Robot Repliee Q2

Female robot Repliee Q2 on the left

Repliee Q2 is an upgrade version of Repliee Q1. The face of Repliee Q2 becomes more humanlike. Furthermore, it has 13 DoFs in the head so that it can make some facial expressions and mouth shapes.

It seems Hiroshi Ishiguro just keep working on his hobby! I wonder when these robots will replace the Real Dolls

(Ohw, for those wondering: the one on the left is the robot, the right side is a real woman.)

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0 thoughts on “Robot Repliee Q2”

  1. Hmm.. Wanted to check, but I lost the newspaper article… now I am in doubt also! Well, it shows how accurate these ‘next generation’ robots are! 😛

  2. I wonder if Dr. Ishiguro did the same attention to detail to the rest of “her” ? Enquiring minds want to know!

  3. With some ‘imperfections’ to make her even more human. Clever.

    I wonder if he can program their minds too? I have a few preferences, but can’t find it all in a woman, lol

  4. the woman on the right . . . after such close face-to-face contact [as well as modeling for her, and media interaction with / about the doll] . . . surely the woman has had a few unpleasant dreams at night.

    now . . . the question is . . . the doll to the left . . . does she also have dreams about the biological life-form staring at her up close ?

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