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We featured Vietnamese Christine before, but just wanted to let you know a new photoset appeared on

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  1. totallyhotasians, could please re-scale your image so that it is 400 pixels wide or less (otherwise it messes up our layout). Thankyou.

  2. Christine Nguyen has a nice sexy body and a fantastic look on her lovely face Christine Nguyen she looks supreme and good on her photos and their’s is nothing wrong with any on Christine Nguyen photos the photos are okay and all the photos came out excellent and in good conditions Christine Nguyen feel always pround of yourself on all you do be always happy and strong and your participation is appreciated

  3. Christine is an absolutely gorgeous young lady. She is not only beautiful,but she has a warmth and a glow which will melt hearts. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a beautiful heart which in today’s society is amazing. Sense the first moment I laid eyes upon her I was captivated by her commanding presence.I believe her to be an exemplary role model with extraordinary talent. I’m mesmerized by her unique beauty,and the love and affection she displays to others. Need I say more.

  4. I’m captivated by her beauty. I also know she has a beautiful heart. I am never captivated by anyone,but she brings out joy in my heart. That is rare for me.

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