Rosemary Radeva


Rosemary Radeva may not be a fan favorite here because she’s not a traditional model. But rarely do we get to feature new adult film stars because young Asian models don’t really seem to break into the industry as much anymore. At least it doesn’t seem like they do.

Anyway, this is Rosemary Radeva. She’s in porn. You can find more photos and some videos of her here.Age: 20
Height: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Located: ?






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  1. I love that first pic, while she may not be the perttiest girl that’s been featured she looks like a lot of fun. She has a great body and seems to like showing it off. Nice post.

  2. Fortunately there are plenty of existing pre-implant vids.
    Actually, some porn actresses these days don’t get fakes, tats and piercings, in order to cultivate that in-demand “innocent teen” look well into their twenties.

  3. Nice. She’s sexy.

    Just my 2 cents but but that small has it’s own innocent, natural attractiveness…not in a weird pedo way but because nowadays it’s all implants implants implants, I think it’s hot in it’s own way…anyone else?

  4. If you are suggesting she has no tats, luvjgirls, have a closer look at pic 1. 😉

    She looks delicious, pic 2 especially. And seems mature looking for 20. Not complaining though.
    Can we rule out Chinese? Indonesian maybe?

  5. Oh btw, the first link at ‘free ones’ states she’s 5’4” and 92 lbs “dripping wet”, whatever those figures are in metric.

  6. A nice, cute, tight little package. I thinks she’s fine just the way she is and completely agree with luvjgirls.

  7. Most attractive to me is her “enthusiasm”. I know she is getting paid, but it is the exact opposite of the “Sex Scandal” women posted last week. Those woman looked as if they were NOT having fun.

    I guess in a way, they were getting paid too.

    The world can be confusing at times.

  8. Very pretty girl!

    I agree with Dr. Lee and French, it’s so nice to see a porn model with a smile on her face! Half the time I think they look like they have an upset stomach.

    And if it wasn’t for the last photo in the pink panties, I’d have though she might be latino too. But in that one I think she looks pure Asian, but I can’t place from where…

  9. @French

    Are you sure the sex scandal girls weren’t enjoying it? I saw a lot of them chuckling and generally having a ball. Remember that they are not porn movies. That means that women will behave in a more natural way (ie. Their anti slut defences kick in. Don’t mistake it for being victims. It’s a highly evolved societal defence… they don’t even know they are doing it). Just thought it needed to be pointed out.

  10. @Basho. I don’t know, the few videos of those starlets I saw were not smiling. Reminds me of an ex…..:(

    But sure, I’ve seen some videos where the starlets are having fun. That too reminds me of another ex….. 🙂

    If I saw her in Mexico I would automatically think she was part Latina.

  11. I’m guessing Filipina.

    I never meant to imply she has no tattoos. But they are minimal, grateful for that.

  12. She’s Indonesian, she said so in one of her movies. Also I’m too Indonesian and I can’t tell without a doubt from her accent that she’s Indonesian. She has a slight Sundanese/Jakarta mixed accent, probably been in the states since high school or so though (can tell this too with her english pronounciation)

  13. She smiles and she’s quite pretty. Porn needs new faces, that’s good news.
    I’d say she is not filipina, with that surname (sure, can be fake).
    Maybe indo singaporean? 🙂

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