Runway model Bruna Tenorio

Bruna Tenorio

18-year-old Bruna Tenorio is a runway/fashion model of Brazilian, Chinese, and Japanese descent.Born in Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil, Bruna models for Women Management, where you can find her portfolio and some polaroids of her. She formerly modeled for Now Model Management, a Brazilian modeling agency.

In 2007, Bruna took the runways by storm, modeling for famed fashion houses Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Christian Dior, BCBG Max Azria, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton.

Additionally, she has been photographed for advertisements for distinguished brands Dolce & Gabbana, Anna Sui, and Kenzo.

In April 2007, Bruna appeared on the cover of Portugal Vogue.

Up-and-coming Bruna continues to book several runway shows, and one can expect to see her on several catwalks to come.

Bruna’s vital statistics (taken from her Women Management portfolio page)
Height: 5’10
Bust-Waist-Hips: 32″-23″-34″
Birthday: There are two dates given for her birthday – January 1 (, or June 27, 1989 ( The modeling agency page does not state her birthday.

More photos of Bruna:

Bruna Tenorio

Bruna Tenorio

Bruna Tenorio

A video montage of Bruna Tenorio on the catwalk:

Bruna Tenorio on the web:
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  1. gah does anyone know how to use alt codes on a laptop? i’m trying to get it to say maceio, but the o should have a little accent mark above it. normally it’s alt + (typing numbers in on a keypad) but, laptops don’t have keypads and i don’t know how to do it on a mac.

    anyone know?

  2. Macs use a “dead key” method for entering accent marks – tell me which accent mark you want and I’ll tell you how to type it. Or you can look it up in Apple’s “Key Caps” ap.

  3. Hi again Christine – I’ve just emailed you a PDF with the main key combinations for typing accent marks on Macs. And it’s nice to see you posting again, even if this girl isn’t Asian enough for my taste, and continues the tradition of most fashion models being quite unattractive for me!

    Have to do my “chubby or not” post… 😉

  4. Uh, I think she looks pretty good, in a severe way, in that black outfit. But then fashion models are often fairly characterless, it goes with the job description – they’re there to draw attention to the clothes, not vice versa.

    Guess I’ll stick with the gravure idols.

  5. Amazingly beautiful, haunting face. Tall, thin, perfect – 5’10”, 32/23/34. Legs forever.

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