Sachie Sanders at the Office

Sachie Sanders

Playboy Philippines Miss June 2008 Sachie Sanders is one of the playmates gathered together for the magazine’s first anniversary issue. She recently wore swimsuits for a poolside photoshoot, but she looks hotter in a far more formal setting: the office.

Sachie’s resume includes such interestingly titled films as Hot Babes Gone Wild and Pinoy Kamasutra. Clearly, the girl knows how to work her stuff. Don’t you wish your secretary dressed like this?

Sachie Sanders
Sachie Sanders
Sachie Sanders
Sachie Sanders
Sachie Sanders
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0 thoughts on “Sachie Sanders at the Office”

  1. Face? Meh… Body? NICE! DO I wish my secretary dressed like her? Not if you saw my secretary.

  2. Interesting.

    I still feel like the Philippines has a strange definition of beauty. Take this photo:

    That is **supposedly** Sachie on the left and a random girl on the right. The random girl looks cuter to me.

  3. She’s hot, as long as she’s a real girl. Real girl, as in a born and raised girl with poonani. 🙂

  4. Sachie Hakiu:

    Sultry sex my way
    I will rip you up bad boy
    Touch my fire lips

    Not sold on this one. She has those Steven Tyler, Angelina Jolie lips and comes off a big masculine, but she does have a solid rack and ride.

  5. Another Sachie Haiku:

    Soft pillow like breasts
    Big lips and tranny face
    Billie boy perhaps

  6. TRAVISTROUP – that girl on the right IS Sachie Sanders….

    these last two shots from playboy arent good cuz of the maeup artist.. Sachie is prolly the hottest playmate of them all..

    Google Sachie Sanders… these playboy shots don’t do her justice!!!!

  7. That’s the problem with some photoshoots. Things get so artificial and so messy, that we can’t figure out who the girl is. I like glamour, but it can have some drawbacks.

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