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Roxy Superstar isn’t going to have a lot of fans here after she dyed her hair blonde (which you’ll see below the jump) but when I first saw her photos I thought she had some similarities with Annie Violet and while the two don’t look much alike, Annie was pretty popular so maybe Roxy will be too. She has a website that as of this writing is down but maybe it will be back up eventually. She also has a creepy dude that was either marketing her or is way too big a fan of one model, and a Tumblr that she doesn’t update.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Located: ?









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  1. She is indeed cute and does slightly resemble Annie Violet. Although for whatever reason Annie has more of something that really lights my fire.

  2. Except for the comment about twitter (can’t access twitter anyway!), I agree with 5 dots above.
    I guess a smile would shatter the ‘bad girl’ image she seems to be trying to project, which suits her.

  3. her body is near perfect to me. I think the bitchy look works for her as it distracts from the fact she isn’t too pretty. The slightly bleached hair is OK, the white not so, but her body more than makes up for it.

  4. @grego15: please comply with the posting guidelines at the bottom of the page, and state your opinion in a more respectful manner.

    I do have to agree however that I don’t find her face attractive at all, and her body is just average for an Asian girl. Her new implants help to make her stand out a little (literally!), but apart from that, I find her completely unremarkable.

  5. Very cute butt! I actually think she wears the blonde hair well – that’s rare! Agree with ….. she does get “progressively hotter”.

  6. I can deal with the blonde hair. She is cute and although maybe she doesn’t stand out from the crowd too much. For me the biggest problem here is the insipid, cheap and plastic r’n’b music playing in the background.

  7. hahahaha…. she’s a real-estate agent????

    With a last name of ‘Kim’ I would automatically assume Korean ethnicity. But if I had to pick from the photos, I’d be more inclined to go with southern mainland China or even further south over the border…

    Would I knock her back? Hell no. Maybe it’s the blonde hair. Normally I think it’s a crying shame when asian women do this. For some reason however this girl carries it of well. The funny thing however, even the tatts suit her which is something I would never say normally. I hate tatts, and yet already I’m losing blood flow to the brain while thinking about all the fun times we could have…….

    Very strange.

  8. As an avid fan of tuner/import modeling, I have to say this female is extremely attractive. And her face is much more aesthetically pleasing that some of you admit.

    For me, Twinkiefied/Tuner model Asian girls are usually more desirable than the traditional looking ones.

  9. Lots of raw material to work with but she seems to be her own worst enemy, bad judgment I think. Not sure what she is working for… third pic (hands and knees) is very sexy.

  10. Her body is quite nice and she has that bad-girl aura about her, but I’m not a fan of her facial features. Just not my type, nor are her recent implants an improvement.

  11. @kroos, one Chinese student here has very blonde blonde hair; peroxided it looks like. and short (like pics 5 – 7 above,but a tad shorter) and looks pretty cute with it.
    Another recently got her longer hair dyed blonde. I asked her why? To look American, she said. Go figure.

  12. She’s a very nice little package and I dig the bad girl thing she has going. However, the new boobs push her over the line and knocked her down several notches in my book.

  13. I find her aesthetic pleasantly dramatic. She could work with deep, blood RED also – when she gets to the mood. Hag colored hair on a twenty-something body. Yes.

  14. @Dr. Lee, will definitely show more respect for the models. It was an impulse posting and in bad taste on my part!

  15. She could use a little toning up as well (of course, I could use it even more).

    And oh yes, I am a totally dejected wingsfan:-( However, Go Kings!!

  16. I agree she’s not the hottest ever, but she’s goth cute little tush and I actually prefer her with the blonde. Go figure

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