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I thought about writing an article Ruby when I first found out about her, but was not sure about how well she would be received. I’m glad one of our readers contacted us about wanting to see Ruby featured, and feels the same way as I do about her.Ruby is an adult cam model and tattoo artist. I found out about her from Tumblr from the photos that photographer Rey Trajano posted on his blog. I assumed that Ruby was just a model because of how gorgeous she looked. I was completely unaware that she also has adult content. Once Dr. Lee mentioned that detail to me, I had to start searching to see what else I could find for this article.

I’m just happy to be able to see her naked because Ruby is a gorgeous model with an awesome body. It will be interesting to see how her modeling career progresses. I’m curious as to whether she sticks with what she is currently doing or ventures into more hardcore content. But wherever Ruby decides to take her career, I will be a fan because I love gorgeous women with tattoos and piercings.

Age: 20
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 107 lbs
Ethnicity: Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipina, and White
Location: Southern California, USA












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0 thoughts on “Ruby Renegade”

  1. I am trying very “hard” to ignore the tats and piercings. I think Ruby is very attractive with a great body, but not for me at all.

    Nothing wrong with diversity in models, though.

  2. She should have gone with a few nike or mcdonalds tatts.

    They wouldn’t be any less appealing, and she’d make a tonne of money with the advertising payments.

  3. My sentiments too Wingsfan. lol, see, we do agree on some things!
    kroos, she’s a tattoo artist so maybe a business phone number ( for the guys who are rapt in her!) somewhere prominent??

  4. While out walking just now, I started wondering if pierced nipples would hurt when really aroused….

    And I reckon while I was out there walking, nobody could have possibly guessed what I was thinking about.

    I had braces when i was a teenager, so i could never understand why somebody would actually want to insert lengths of metal through their tender bits.

    The sad thing is, she could have been really really pretty without all the hardware and graffiti.

  5. She has that vibe of “Beautiful Bad Girl”. She will lead you into a world of danger, adventure and excitement.

    That sounds like a fun adventure to me.

  6. This girl must really be hot – her body’s so great (and her face is quite pretty too) that I can see right past all those tats and piercings. If she didn’t have them, I wouldn’t have anything to criticise (except perhaps for the hair colouring).

  7. I thinks she looks quite lovely. In terms of her tattoos, she is a tattoo artist, so it’s not like she’s one of those ‘bandwagon’ tattoo people.

    As for her looking ‘average’ in some shots, if people think all the ‘hot’ models on this website look like they do in the pictures with makeup, hairstyle, etc., 24 hours a day, they have a reality check coming to them!

  8. she is a hot suicide girl type. Based on her recorded cam stuff i have seen, im willing to bet she isnt too far off from doing hardcore porn. I give her 6 months or a year till she dabbles in it.

  9. Can’t get by the tats and the hardware, maybe this is a model for the under 20 demographic. Pretty girl, ruined.

  10. Spectacular body, face not bad at all but not great. Just can’t get over tattoos & piercings. Imagining (in the unlikely scenario) that I saw her in all her glory in person, I suppose I would quickly get over all my issues.

  11. Not really a fan of a lot of tat myself. Either way she is a very pretty girl. To call her a “skank” i think is why off. I have seen several girls on here with no tats that I feel do not even come close to this girls beauty. A few of the tats seem to be strategically placed for the type of outfits she wears. Again not a fan of a lot of tats but I have a hard time not being intrigued by her.

  12. There’s no denying it… she is very beautiful. Like others here, I have a hard time getting past the tats. The piercings don’t bother me, but I feel like she ruined a gorgeous canvas with all the tats. I’m really torn over this girl because I just know she’d drive me crazy minus the tats.

  13. I have a higher standard and taste which shamefully and sadly this once beautiful young women no longer proclaim! Too bad for her, she will be a real turn off years from now as the tats fade! Should have kept your skin clean!

  14. thanks for featuring her, I like her a lot. The central nose piercing I find a bit distracting but with that face and body I would not notice it.

  15. jeffb: your comment was a gross breach of our posting guidelines, and this isn’t the first time. Farewell.

