their toilet to receive hi-speed internet access! The tek-support nanobots who dive into the sewer system was priceless. “We believe that all users deserve free, fast and sanitary online access. To offset the cost of providing…service, we use information gathered by discreet DNA sequencing of your personal bodily output to display online ads that are contextually relevant to your culinary preferences, current health status…”

  5. I like scanlover too, but think they should disable the comments – so much stuff that’s retarded & distracting.

  6. So is scanlover back or not? Cause it says under construction for me too (and still does)

  7. Yes Scanlover is back,so much for these April Fool jokes. Apart from the many loyal members and others ,I think it was in very poor taste on behalf of the “mods” who thought this whole thing up.. Google had their little fun,but it did not distrupt their day. I would have been very pissed off,especially in the length of time this joke went on

  8. No screenshots? Looks like I missed the fun.

    quinsey, it’s not the end of the world, take it easy, man. It’s just a website. 🙂
    Pretty clever stuff actually, from what I read now.

  9. They actually went to the touble of getting a ‘scamlover’ domain for the joke – I linked to it above in the hope that they’d keep it up there, but alas it just displays Scanlover now.

  10. It’s almost Halloween Day… Trick Or Treat? I wonder…. Next April Fool’s Day… I wonder… Hummm… If only we had a day called: Yellow Fever Day. What would we do then?


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