Miyu Sakurai (櫻井美優)


Say hello to Miyu Sakurai. Did I mention that nose piercings rock my world? Nose piercings rock my world. Also, the name “Miyu Sakurai” sounds super cool. So she has that going for her.I think we can safely ignore the hair. You can see my theory in the comments section, here. I’m pretty sure my theory is accurate, and that will cover why all JAV models seem to have the same “configuration.”


Age: 22
Height: 5’4
Measurements: 33-23-33
Ethnicity: Japanese
Location: Nagano/Tokyo



















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  1. I’ll also cut and paste that theory here so you do not have to scroll for it:

    “Models in Japan cannot show the “pink area” without it being blurred. If they shaved, everything would be blurred and they would appear, in their photos, to have no vagina at all – it would be like the underside of a shaved armpit. However, when they do not shave, the vagina is implied – pubic hair covers the pink anyway, so if there is any blurring it becomes much harder to notice, and it looks much more like a vagina than it would if they blurred it.”

    There we go.

  2. You know, I feel like I can see the post surgical scars in some of the photos beneath the breasts, particularly the first photo. But they certainly move in some strange directions when she lays down if they are implants. Very interesting. I would not be at all surprised if they are real and the “scar” is just a trick of the light, but I’m willing to hear other opinions.

  3. I think the “scars” you are talking might actually be natural skin creases. Anyway, the last shot in particular does suggest they’re natural.

  4. An absolute 10 in my books. We actually get to see a smile in this set – which is a huge bonus (and her teeth actually don’t look too bad… heh).

    Beautiful eyes and nose (I’m a fan of the piercing), very nice breasts, and a nicely tight butt. 🙂

    I’d really like to see Japan enter the modern era and repeal their genitalia censorship laws. Sigh.

  5. I guess she has a cute face, She’s not my style though, I hate nose piercings, and she’s way too hairy for me. Her boobs are real I think.

  6. As far as Japan entering the “modern era” and repealing censorship: Japan is far more modern and less hypocritical about sex than in the US, for example the sex industry and legalized prostitution.

    The hairy bush is certainly even more exaggerated by blackening things out. It’s not ALL bush.

    She’s a 10 for me!

  7. wow she’s hot….she doesn’t look like a typical Japanese girl and has that unique look….

  8. Also more “modern” and practical about Japan: love hotels and casual sex being seen as healthy and normal and not a “sin”.

    She looks to me like a typical J-girl with the exception of some shots where she’s wearing those contacts that make the eyes look bigger.
    Speaking of which: one whom I met on the interwebs five years ago with whom I’ve exchanged 300 emails is coming to visit me next week, to meet for the first time. Oh joy!

  9. She is paying her own airfare and lodging, is staying for a little over a week.
    Then she will go back to Japan, having finished her vacation.
    No “bride”, no “cost”, no “send-away” whatever that means.
    What I’m spending: for eating out, drinks, and driving her around.
    Please inform me as to how my simple straight-forward plans lack credibility in your jaded cynical world?

  10. luvjgirls: When it comes to censorship in terms of pornography, Japan is NOT in the modern era. That was what I was getting at.

    Certainly, in terms of sex in “culture”, North America lags behind most of the civilized world. But that’s what you get when you’re founded by a group of puritans. 😉

  11. The bush might be a bit extreme, but Miyu is a cutie with, or without, it.

    Nice one, Travis.

  12. Nice find! She’s quite a cutey. She actually first appeared a couple years ago, but she’s hasn’t made that many movies. She debuted with Alice Japan in January of 2007, and then made some movies with Moodyz start in September of the same year.
    Here’s her videos she’s done for Moodyz (site’s in Japanese)
    Looks like no new material since January of 2008, unless she’s moved studios.
    Here’s her work at Alice Japan:

  13. She is great, the first pic is the best IMO. I am not always big fan of nose piercings (but like navel piercings I don’t know why) however she pulls it off nicely!

  14. Extremely cute, I must say. I’m not usually a fan of piercings (too OLD school) but I had to look very carefully to actually discern that she had a nose piercing. Very nice body — I’m a big fan of perkiness in boobs (and noses).

    Don’t really care about the Bush, now that he’s out of office…:-)

  15. Miju Haiku:

    Ready for action
    Lusty, busty and bushy
    I drool over you

    I like a lot. Great expression, great body. Is that a big tat on her thigh in the third pic?

  16. I totally agree with Wingsfan19 about perkyness of tits and she’s also got an angel face, although I don’t like piercing either (same OLD school) I’m definitely in love with her

  17. Alden: Based on my extensive experience with J-girls, I have found that when I have “controlled” myself it has resulted in their being offended and insulted!

    Actually, my friend who will be visiting next week looks like Miyu’s shorter (5’1″) older (35) sister.

  18. A lot of that hair is PS’d after pics are taken. It’s just impossible for all Japanese AV girls to have such profuse pubic hair that always appears so inpenetrable. Asians are pretty much hairless, anyway.

  19. Thanks Nik.
    Once again, he said for the umpteenth time:
    It’s an illusion that they are hairy.
    The censoring blackout makes it look that way.

  20. And also, luvj, they grow in that hair because it makes censorship so much easier. When they censor these photos, it looks like real hair (as though it wasn’t censored). But if they were to shave, censoring it would either be:

    a) Extremely obvious (blurry or pixelated)
    b) Very weird looking (like the underside of an armpit as though they have no private parts).

    Growing in hair allows their photos to go “uncensored” even though they are actually censored.

  21. perhaps there should be a post dedicated to this topic, that way it could be linked to every time this becomes a discussion point. Something in the same vein as Doc’s informative piece on breast augmentation. I know there are great shots of Maria Ozawa censored and uncensored that illustrate the point. Every hairy pussy appearance seems to distract from the main topic – the model.

  22. I’ve seen her a couple of years ago probably and was an instant fan. Maybe because of her beautiful bush. Them eyes too.

  23. That “oddness” is just where the crease of skin under her arm meats her breast – I remain of the opinion that she is natural based on what I’ve seen so far.

  24. Cute. Nice thick bush bush too. got me excited just looking at it. she should let it grow out on the sides more and not leave just a thick landing srtip.

  25. Doc, that post is hilarious it took a while to read through but well worth it. I was thinking though something on the Japanese censorship issue specifically.

  26. Nothing I didn’t already know, narrated by a bored-sounding humorless charmless Japanese chick.
    In Kabuki-cho I remember a club called “Manhattan” where all the signs had familiar NY scenes, yet they still had the common “No Foreigners” sign. Go figure!
    With the economy as it is, that policy is less & less common. And if you speak Japanese or are with someone who is, you can often talk your way in.

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