    WerewolfVm: your comment is borderline.

  16. She’s stunning in the first picture and the last two. I’m not a huge fan of the tats and piercings either, but the fact that I still find her attractive despite them demonstrates how pretty she is.

  17. If I had anything “up” before reading her post, it surely is “down” now… I’m sure she’s really nice and all, but really not my style, mainly because of her tats.

  18. The Doc and i agree again! Regarding her tats, though — whatever happened to a simple butterfly or rose on the shoulder?

  19. Super pretty girl but I gotta say I’m of the camp that isn’t impressed with all the tatts and piercings…I’d still prolly shoot her though! 🙂

  20. Truly spectacular body, but marred by ghastly tats. But then at night all cats look grey. Porn star in training, in my opinion. I followed career of another tattooed fetish model, named Skin Diamond. Out of a sudden she’s in hardcore.

  21. Miss Ruby sho’ ain’t the girl next door.
    She’s a bag o’ cats and a whole lot more.
    Miss Ruby done do what she please
    Put a haughty man right down on his knees.

    Now don’t make no fuss about her ink
    Get thinkin’ ‘bout it, just make you drink.
    Ya gotta take the bad with the good
    Body like that, I’d say you could.

    I see, tho, she’s got metal in her nips
    Make me scared what she’s got in her lips
    So I thinks it best, a word to the wise
    You goin’ on down, better close them there eyes.

  22. Blah…too much ink…too distracting. Looks like she got the artwork at the Westminster mall (for those unfamiliar, I’m suggesting that her artwork is so typical, uninspired and tasteless that it could have been designed by someone who last week worked at the Hot Dog on a Stick or the Sunglass Hut).

    Bad hair dye…nothing ‘pretty’ about her…would love to have seen her before she became so “Orange County”.


  23. very careful if you plan on going down and wearing braces! 😉

    re the video. She certainly ‘rocked my world’ for a little while but I always wonder when I see ‘the whole show’ – what does she do for an encore? As in “ok, we’ve seen that, what’s next?” Tease is the name of the game in camming if only for longevity in the business.
    Nik2 may be right – after this stuff, straight into hardcore. And I bet she just loves Death Metal!

  24. Thanks for the disclaimer kivan, I actually got a little light headed as opposed to light hearted. That video was so hot…got to see all her naughty bits up close and personal. She’s so hot.

  25. Oh my!…I just watched the whole 9 minutes and 22 seconds of this video from the same site and it was spectacular.

  26. Just amazing in print and video.

    All natural too? Unbelievable.

    Just gotta get over aversion to serious ink.

  27. Well guys, she’s a tattoo ARTIST, hence, the large numbers of tattoos on her body.

    Doesn’t it make sense that a tattoo artist would have more than your ‘average’ number of tattoos on his/her body compared to non artists? Look at Kat Von D. for example.

    Some of you are making this wayyyy too complicated (when you aren’t being downright crude and ugly spirited).

  28. Dr. Lee why is my comment borderline? I gave an honest assessment from my opinion on this woman’s excessive amount of tats. To me it spoiled her beauty and will in the future! I have seen far worse assessments from other people on this site! Even statements that you have made were at times tasteless and untactful!

  29. WerewolfVM: your original comment had a very personal tone, which is never the best way to say things – although your comment isn’t quite a personal insult, it comes close (hence its “borderline” status). You can say the same thing without getting personal, as you have done in your second comment.

  30. It’s nice to see so many positive comments, I was expecting a bloodbath. One certainly doesn’t need to be under 20 to appreciate this girl, I’m in my mid 40’s and while she’s got a few more tats than I personally like she’s still quite a looker and I love that she’s doing her own thing.

  31. Very hot. She’s also fairly successful on the webcam site which means she has to have a good deal of personal charisma which is rare.

  32. l think that ruby looks very unique and hot. l’m a huge fan of the tats and piercings too.

  33. Pretty girl,, but those tattoo’s and facial piercings are gross.. ruined herself.. Seems to be the trend in the “im a model/nude webcam/gogo dancer/ bartender/ import tuner chick seen”. The more natural the better!

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