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One of our female readers suggested that we feature Megan Kawaguchi on Asian Sirens. Megan has been someone that I wanted to write about for a long time because of how unique her look was with the tattoos and piercings, along with being half Asian. And with the recent discussion on tattoos, there should be plenty to talk about.

Personally, I like to look at beautiful women with beautiful tattoos which Megan definitely fits in that category. I don’t mind someone who has tattoos, piercings, or other body modifications as long as it looks good.Stats:
Age: 22
Height: 5’2
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 33-27-35
Location: Sacramento, California








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0 thoughts on “Megan Kawaguchi”

  1. I don’t mind the tattoos on her actually and the nose piercing. But two lip piercing is a little much.

  2. She’s a pretty girl and I don’t mind the piercings. As for the tats, while most, but not all, are above average, they still don’t justify a sleeve.

  3. In picture one and two, you get a great sense of style and beauty. I’m not a fan of tattoos by and large but the upper and lower outer arm work is really a piece of great work and it communicates that Megan is woman of class and taste. They make you want to know more about her. In that sense I was really disappointed with the inner arm work and the placing of the piercings. Each to their own I guess but it feels in this case that someone is making us eat frois gras with ketchup on it.

  4. Pics #1 and #2 floored me. Wow, what a fox! And I am not one of the crowd turned off by ink. But the piercings? Blech!
    Megan, lose the piercings and come to Virginia. Daddy will take care of you.

  5. Tatt & piercing FAIL. Just lowered her “draft status” to “second day special-teamer”. (NFL-speak for all you non-sports people)

  6. Hot, hot girl and I really like the arm tat it’s quite beautifully done. She’d never make it to the second day, would easily be gone in the first round.

  7. I’m curious. Where do all the tattoo haters live? Not judging, just interested because it’s such a non issue for anyone under probably 35-40 here in the US who lives in even a medium sized city. It really hasn’t been a topic of conversation for at least a decade here, at least on the West Coast and for sure NY, Miami. Maybe in the bible belt?

  8. @slackerking- I’m in Austin, TX and there’s definitely no complaints about her tattoos here!

    Not a big fan of the lip piercings, but still a big fan of her! =)

  9. @slackerking. Interesting question.

    Currently in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. And looking forward to the of my contract so I can get out of here and maybe get back to China, where it’s not a heinous crime for a lady to actually look like a lady. (China being China, I’m not suggesting that the women are necessarily refined and well mannered 🙂 ….. but at least they look nice…… even while blowing snot rockets on the street and scratching out the eyes of each other trying to get on the bus first….)

    The trouble with here, is that EVERYBODY has tattoos. As such, sure, tatts are completely a non-issue. But ‘everybody’ here is a demographic primarily consisting of redneck miners, unemployed drunken bogans, and fat teenage mums stuffing their faces with KFC and cigarettes while pushing prams overloaded with screaming dirty babies.

    So no, it’s nothing to do with conservatism as such. Rightly or wrongly, I just happen to associate tatts with a lack of education and a lack of self respect. I guess I also just can’t understand why anybody would do that to themselves. I had orthodontic braces when i was a kid… having bits of metal stuck in my face was not an enjoyable experience so the idea of getting piercings is equally unfathomable.

  10. Seems like a fun girl. Had to go back and look at the pictures again. Some of the ones I did not like the first round looked better the second and third time. Undecided about her facial piercings though. I think it’s the angles or typ that has me undecided, though I would not hold her against the choice. After all if she is happy that is what counts.

  11. I guess we all have our own special tastes.I’m minimally tolerant of tatts & piercings…but can appreciate a good boob job…or a good nose job.

  12. Slackering- I am born and raised in California where there are plenty of tattoos and piercings around. I just don’t appreciate permanent “art” on bodies nor do I enjoy the piercings. Total turn-off. She might be a girl you would use for a couple of fun nights but, I would never bring her “home to Mom”. It would be embarrassing.

  13. Hmmmmm….I think she’s average cute not spectacular. I don’t understand why people have too much tattoos. It won’t look good when they get older and will eventually fade. Could be the “work of art” or “you live only once” theory……

  14. 1/2 asian girls are often very pretty and she isn’t the exception. the tats and piercings dont detract too much

  15. her tats are cool, the piercings over the top imo. she just had to complete the look, im surprised she doesnt have ear gauges. lol. But she is cute in a few pics.

  16. both comment bt @fungusfarm captured my sentiments exactly. Even though I dislike tats (except for discrete ((small)) well done ones) and body piercings, etc.; i try not to judge those that have them. My son has two tats as well as gauges — hate them but love him (still)!!

    And he’s an artist and his tats are ugly:-( However, at least they’re hidden when he wears a shirt.

  17. am i the only one who noticed her left boob abd right boob look completely different, on the link BigMyk provided?! her right boob looks fine when her left is horribly sagging! complete turn off, in addition to her weird jaw and nose.

  18. I think everyone who checked it out would have noticed the boobs but those things are a bit cruel to hold against someone. I think she may benefit from tasteful implants to make them more even and perky if possible. It was a good link thanks BigMyk, I thought there were a lot of nice pictures.

  19. i didn’t mean to be cruel… i’m just wondering to which extent this can be natural, whether there is no surgery involved at all? with this i really see her as mixed, half japanese, half sagging… 😉
    this is not a big thing though, and despite being generally opposed to surgery, i think she would definitely benefit from it.

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