Jenilee Hu


Jenilee Hu is an amateur model from China. She has some good photos, some bad photos, some great photo editing and some photos that were clearly taken from an expensively priced digital camera made in 2003.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’4
Located: China



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  1. I don’t know what to think. She’s cute in the first one, has an odd pose in the 2nd one (if you have to squeeze that hard to get something, you probably shouldn’t be squeezing them in the 1st place), and looks a little cross-eyed in the 3rd pic. So I guess, i’d say overall very average

  2. I know what to think about her. She has that ‘girl next door’ look, nice figure, no visible tats, and quite tantalising in the 3rd pic. LOve her curvy lips. Overall, not so bad.
    A Mainland Hottie that Shuai Ge missed?

  3. she reminds me of a hotel massage girl I had in China….memories..
    besides that, with better make-up and better photography, she could be stunning.

  4. A lesson for the ladies: squeezing your breasts too much will make your eyes crossed!

    Actually I think she is cute- that typical feminine sexiness I can’t resist.

  5. I’m with Kroos on this one, she’s cute and there’s something ‘girl next door’ about her that is really very attractive.

  6. From deep in China the West Wind blew
    A lovely little cutie named Jenilee Hu.
    The “girl next door” is the cry and hue
    From all this page had the chance to view.

    Very fresh and clean with no tattoo
    Yet old enough to remove any taboo.
    Quite nice for her to make her Siren debut
    Put me down, I’m a fan of hers, too.

    That she’s in the US may be sadly true
    As I travel to China for a trip overdue.
    I’ll have my eyes wide and will certainly review
    The local Asian Sirens that I’m hoping to …….

    [sorry, got a cramp as I typed that last word]

  7. dbldipper, perhaps your best yet. Quite amusing.

    But with that said, I am of two minds about this girl. I should LOVE her, but for some reason I don’t. I think Hidy says it best. Her face simply does not “WOW me”.

    I like to be WOWED.

  8. I think it’s her upper lip that keeps her from being stunning.

    A bit more definition in her body would be nice.

    These are my opinions from the anonymity of the internet — in the real world I’d probably be arrested for stalking:-)

    As for dbldipper’s latest, i won’t even try one of my own. To paraphrase Wayne and Garth: “I’m not worthy!”

  9. Sorry Wings, I think it’s precisely her upper lip – the cupid’s bow – that makes her stunning. Maybe we just agree to disagree. No problem there. To each their own, I guess.

  10. She’s got it goin on! No stopping this cutie at all! Full package of goodies and more!

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