Gina @

Gina @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Check out gorgeous Gina at I am guessling Gina is Thai, but I’m sure photographer Adam Yurman can tell us a bit more about her… Adam? 😉

UPDATE: And once again Adam comes through with some extra info and great photos exclusively for Asian-Sirens! ClickGina is all natural and as sweet in person as she looks. Not a prima donna at all. She brought her Mom with her to the shoot because they are good friends and do lots of things together. She is not a Bantam Weight model, she has that bombshell build. Her face is super photogenic from almost any angle and her butt is memorable at most angles as well.

Can’t discuss nationalities as there is an ever growing mania among Asian Governments to return to the Victorian Age and they frown on any mention of nationality. Those of you who have been around will surely know what I mean and where she is from. Sorry I am not able to say more.

Thanks for your interest and I will let her know she is appreciated!


Here are some previews from Pacific Beauty and a few Asian Sirens Exclusive bonus images.

Gina @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Gina @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Gina @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Gina @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Gina @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

Gina @ (Photo: Adam Yurman)

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  1. See how cheap the US government has become? They couldnt even give her a shirt that covers both tits. Anywho, is she thai? I am leaning towards it but really cant tell.

  2. She’s probably the cutest PB model since Ingrid. She’s one of those girls whose nationality isn’t very obvious – it’s possible she may be Vietnamese too.

    She also has very nice (and judging from the previews apparently natural) breasts too.

  3. She’s tight! The lot of ’em over @PB are STRONG. More on this one AND that MARIAN babe if you can…Whoa!

  4. BTW, while I agree with Adam that she is all-natural from the neck down, I’m not so sure about the other way up. 😉 Great results in this case though.

  5. Umm…words fail me here. Near perfection is difficult to describe. I say “near” because the tatoo is a very unfortunate addition and completely unnecessary.

    Those breasts, that ass, that face…whew!

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